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Mail Magic PersonalJuly 14, 2016
Mail Magic Personal allows anyone to easily create and send out HTML mail greeting cards and personal newsletters. Mail Magic Personal features an easy-to-use HTML mail wizard, and includes over 200 greeting card templates for a variety of occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays, St. Valentine's etc. You can import Address books from Outlook and other mail programs and customize your mails with information from up to 10 address book fields-including name, style of greeting, and special messages.

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Site-ThiefJuly 14, 2016
Site-Thief is a website downloading software tool. It gives you the ability to download select portions or the entire content of a website and store it on your local hard drive for off-line use. Features:? Easy to use? Unattended operation? System notifies you when free updates are available for download

Advanced Stealth Email Redirector
Advanced Stealth Email RedirectorJuly 14, 2016
Advanced Stealth Email Redirector (Advanced SER) is a program that sends the copies of all outgoing emails. SER monitors outgoing traffic of email client software and intercepts all sending emails. Then program sends out intercepted emails to specified email addresses.

Auto@MailJuly 14, 2016
Automatic @Mail System (AMS) is a program destined to send and receive E-Mail messages automatically. The program will go to monitorises some directories and some mailboxes previously configured.

DisplaypicsJuly 14, 2016
Our website (www. msgicons. com) can not only be accesed it trough your webbrowser, but also directly from within your msn messenger. This program changes the default download site from microsoft? to the msgicons. com site which contains a large database of display pictures available for you to download. It works with msn messenger 6 and above.

OwnLinkSiteJuly 14, 2016
The OwnLinkSite link engine consists of a database and some php-based scripts. The user gets access to hundreds of thousands of links to adult pick- and video- sites. Free scripts and templates make both design and daily updating a breeze. The system is particularly useful for attracting as many readers as possible. OwnLinkSite. com has a very extensive tutorial explaining how to set up use the system, and how to get a high rating by Google.

Smart CD Ripper PRO
Smart CD Ripper PROJuly 14, 2016
Extracts audio CD tracks to MP3 and WAV formats.

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2Do2DayJuly 14, 2016
New simple-to-use task management tool... Put today's tasks at your finger tips, displaying only one day's tasks at a time. ToDo Today is a task manager specifically geared towards people whose schedules differ wildly from day-to-day.

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Onletterhead Branded Email Stationary TemplatesJuly 14, 2016
OnLetterhead provides you with a solution that will allow you to send out your emails on a selection of templates that correspond with your company's image. It runs inside your Mircosoft Outlook? or Microsoft Outlook Express?, automatically changing the way your email looks! You do not have to change a thing! Install the program, add in your company's contact information and start sending. Branded Email Stationary.

PCBoostJuly 14, 2016
Boost your computer speed and performance the easy way. Easy overclocking.

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CacheSmasherJuly 14, 2016
CacheSmasher is the quick and easy way to delete your cookies, Temporary Internet Files, (Internet cache) Internet history and "TypedURLs". It saves you time and hassle by allowing you to delete all, or any combination of them, with just one click! The CacheSmasher settings let you choose which parts of the Internet Explorer cache are deleted. In addition, CacheSmasher provides quick access to Internet folders and the Internet control panel.

AkutusJuly 14, 2016
If you like watching webcams you absolutely need Akutus. From a list of more than 200 webcams you will be able to watch them directly on your desktop without any browser or other program. And even if you are not present Akutus is the solution if you don't want to miss the wake up of a beautifull girl in your city. Ask him and Akutus will save all the images automatically! And afterwards you can even create a movie from it!

Import EML to Zimbra desktop
Import EML to Zimbra desktopJuly 14, 2016
Process to Import EML to Zimbra desktop on entire Windows OS Family

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ColumbaJuly 14, 2016
Columba is an Email Client written in Java, featuring a user-friendly graphical interface with wizards and internationalization support.

VmbMail Pro
VmbMail ProJuly 14, 2016
syncDriver is a handy and reliable utility designed to synchronize your local folder with your SkyDrive account. Everything is 100% automated and requires no attention from you. Files updated locally are uploaded to SkyDrive shortly after you save them. Similarly, files changed in SkyDrive are downloaded to your computer.

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SpamDrain Professional
SpamDrain ProfessionalJuly 14, 2016
SpamDrain is an anti-spam service which removes spam and viruses before they reach your e-mail client. SpamDrain supports all POP3 email clients, eg Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Eudora, Incredimail and mobile phones. The accuracy is very high thanks to a new technology developed by Trillian AB, which is based on artificial intelligence (AI).

NewsletterDesigner pro
NewsletterDesigner proJuly 14, 2016
SmartFolio is an asset allocation software aimed at all types of investors and investment professionals. It contains state-of-the-art portfolio optimization and risk management techniques, based on latest achievements in portfolio theory. The software combines highly advanced and innovative analytics with a user-friendly, intuitive interface, perfectly suited to any level of expertise and experience. Based on continuous-time portfolio theory, SmartFolio enables you to rebalance your portfolio from time to time....

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Live SiteJuly 14, 2016
Klick-N-View Business Cards makes designing and printing your business cards a snap! Using this tool you can design and print professional quality business cards in a matter of minutes! Includes templates for rapid document design. Purchase include lifetime free upgrades, more templates, clip art, and fonts.

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Protect ChildrenJuly 14, 2016
- Protect Children browser is a special design just for children and very safe. - A lot of safest and educational links Web Sites for children - Allows you to select your own Default Search Page - Allows you to select your own Default Home Page - Allows parents or anyone to totally control by access the Admin area with Password Protection (Default Password is password) - Allows parents to setup time usage control for Monday Sunday - Allows you to select reading voice like Mary or Mike. - Allows you to enter any...

Chameleon Window Manager Lite
Chameleon Window Manager LiteJuly 14, 2016
Add customizable buttons to the title bars of the windows

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