WinZip Malware Protector
WinZip Malware ProtectorApril 20, 2016
Protect your PC, your work and your personal information from spyware, malware and other malicious programs. Stop spyware in its tracks with WinZip Malware Protector, the software that safeguards your PC, files, passwords and personal information. WinZip Malware Protector detects and removes spyware, malware, worms and other malicious programs, automatically.

MAESTIAApril 20, 2016
Maestia is a free-to-play, Free download and no monthly fees game. Main features:  • 2 factions: Fight for either the Superion Guardians or the Temple Knights  • 4 character classes: warriors, mages, rangers and clerics  • A mystical story with hundreds of quests  • Prayer quests can be started everywhere and anywhere  • Seven keys to collect to enter the Heavenly island and track down Dark Lord...

Basic Electrical Control CircuitsApril 20, 2016
This award-winning, electrical training program builds on the Basic Techniques program. Here, you will troubleshoot a more complex control circuit consisting of numerous relays, switches, lights, and solenoids. You will need to use elementary wiring and connection wiring diagrams to troubleshoot 28 faults of varying difficulty. The program contains sections to describe how the circuit works as well as how to use the troubleshooting tools. The program evaluates the time and money spent to solve the fault and...

Crossword Creator FreewareApril 20, 2016
Create custom crossword puzzles. Features: 1. Use your own word lists, or use the built-in word lists. 2. Use the smallest grid for your words, or use the most words for your grid size. 3. Create files for a paper crossword. 4. Work the crossword on the computer or on paper. 5. Use one of the included word list files:  • SAT words  • 110, 000 English words  • 6, 800+ English / German word...

monoboothApril 20, 2016
The goal of the monobooth project is to create a highly customizable Photo Booth application for use in any number of professionally built booths and DIY built booths. Most of the photo booth software out there now is either expensive, limited, or ugly (or sometimes all of the above). This project hopes to change that and let anyone run a full featured booth with great features. Rather than re-inventing the wheel on some items, other open source projects will be leveraged to keep development time low...

FAQ Script PHP
FAQ Script PHPApril 20, 2016
FAQ Script PHP is a simple knowledgebase script written in PHP and MySQL. You could use it as a Frequently Asked Question section on your website. Main features: - simple installation, without need of programming skills; - very user friendly admin area; - any language support; - WYSIWYG (HTML) editor for the answers with option to add images; - FAQ categorizing; - Option to set the number of FAQs per page; - optional search box for the questions; - Settings for CSS styles - fonts, colors, sizes, backgrounds...

SatViewerApril 20, 2016
SatViewer is a handy, easy to use, cross platform satellite tracking system. This tool will enable you to select the location you want to view by entering the needed coordinates.

NumeyogaApril 20, 2016
Numeyoga is a complete numerology program. Enter your name and the program will calculate a wealth of numerical values, including expression key, life cycles, spiritual initiation, cosmic key, life challenges, and more. A detailed, multipage analysis interprets the numbers and provides insight into your character, qualities, excesses, predispositions, destiny, karmic debts, challenges, and the three major life cycles. This updated version has many new features including a more sensitive analysis, 91 more accurate...

 License: Free to tryDetails
QuestApril 20, 2016
*Free offer expiring soon*Works with both iPhone and iPod Touch*Requirement*-Sender and receiver must have assigned Push Alias by us with the exception of sending to email address (you can send messages to any email address)*Description*PSMS is peer to peer *secured* short messaging application for iPhone andiPod touch users. With PSMS you will never have to worry about your SMS overage orInternational roaming charges. PSMS is completely free to use and comes withthe following cool features:*1. Send/Reply/Forward...

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FlexiMusic GeneratorApril 20, 2016
A fast, easy-to-use program to select digital photos, write descriptions of them, and quickly create graphical web pages for publication on office networks, CD ROM disks, and websites. The pages may be set up to display text descriptions of each image, thumbnails, or both. Pictures may be forced to display at smaller sizes, so that users with low screen resolutions can see the complete image. Also makes a great general image viewer. Version 4 includes unspecified updates.

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Quick AVI CreatorApril 20, 2016
Quick AVI Creator (QAC) is a FREEWARE, easy to use front-end, which uses several GNU licensed applications to convert video from DVD / MPEG / AVI / DIVX / MKV / MP4 / FLV / F4V / ASF / WMV sources, to AVI / MKV / MP4 containers by using either XviD or x264 video encoders. Supported up to 2 audio tracks with formats AC3 / DTS / PCM / MPEG / WMA / AAC / OGG either for converting or direct copying according to the provided source and the desired output. Supported up to 1 subtitle track, either...

TwittMSApril 20, 2016
TwittMS 1. 0 offers you a smart and effective tool with the ability to keep track of your conversations in chat-style views, so it is easy to pick up a conversation where you left off. View your conversations as ongoing chats, group your favorite contacts on multiple pages, browse all of your followers and add shortcuts easily, optional landscape keyboard, optimized for responsiveness and low bandwidth networking, and exquisite user interface and animations. Requirements:Compatible with iPhone and iPod touchRequires...

Two Source Interference ModelApril 20, 2016
Displays the interference pattern on a screen due to two point sources. Two Source Interference model displays the interference pattern on a screen due to two point sources. The simulation allows an arbitrarily superposition of the two sources and shows both the current intensity and running average of the intensity on the screen. The separation, phase difference, amplitude, wave number, and phase velocity of each point source can be changed via text boxes. You can modify this simulation if you have Ejs installed...

Static Backup8
Static Backup8April 20, 2016
Backup8 is backup software which can backup message store of Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, Incredimail, The Bat, and Becky and Foxmail. It also can backup Internet Explorer settings and favorites, all settings from Firefox and My Document folder. Backup8 is very easy to use and the output archive will be compressed automatically. Backup8 has scheduler built-in, also can restore selected profile, files, or registry items manually. You can easy to view all files or registry...

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ETreeViewer Free VersionApril 20, 2016
ETreeViewer is a simple Win-32 program developed to visualize the Elimination Tree produced by GIPALS during the matrix ordering.

ohmiGeneLITE PCApril 20, 2016
A helicopter is an aircraft that is lifted and propelled by one or more horizontal rotors, each rotor consisting of two or more rotor blades. Helicopters are engineering marvels. Click on download and have these auto rotating images on your desktop in minutes and be prepared to be dazzled.

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Uncertainty Sidekick
Uncertainty SidekickApril 20, 2016
Uncertainty Sidekick is a free application for calculating and analyzing measurement uncertainty that incorporates the concepts and methods presented in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM). Uncertainty Sidekick also contains state-of-the-art analysis methods and techniques designed to guide you through the process of developing uncertainty estimates for direct measurement scenarios. Direct measurements basically consist of a...

CoffeeCup Web CalendarApril 20, 2016
SPLOT program is a highly effective tool intended for simulating the HP-GL/2, HP-GL, HP-RTL, or DXY-GL plotters on the display of your PC. A partial support of the PCL language is also provided. The SPLOT program is the very thing you need to make your work with the plotter more effective. The SPLOT program will give you a guarantee you will always draw on your plotter what you really want. That is why it will save your nerves, your time, your plotter, pens, ink and paper, that means your money. SPLOT program...

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Myissue-MonitorApril 20, 2016
A software with which you can manage all actions need to be done. It can be used for developers to follow the open items, bugs and so on or for everybody like a to-do list. With this toll you will not forget any important thing you need to do.

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Portlock Leap Frog
Portlock Leap FrogApril 20, 2016
Aika Online is a 3D Fantasy free-to-play MMORPG with a strong emphasis on Realm vs Realm PvP combat.

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