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Java2D Image Viewer
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View images with this tool. Java 2DImage Viewer is a stand-alone software that allows loading, saving,rendering, and manipulation of JPEG, GIF and PNG images. This applicationwas developed using the APIs developed in the book BuildingImaging Applications with Java Technology: Using AWT Imaging, Java 2D andJava Advanced Imaging.Java2D Image Viewer Features:

1. Reads JPEG, GIF, and PNG images.

2. Supports three differentviewing modes:
 • Original Size:The image is displayed with original size
 • To Fit: Theimage is displayed to fit the viewport both in the x and y direction.
 • Scaled: The imageis displayed to fit the viewport with aspect ratio preserved.3. Allows geometrical manipulationof the displayed image.

Supports the followingmanipulation functions that can be interactively performed at any positionand in any order.
 • Pan: Scrolls the image whenyou drag the mouse.
 • Zoom: Supports Zoom inor Zoom out. The position at which the mouse is clicked is the magnificationcenter.
 • Rotate: Provides a slider to rotate the image.
 • Flip: Supports Left-to-Right,Top_to-Bottom, and Left-to-Right_Top_to-Bottom. Images can be flipped atany position.4. Provides a movable Lenseto magnigy only the desired portion of the image.

5. Prints the displayed image.

6. Saves the displayed imageas JPEG.Requirements:
 • Java
Java2D Image Viewer

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