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iProcrastinate Mobile v1.1
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License: Freeware
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** NOTE to iPhone 3.0 Users - The iPhone 3.0 update removed the ability to edit subjects by clicking the blue arrow button on each Subject. Until the next update is released, you can edit Subjects alternatively by clicking the "Edit" button, then tapping on the Subject you wish to edit. Thanks! **

iProcrastinate Mobile, in a nutshell, is task management for the rest of us. No complicated details required, no fancy, bloated features you'll never use. iProcrastinate Mobile is simple enough for any user to pick up and understand within seconds, but flexible enough to handle even the most daunting schedule.

Use Smart Groups to manage a group of tasks due this week, or only from a few selected subjects.

Color-code your items to find what you're looking for, instantly.

Set the priority and due date of a task, break it down into smaller steps (for those more tedious projects) and even add team members for collaborative efforts.

But don't let that scare you! iProcrastinate Mobile has some great features, but it's simple enough for grocery lists, things to do around the house, and anything else you need help managing. Give it a try, I hope you enjoy it!

Wireless synchronization between the desktop and mobile versions should be ready by the end of the summer!

I'm always open to suggestions and comments, whether they're issues or new feature ideas. Updates will include whatever else you guys come up with!

Follow the tweets for development updates:
iProcrastinate Mobile
selected, understand, management, due date, suggestions, versions, synchronization, features, comments, iProcrastinate Mobile, break it, subjects, required, flexible, things to do, task management, collaborative, development, projects, priority, clicking

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