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Home Organizer Deluxe
Home Organizer DeluxeApril 05, 2016
Organizer for Home PC users, with several ready-to-use templates.

File size: 6.84MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Movie Organizer Deluxe
Movie Organizer DeluxeApril 05, 2016
Movie database software, catalog your movies.

File size: 6.84MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Collectibles Organizer Deluxe
Collectibles Organizer DeluxeApril 05, 2016
Collectibles Organizer Deluxe is a complete program that allows collectors, hobbyists, dealers, and clubs to organize, catalog, and manage antiques, art, dolls, glassware, jewelry, militaria, figurines, models, ... on their PCs.

File size: 6.84MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Coin Organizer Deluxe
Coin Organizer DeluxeApril 05, 2016
Organize and manage your coin collections.

File size: 6.84MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Book Organizer Deluxe
Book Organizer DeluxeApril 05, 2016
Book database software, catalog your books, for small libraries and collectors.

File size: 6.84MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Music Organizer Deluxe
Music Organizer DeluxeApril 05, 2016
Organize and manage your music collections.

File size: 6.84MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Car Organizer Deluxe
Car Organizer DeluxeApril 05, 2016
Organize and manage your car collections.

File size: 6.84MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Lucky Days
Lucky DaysApril 04, 2016
Lucky Days Astrology software for gambling

File size: 2.55MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Collection Studio
Collection StudioMarch 31, 2016
CollectionStudio - Best Collectors Software for Any Collection!

File size: 4.53MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Cash and the City
Cash and the CityMarch 24, 2016
Plan and track your personal or family finances with Cash and the City.

File size: 1.11MbLicense: FreewareDetails
CookBook+CalendarMarch 24, 2016
Create your own recipe database and manage a diet, a menu or a dinner party.

File size: 16.36MbLicense: SharewareDetails
OrgFinancesMarch 23, 2016
Control small business finances and family budget with one simple solution

File size: 16.49MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Mina Pengar (Swedish)March 21, 2016
LawTrust was first released in 2004. Since then, it has undergone change based on requests and recommendations of users. The program has evolved to resolve your trust account headaches. First, LawTrust has an extremely easy to use feature to add new client files. All the bells and whistles including notes; website and email address. Fast and efficient. Files are easily sorted and located. Easily archived and restored. Make a mistake; no problem. LawTrust includes an easy-to-use preferences interface....

File size: 3MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
Tab Writer 3March 21, 2016
This is the game that your kid or baby will surely love! It's a sweet n' fantastic game that has various funny episodes built into it. Parents will surely love this beautiful kindergarten game that is educational and simple to play as well. It's colourful and cute and kids will find the controls easy to play. This game takes you on a path that is besides a beautiful pond that is filled with lots of swans. So while they look on, grab as many points as you can. Exchange points for other rollers and enjoy hours of...

File size: 257.15MbLicense: FreeDetails
4vidasMarch 21, 2016
4vidas includes free videos and information about natural health and nutrition.

File size: 0.71MbLicense: FreewareDetails
EnCalcEUMarch 18, 2016
EnCalcEU calculates the cost of electricity, allowing the cost based on meter readings and forward prediction based on the readings and elapsed time. The results can be saved log files. EnCalcEU copes with different charging rates for electricity, alternative rates based on a threshold, varying tax rates, discounts and fixed charges. Also calculates the amount of CO2 generated. Requires a registration code (free for personal non commercial use).

Room Arranger
Room ArrangerMarch 16, 2016
IOMeeting is a new-generation meeting product. Based on HTML, IOMeeting runs on most Internet devices, including PC, phones and tablets, with same code! IOMeeting Touch (for smart phones and tablets) supports chat, document sharing, desktop sharing (PC's desktop) with remote control, 3-point video panel, 7-point video panel or up to 30-point video wall. You can use device's video camera (both front and back) and microphone. You can also join meeting using telephone. TEST-DRIVEUse email address test1@iomeeting. com, ...

 License: Free to tryDetails
MB-RulerMarch 16, 2016
A tool to measure distances and angles on the desktop. The distances can be measured in pixel, cm, inch, points or twips and the angle in radiant or degree. The ruler is almost transparent so you can have it on the screen, while you are working with the applications below. Additionally it has a screen loupe and a RGB value window. You can also draw points, lines, rectangles, bitmaps and text as temporary objects on the screen.

 License: FreeDetails
BytecentMarch 15, 2016
Earn rewards using the power of your CPU wiithout any technical knowledge.

File size: 384.67MbLicense: FreewareDetails
OFX2QFXMarch 07, 2016
Version 2. 3. 0. 1 is a maintenance release.

 License: SharewareDetails

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