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PDF2QIFJune 10, 2015
Version 2. 3. 7. 5 improved parsing for certain banks.

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Logon ManagerJune 09, 2015
Easy setup of allowable logon times for users and modifying account settings. Logon Manager will prevent users logging on outside their allowable times, and will force a logoff (or system power off if selected) at the end of their allowable time.

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Buy 5HTP
Buy 5HTPJune 07, 2015
Nature's Pure 5-HTP is the inception of an extraordinary fat loss shift, helping people lose fat with no need of strenuous diet and workouts.

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J and L Retirement Planner
J and L Retirement PlannerJune 04, 2015
Top rated retirement planning software to create personal retirement plans.

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Transport Dot to DotJune 03, 2015
Transport Dot to Dot is designed for children aged 3-6. Children connect sequential numbers (123), upper case letters (ABC) and lower case letters (abc) to reveal the hidden transport pictures. A fun sound effect is played when each puzzle is complete along with professional voice over describing the picture. There are 60 dot to dot puzzles which are played in random order. Transport Dot to Dot teaches children to recognize and pronounce numbers and letters of the alphabet. Maintenance update.

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The GameBook Authoring Tool
The GameBook Authoring ToolJune 03, 2015
Write and visualise "Choose your own Adventure" stories and interactive novels

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GentleMouseJune 03, 2015
Step into the shoes of a drug dealer. Your family is murdered and your drug cartel is destroyed. Now you want revenge. With a little cash from a loan and your old connections, its time for you to make money buying and selling drugs. Earn a profit and you'll survive, otherwise you'll end up at the bottom of the ocean. Travel across the streets of America fighting gang members, loan sharks, and the police. Become an entrepreneur and find the best prices on crack, weed, cocaine, meth, heroin, and ecstasy and then...

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All Travel Checklists
All Travel ChecklistsJune 02, 2015
All Travel Checklists App is an interactive library that helps you not to forget

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Allocator for MacJune 02, 2015
Allocator is personal investment software for Mac OS X. Track investments and manage your allocation.

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CSV2QIF Convert
CSV2QIF ConvertMay 31, 2015
Convert . CSV files from your bank or credit card to . QIF files for Quicken.

File size: 3.59MbLicense: SharewareDetails
PDF2QFX Convert
PDF2QFX ConvertMay 31, 2015
Convert PDF statements into . QFX format transactions to import into Quicken.

File size: 13.72MbLicense: SharewareDetails
CSV2OFX Convert
CSV2OFX ConvertMay 31, 2015
Convert . CSV files from your bank or credit card to . OFX files for importing.

File size: 4.15MbLicense: SharewareDetails
PDF2CSV Convert
PDF2CSV ConvertMay 31, 2015
Extract financial transactions from PDF statements into . CSV format for editing.

File size: 12.81MbLicense: SharewareDetails
CSV2QFX Convert
CSV2QFX ConvertMay 31, 2015
Convert . CSV files from your bank or credit card to . QFX files for Quicken.

File size: 4.42MbLicense: SharewareDetails
EyeProtectorProMay 31, 2015
FIntelligent Light is a light weight ERP for your organization with a perpetual license. FIntelligent Light's central module is Financial Accounting module. All other modules integrate with this module for financial reflection. Inventory Management primarily deals with different items that are purchased or sold as a business. Human Resource module manages Human Resources starting from Personnel Information Management, Evaluation, Training to Payroll Processing.

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MB Free Birth StarMay 30, 2015
MB Free Birth Star is a birth star calculator software based on Vedic Astrology. This program calculates the birth star or the constellation the moon was present in at the time of birth. It describes the mental attitude and the planetary periods (dashas). This program tells us in detail the characteristics and features of people born under a particular birth star. This is different from the birth star calculated in western astrology.

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Numerology 369
Numerology 369May 26, 2015
Professional numerology software featuring four different numerology systems.

File size: 5.32MbLicense: SharewareDetails
QIF2PDFMay 25, 2015
QIF2PDF is an useful utility to convert your QIF (Quicken Interchange Format) files to PDF format. Simply browse for your file, review transactions, select all or less and save it.

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EarMaster ProMay 25, 2015
Ear training and music theory practice for all musicians and music students EarMaster Pro is the ideal method to train your ear and practice music theory. With 651 progressive lessons divided into 12 exercise areas from beginner level to very advanced, it will beat your aural skills into shape and make you a better musician! Included activities: Interval Comparison, Interval Identification, Interval Singing, Chord Identification, Chord Inversion Identification, Chord Progressions, Scale Identification, Rhythm...

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RoboRealmMay 23, 2015
RoboRealm is a vision software based application for use in machine vision, image analysis, and image processing systems. Using an easy to use point and click interface complex image analysis becomes easy!

File size: 9.0MbLicense: CommercialDetails

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