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Horses2FollowJuly 25, 2007
Manage your horse racing and greyhound horses to follow lists

File size: 0.01MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Ergoosie-XPJuly 25, 2007
preventing the appearance of computer- and terminal-related work injuries.

File size: 57MbLicense: CommercialDetails
HomeGenieJuly 24, 2007
HomeGenie is a Home Inventory & Organizer program with a plan of homes feature

File size: 2.69MbLicense: SharewareDetails
StatTrak K-ForCE PC Edition
StatTrak K-ForCE PC EditionJuly 23, 2007
Allows you to score baseball and softball games play-by-play on your laptop.

File size: 1.53MbLicense: DemoDetails
FastItemsJuly 22, 2007
You can use FastItems for keeping your records.

File size: 1.20MbLicense: SharewareDetails
WorldCoinsJuly 22, 2007
Software solution to organize and manage with ease any kind of coin collection

File size: 4.93MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Tournament Scheduler Pro
Tournament Scheduler ProJuly 18, 2007
Create Tournament Brackets for Single & Double Elim, Pool Play & Round-Robin.

File size: 9.06MbLicense: DemoDetails
DisputeValet Express Edition
DisputeValet Express EditionJuly 18, 2007
DisputeValet will help you improve your credit score fast and effectively

File size: 38.82MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Weight Loss & Subliminal Binaural Beats
Weight Loss & Subliminal Binaural BeatsJuly 17, 2007
Loos your weight quickly through subliminal binaural beats

File size: 0.84MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Media Library Studio
Media Library StudioJuly 16, 2007
Manager of your media, IMDB and CDDB support, export to Excel, finding, covers.

File size: 2.50MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Feminization HypnosisJuly 15, 2007
In our Feminization Hypnosis 1. 02 you will have two free sessions

File size: 38MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Free Smiley Face Hats Embroidery Designs
Free Smiley Face Hats Embroidery DesignsJuly 14, 2007
Free Smiley Face Hats Embroidery Designs

 License: FreewareDetails
MB Taurus Astrology
MB Taurus AstrologyJuly 14, 2007
MB Free Taurus Astrology gives good and bad features of people in this sun sign.

File size: 0.79MbLicense: FreewareDetails
theWordJuly 12, 2007
Audio bible that uses Apple's built in speech synthesis to read the bible to you

File size: 3.30MbLicense: FreewareDetails
PlotJuly 12, 2007
Plot is a scientific 2D plotting program for Mac OS X. Plot is designed for everyday plotting, it is easy to use, it creates high quality plots, it allows easy and powerful manipulations and calculations of data, and it is free. Available Features:  • ASCII, Binary, MySQL, SciPlot and Perl based import filter  • PDF, EPS, JPG, PNG, ASCII export  • subviews, automatic legend plotting, inline images  • X and Y error bars...

File size: 3.7MbLicense: FreewareDetails
eBook Catalog
eBook CatalogJuly 12, 2007
Electronic book catalog database organizer software.

File size: 0.04MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Will You Marry Me?
Will You Marry Me?July 11, 2007
Keep track of guest information, plan table seating, keep an eye on your budget, import and export to other popular programs, keep a detailed gift list, access over 100 reports print envelopes, mailing labels, table place cards and more!

 License: DemoDetails
Astronomy StuffJuly 11, 2007
Watch live space shuttle launches, space walks, solar images, and other NASA programs.

File size: 2.97MbLicense: SharewareDetails
CorailJuly 10, 2007
diving logbook: track material, wrecks, dive centers...

File size: 2MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Save Our Planet - Country License
Save Our Planet - Country LicenseJuly 07, 2007
Save Our Planet - Unlimited Use Country License

File size: 5.86MbLicense: SharewareDetails

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