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How to Get Your Ex BackMay 08, 2008
Find out how to get your ex back - regardless of how hopeless your situation appears...

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The Fun Of Getting Thin
The Fun Of Getting ThinMay 08, 2008
A humorous, but practical approach to losing weight. Through teasing, jokes...

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CasanovaDBMay 08, 2008
You don't have to be Brad Pitt to be successful in relationships with women.

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Credit Score Improver
Credit Score ImproverMay 07, 2008
Credit Score Improver interactively shows the high cost of a low credit score and illustrates what can be done to improve that score. Also includes references to the best places online to obtain a credit score and credit reports. Credit Score Improver walks the user through a brief set of questions which teach basic credit score principles and help to realize the importance of taking the time to repair and improve your credit score.

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Fit Kit
Fit KitMay 07, 2008
Fit Kit currently are 9 circuits which vary in difficulty from light workouts.

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WhereMyDVDMay 07, 2008
WhereMyDVD is easy-to-use CD organizer and offline explorer

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The Pill Box
The Pill BoxMay 06, 2008
The Pill Box is for everyone who takes medication on a regular basis.

File size: 42.53MbLicense: SharewareDetails
MB Free Vedic AscendantMay 05, 2008
this program is a vedic ascendant calculator

File size: 1.8MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Build Your Own Body@Home - Pocket PC
Build Your Own Body@Home - Pocket PCMay 05, 2008
Product includes 700+ techniques & workouts, all with video that can be viewed.

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Treat Panic Attacks
Treat Panic AttacksMay 05, 2008
Treat Panic Attacks Report - Relieve 100% of your Panic and Anxiety

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Single-step motivation
Single-step motivationMay 04, 2008
Single-step motivational software walks you step-by-step through the goal.

File size: 8.23MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Step Counter Wizard
Step Counter WizardMay 04, 2008
Step Counter Software to use with your pedometer

File size: 0.94MbLicense: SharewareDetails
SAN FRANCISCO Attractions and Tours
SAN FRANCISCO Attractions and ToursMay 03, 2008
Enjoy your day in San Francisco, bring your family and friends.

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Quickfeet Dynamic Warm-up Basics
Quickfeet Dynamic Warm-up BasicsMay 03, 2008
Learn how to Warm-Up on the Move. A new and highly effective way for individuals

File size: 2.41MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Personal Biorhythms - the calendar maker
Personal Biorhythms - the calendar makerMay 03, 2008
Personal Biorhythms - the calendar maker. Make and print easy to read biorhythm.

File size: 2.82MbLicense: SharewareDetails
GPS/JMay 02, 2008
GPS/J is a console for Bluetooth-enabled or built-in GPS receivers

File size: 0.30MbLicense: DemoDetails
Personal Information ManagerMay 02, 2008
Complete Personal Information Manager with Multiple Address Books, Schedulers, Clip Board Saved Notes, Label Printer, Form Letter Printer and E-Mail Free Program. View Multiple Addresses in Multiple Address Books at once! Save Clip Board Notes in a Database. View Many Clip Board Notes at a time and Paste and Cut Between the Clip Board. Create Multiple Schedules easily organized and viewed. Send and Recieve E-Mail. Create Labels from Names and Addresses and Multiple Form Letters. Save Form Letter Formates in the...

 License: FreeDetails
Thigh Busters for Women
Thigh Busters for WomenMay 02, 2008
Strip Inches off your Hip, Butt & Thighs!Thigh Busters is a major in weight loss

File size: 1.45MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Stamp Collection Wizard
Stamp Collection WizardMay 02, 2008
Stamp Collection Wizard is a personal stamp collection database. Use it to record your collection and generate reports on value, country or time. Watch your stamp collection as it grows.

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Graphic Accounts
Graphic AccountsMay 01, 2008
Balance income and expenditure. Optimize your budget - graphically!

File size: 7.98MbLicense: SharewareDetails

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