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DICOM ThumbnailerApril 25, 2014
DICOM Thumbnailer is a Windows Explorer extension for displaying thumbnails of DICOM images in your Windows Explorer. It makes it easy to differentiate DICOM images. Just install DICOM Thumbnailer, you will see that all of your DICOM files change from icons to thumbnails in your Windows Explorer. You can custom thumbnail size in Windows XP. DICOM Thumbnailer supports RAW, JPEG, JPEG 2000, JPEG-LS, RLE and most of DICOM formats. Version 1. 2. 2 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, and bug fixes.

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Beauty Tips
Beauty TipsApril 25, 2014
Beauty Tips from secret software shows you how to make all your own bath and

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Lifecell Skin Care
Lifecell Skin CareApril 21, 2014
LifeCell skin care is definitely among the better anti-aging products to employ, and those trying to regain their youthful appearance again will have the ability to observe awesome results within a brief interval of time.

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TrackRecord for MacApril 20, 2014
MKVtools is a collection of tools that can be used to re-encode and manipulate various types of video files, though it's primary purpose is to convert mkv files into more user friendly formats for playback on a variety of hardware. Extract the selected . mkv tracks as individual video, audio and/or subtitle files. Intuitively select desired video, audio and/or subtitle tracks to process, with the ability to verify the selections using video preview. Use presets for one step encoding or passthru copying for playback...

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Personal Trainer OneApril 19, 2014
This mutator adds instagib capabilities to the binslayer mutator. The result is a fast and furious arena-style game with powerful weapons, custom adrenaline pickups, and fully customizable settings.

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iDietApril 19, 2014
The little Mo is the adaptation of a tibetan profetic game, the Mo. Choosing one of the 36 squaresyou'll get to your question an answer full of wisdom. The combinations can be : the honeyed rays of the moon, the immaculate sunshade, the victory banner... What's yours? New translations

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PrintAGlucoseDiaryApril 19, 2014
VAMP Media Center is a multimedia suite including: Audio Player, Media Organizer for your images, videos and music files, Slide Show Builder, Screen Saver Maker, Wallpaper Maker, Media Mixer for mixing music files with visual files (images and videos) that creates an automatic, dynamic multimedia clips, Greetings Maker, Clip Editor for creating video clips with many transitions and special effects, Calendar Maker. VAMP is fully integrated and Internet aware. You can send your creations to friends. They can...

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Perfect Diet Tracker for MacApril 18, 2014
The TreeView will run with native look and feel on MacOS X PPC, MacOS X x86, Windows systems and Linux systems. The TreeView control both supports single selection and non continuous multi selection. Nodes support images, text and Checkboxes. Now also ships with a Xojo plugin. The Xojo plugin comes in the new Xojo format and is compiled with newer SDK, and includes Cocoa design time mode.

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Period CalculatorApril 18, 2014
The Ascendant or the Zodiac Rising Sign holds a very significant position in the study of astrology. The Ascendant along with the sun sign and moon sign describes the complete personality of an individual. Know you Ascendant on the basis of Western &Vedic Astrology with the help of this software.

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Nearby HospitalsApril 17, 2014
XL Delete is a delete tool that will permanently delete files using its powerful wipe engine. XL Delete can permanently remove any type of file, entire folders, and even your Internet Explorer and Firefox cookies, history, and cache files. When you delete a file and empty the Recycle Bin, the file is in fact still on your hard drive. Windows marks the area where the file is on the hard drive as over-writable so it can reuse the space when necessary. This allows special data-recovery software to actually undelete...

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Halotea FreeApril 16, 2014
HaloteaFree is free version of Mirolit Halotea. With this version user can only listen to the pre-installed sound themes. Scheduler and audio-player is also available in this version. Mirolit Halotea is the unique application for sound atmosphere creation. It is created for the people who have stressful and intense job, who have small children, who want inner balance, who want to sleep peacefully. With the help of sounds we can either stimulate person's nervous system or calm it down. Just pick your favorite sound...

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Halotea LiteApril 16, 2014
Halotea Lite is a simplified version of Mirolit Halotea. Some import-export and sound recording features are disabled in Lite version. It's the best choice if you want just to listen to relaxing sounds and not going to create and distribute your own sound themes and presets. Mirolit Halotea is the unique application for sound atmosphere creation. It is created for the people who have stressful and intense job, who have small children, who want inner balance, who want to sleep peacefully. With the help of sounds we...

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JXCirrus CalCountApril 16, 2014
SoftActivity TS Monitor is a comprehensive solution that enables administrators to monitor user activity in Windows Terminal Server sessions. It records every action performed by local and remote users. It captures screenshots either periodically or based on user actions using proprietary IntelliSnap technology. Administrator later can replay a slideshow of user actions. The software logs all used applications; emails sent and received and both sides of IM conversations. Reports show exactly when users log on and...

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Personal Health DeskApril 14, 2014
Keep a detailed record of all health events.

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Break TimeApril 10, 2014
Stellarium (64-Bit) is a free open-source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars, or a telescope. It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go.

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DeskActiveApril 10, 2014
DeskActive can help individuals feel better at work. Just a few minutes of stretching at your computer each day can make a difference. Daily stretch breaks with animated personal trainers - DeskActive reaches out to users automatically with fun and inviting interactions--using humor, persuasion and electronic attaboys to grab your attention and encourage action. Dr. Dale is your DeskActive guide--Each day, Dr. Dale will welcome you to DeskActive through reminder messages on your desktop. Sitting too much is bad...

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Healthy HintsApril 10, 2014
Configuration is simple, just choose your preferred break frequency period, such as having a 5 minute rest period every 55 minutes of work. Healthy Hints will then watch your keyboard and mouse activity looking for a period of rest that matches your setting. If that period of rest is not detected, periodic reminders for taking a break will appear if you exceed your work period. This reminder will appear every 5 minutes, but offers the ability to suspended or restart your work...

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Cancer Educational SoftwareApril 10, 2014
alternative medicine software - for PC - educational software featuring natural remedies and healing therapies.

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Health MonitorApril 10, 2014
Health Monitor is a database that holds medical readings that can be viewed as graphs, gauges or reports. It was initially developed to hold and view my own blood pressure readings but it has now been extended to hold the following: Blood pressure Systolic &Diastolic, Pulse, Weight, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Uric Acid, Blood Sugar, Body Mass Index. The readings are held by user by date and time so that you can easily switch between the results. The built in 2D/3D graphs are a great method for viewing your...

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Weight Loss Software
Weight Loss SoftwareApril 06, 2014
Nova Medical SWFL, Inc. is offering a medically supervised weight loss program using hCG. Patients get great results and feel great while on the program.

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