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label mx barcode software Standard Edition
label mx barcode software Standard EditionApril 20, 2016
Omega Church software is a full record management tool designed for use in churches of any size or denomination. Omega Church helps you keep track of contacts, families, relationships, donations, funds, gift aid, involvements, categories, and pastoral visitations. Easy to use, Omega Church is designed to ease the burden of church administration. Version 2 includes unspecified updates.

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PSTextMergeApril 20, 2016
With PSTextMerge, create text files with templates. The output files can be Web pages, XML files, RSS Feeds, or any other varieties of text files. The input data can be obtained from a tab-delimited data file or directly from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You can record and easily play back recorded scripts, making it easy to re-generate your output text files when your data changes. Tab-delimited files can be easily exported from most spreadsheets, databases, and address book. PSTextMerge can also perform other...

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TBS Cover Editor
TBS Cover EditorApril 20, 2016
TBS Cover Editor is the ultimate solution to design your software box cover and present it electronically. The program supports all the steps of box shot creation: from drafting and design, to 3D scene setting and image rendering. The TBS Cover Editor comes with a brilliant collection of software cover design templates for various types of software. Your design and image processing skills doesn't matter when creating eye-catching 3D box shots.

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Moo0 ImageTypeConverterApril 20, 2016
SewWrite is software for creating and arranging lettering for embroidery files. It uses hand-digitized alphabets based on Windows fonts for greater quality and ships with a wide range of typefaces. SewWrite ships with 38 ordinary alphabets and four symbol or dingbat alphabets.

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PDFKeeperApril 20, 2016
Attachments Forget Reminder is a Microsoft Office Outlook Add-In. It scans each outgoing email and if it finds any of the specified key phrases but no file is attached to the message, the program will give out a notification. It then asks you if you meant to attach a file before sending the email, giving you a chance to insert the attachment. The add in works with Plain Text, RTF, or HTML based email formats.

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Fresh CurvesApril 20, 2016
Have your critical cards (business, Credit, Proof of Insurance, Medical, Discount, etc. ) at your fingertips on your iPad or iPhone with Card Pic CardPics creates, organizes and presents pictures of your critical cards to you on your iPhone or iPad so you don't always have to go for your wallet/purse every time you need them. Since it is a picture, it can be any card... The default screen is a full size view of the last viewed or added card. You can simply swipe to go back and forth through the cards (Up/Down or...

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Image 2 Icon ConverterApril 20, 2016
Convert from BMP, JPEG, PNG and the most poular image extensions to transparent icons. Image to Icon Converter can convert more than one image at the same time. Image to Icon Converter lets you optionally specify a specific transparent color. EIPC's Image to Icon Converter has a wonderful interface which is easy to use. Image to Icon Converter is a totally free Converter with no time limitations or watermark. Version 3. 2 features: Vista/7 support, select icon size, installer update and bug fixes.

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FontExplorerL.M.April 20, 2016
FontExplorerL. M. is a powerful font manager for Windows with intuitive and easy-to-use interface and multi-lingual support. It holds several unique functions for fonts management, such as Font Database, advanced Filter, Search options, and Fonts preview with Unicode glyphs. It supports complete management for all font types: TrueType, TrueType Collections, OpenType, Postscript Type 1, Raster, and Vector Fonts.

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PDF-XChange Editor
PDF-XChange EditorApril 20, 2016
Comprehensive PDF Viewing File manipulation, OCR, Security, Multimedia comments

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Watermark Photos Face AceApril 20, 2016
Face Ace watermark pictures is a digital photo image editor that protects ownership of photos. It's the best professional digital picture watermark creator. Computer users rave about the time they save! Ebay users and web masters love it. Do you know what can happen when you share photos on the Internet? Someone could steal photos from your website for their own or malicious use, you might never even know. Use this watermarking software to stop unauthorized distribution of photos. Face Ace has a simple interface...

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Light Image ResizerApril 20, 2016
ReplaceAssistant is a fast and easy utility that performs search and replace text in files. Features: search and replace text in one or more files or directories. Import/Export the list of filters, creating backup files, and filtering files by mask.

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hdRAWApril 20, 2016
Watch real live TV Channels of your country on your PC, with just an Internet connection. Channels are updated everyday so you get more live working TV streams. You finally found one. Next Generation of TV software. It allows you to watch TV channels on your computer no cables no dish antenna no special hardware. Use your computer any windows based PC to watch TV channels. TVChannels from INDIA, USA, CANADA, GERMANY, RUSSIA and almost every county. We have 100s of channels from countries like INDIA, USA, UK -...

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PhotoArtista - HaikuApril 20, 2016
This Guitar Tuner is a very simple way to tune your guitar perfectly, anywhere. Guitar Tuner makes tuning your guitar fun and easy. Just Tap on the Tuning Key to hear the sound. This tuner is great for students. FEATURES- Great User Interface- Very easy to use- Updates coming soon!iPod touch 1G users must have speaker or headphones Now Compatible With versions 3. 0 or higher of iOS!

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GrungetasticApril 20, 2016
Record a video anytime anywhere you want silently!!!Spy Shot is a perfect hidden video camera solution for you. * The video recorder just looks like (and acts like) a Novel Viewer (Text Viewer) even while it is in recording a video. * The video recorder has no Camera Preview window. * Of course, no sound on start/stop recording. * Double tap Title Bar of the Novel Viewer to start/stop recording. Swipe(Drag) action on the Title Bar will launch the Menu. * The output video clip is saved to a private local area with...

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RawDiggerApril 20, 2016
ZenMate is a free and easy to use Firefox Browser plugin that provides a VPN solution - encrypting all your browser traffic and routing it through our ZenMate cloud to provide a secure and private browsing experience, changing your virtual IP location to any of our 5 country locations. Forget internet restrictions! We provide geo-switching options that will allow you to access blocked content wherever you are. Try ZenMate out for yourself - Install now for free! ZenMate was designed to be an easy to...

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netdesignerApril 20, 2016
Simplify online photoprints ordering, photocalendar design and photobook design. With the new software netdesigner 2006 you will become a design professional. Just select your photos and drag them onto the placeholder. As simple as MS-Word or any other Office applications. The software is free, photobooks and photocalendars are dispatched free of charge to Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

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Master Album Maker Lite EditionApril 20, 2016
Publish Web albums with the free edition of the Master Album Maker. The program's batch wizard lets you add multiple images to an album in just one, fast operation, and you can import images from devices such as digital cameras, scanners, and removable media (such as CDs and storage cards). Tools are available to resize, rotate and crop images, and also to adjust image composition. If necessary, corrections and enhancements can be made with brightness, contrast, sharpen, blur, gamma and colourise filters. Text...

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XDepth Raw Converter
XDepth Raw ConverterApril 20, 2016
XDepth Raw Converter (XDRC) is a raw photo development and image processing software with integrated XDepth Raw and XDepth 48 image compression technologies. XDRC is capable of reading raw files from most DSLR cameras and allows conversion of raw data to its JPEG-compatible XDepth Raw file format, shrinking raw files down to one fourth the original size. XDepth Raw Converter is a professional-grade raw development software featuring a fully High Dynamic Range 96bit/pixel floating point rendering engine.

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Album Maker
Album MakerApril 20, 2016
CppDoc generates HTML documentation for your C++ classes, based on your source code and special comments embedded within it. It supports JavaDoc tags (@see, @return, etc. ) and can produce JavaDoc-style output, including class hierarchies, a master index, and a deprecations list. The documentation comments are optional; if you leave them out, CppDoc will still generate a full set of documentation based on class relationships and hierarchy. Version 2. 4 added the ability to read documentation comments after...

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Aoao Watermark
Aoao WatermarkApril 20, 2016
Aoao Watermark is a professional watermark creation software. It helps you add image and text to any of your pictures, protect your pictures' copyright and make your images more special. It is not only a watermarking tool, but also an useful and simple photos processor. It can crop and resize image size that you need, batch rename, adjust image quality, and support many kinds of picture formats. Aoao Watermark supports batch watermarking photos, as well. For example, Aoao Watermark only takes 10 seconds to add your...

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