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hdRAWApril 20, 2016
Watch real live TV Channels of your country on your PC, with just an Internet connection. Channels are updated everyday so you get more live working TV streams. You finally found one. Next Generation of TV software. It allows you to watch TV channels on your computer no cables no dish antenna no special hardware. Use your computer any windows based PC to watch TV channels. TVChannels from INDIA, USA, CANADA, GERMANY, RUSSIA and almost every county. We have 100s of channels from countries like INDIA, USA, UK -...

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PhotoArtista - HaikuApril 20, 2016
This Guitar Tuner is a very simple way to tune your guitar perfectly, anywhere. Guitar Tuner makes tuning your guitar fun and easy. Just Tap on the Tuning Key to hear the sound. This tuner is great for students. FEATURES- Great User Interface- Very easy to use- Updates coming soon!iPod touch 1G users must have speaker or headphones Now Compatible With versions 3. 0 or higher of iOS!

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GrungetasticApril 20, 2016
Record a video anytime anywhere you want silently!!!Spy Shot is a perfect hidden video camera solution for you. * The video recorder just looks like (and acts like) a Novel Viewer (Text Viewer) even while it is in recording a video. * The video recorder has no Camera Preview window. * Of course, no sound on start/stop recording. * Double tap Title Bar of the Novel Viewer to start/stop recording. Swipe(Drag) action on the Title Bar will launch the Menu. * The output video clip is saved to a private local area with...

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RawDiggerApril 20, 2016
ZenMate is a free and easy to use Firefox Browser plugin that provides a VPN solution - encrypting all your browser traffic and routing it through our ZenMate cloud to provide a secure and private browsing experience, changing your virtual IP location to any of our 5 country locations. Forget internet restrictions! We provide geo-switching options that will allow you to access blocked content wherever you are. Try ZenMate out for yourself - Install now for free! ZenMate was designed to be an easy to...

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netdesignerApril 20, 2016
Simplify online photoprints ordering, photocalendar design and photobook design. With the new software netdesigner 2006 you will become a design professional. Just select your photos and drag them onto the placeholder. As simple as MS-Word or any other Office applications. The software is free, photobooks and photocalendars are dispatched free of charge to Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

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Master Album Maker Lite EditionApril 20, 2016
Publish Web albums with the free edition of the Master Album Maker. The program's batch wizard lets you add multiple images to an album in just one, fast operation, and you can import images from devices such as digital cameras, scanners, and removable media (such as CDs and storage cards). Tools are available to resize, rotate and crop images, and also to adjust image composition. If necessary, corrections and enhancements can be made with brightness, contrast, sharpen, blur, gamma and colourise filters. Text...

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XDepth Raw Converter
XDepth Raw ConverterApril 20, 2016
XDepth Raw Converter (XDRC) is a raw photo development and image processing software with integrated XDepth Raw and XDepth 48 image compression technologies. XDRC is capable of reading raw files from most DSLR cameras and allows conversion of raw data to its JPEG-compatible XDepth Raw file format, shrinking raw files down to one fourth the original size. XDepth Raw Converter is a professional-grade raw development software featuring a fully High Dynamic Range 96bit/pixel floating point rendering engine.

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Album Maker
Album MakerApril 20, 2016
CppDoc generates HTML documentation for your C++ classes, based on your source code and special comments embedded within it. It supports JavaDoc tags (@see, @return, etc. ) and can produce JavaDoc-style output, including class hierarchies, a master index, and a deprecations list. The documentation comments are optional; if you leave them out, CppDoc will still generate a full set of documentation based on class relationships and hierarchy. Version 2. 4 added the ability to read documentation comments after...

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Aoao Watermark
Aoao WatermarkApril 20, 2016
Aoao Watermark is a professional watermark creation software. It helps you add image and text to any of your pictures, protect your pictures' copyright and make your images more special. It is not only a watermarking tool, but also an useful and simple photos processor. It can crop and resize image size that you need, batch rename, adjust image quality, and support many kinds of picture formats. Aoao Watermark supports batch watermarking photos, as well. For example, Aoao Watermark only takes 10 seconds to add your...

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DOF Calc
DOF CalcApril 20, 2016
Calculates "Near Focus Limit", "Far Focus Limit", "Hyperfocal Distance" and "Depth of Field" based on selected camera, aperture, focal length and focus distance. Wheels are used for selecting aperture, focal length, focus distance and unit of focus distance which makes testing of different settings very fast and simple. The unit of the calculated results as well as the focus distance can individually can be selected to be m, cm, feet or inch and all last used settings are...

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Hornil Photo ResizerApril 20, 2016
CouchbasePumper for Oracle is an innovative, powerful and convenient product which is a part of our BigData migration suite. It provides high-performance data migration functionality between Oracle and Couchbase databases in two directions. With CouchbasePumper GUI wizard you can easily perform data migration between Oracle table and Couchbase databases. You can create your custom data transformations on the fly and import several Oracle based data sources (based on your custom complex SQLs) to Couchbase databases...

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PhotoSpillsApril 20, 2016
PhotoSpills creates eye-catching collages with your digital photos. Imagine a poster of your last vacation or a collage of your children as they grow. This is a great way to preserve memories... and the possibilities are endless. PhotoSpills is the software for you if you don't want to tediously resize, crop, rotate and place each photo in a collage. With PhotoSpills, simply select a design, pick your photos and let the software work the magic.

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gnuThumbnailerApril 20, 2016
A countdown to the release of the Nintendo Wii.

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ExposureApril 20, 2016
Web cam Exposure is an application that uses a digital camera or Webcam to simulate the creation of conventional long exposure photos. A video can also be made into a long exposure photo if so desired.

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PhotoKit SharpenerApril 20, 2016
PhotoKit is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in providing effects that offer digital replications of analog photographic effects. PhotoKit image enhancements and adjustments are designed to work in a way familiar to photographers. A simple dialog calls up the PhotoKit tool sets, where you can easily select the desired image effect, and let PhotoKit do the work and greatly improve your digital photography workflow.

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GoodFrameApril 20, 2016
Projection-based face recognition has been widely studied during the past two decades. One of the problems is to require a huge storage space to save the face features obtained from training faces. We propose an SVD-based face retrieval system which requires less memory than the PCA, 2DPCA, Fisher, and 2DFisher approaches. The algorithm tested on the famous ORL (AT&T) face database, consisted of 400 112 x 92 gray level face images equally contributed by 40 subjects, achieves 97. 5% recognition rate of retrievals.

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iGreetingCardApril 20, 2016
Covered with fabulous templates for different themes, including holidays and special occasions, iGreetingCard is sure to be an excellent greeting card software to create greeting card. Helps to convey the beautiful feeling via an elaborate holiday card It is a good way to convey your feelings to those who love you. The greeting card software gives people a chance so that they can speak how much they love and care their dear friends and family. There is nothing better to send a personal picture card on the...

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Free Photo Effect Application
Free Photo Effect ApplicationApril 20, 2016
Add effects to your photos. Supports over 20 effects, e. g. Brightness, Contrast, Black White, Lighting Invert Color, Monochrome, Noise, SharpenEdge. Supports export to JPEG image. Support upload your photos to the user gallery of Viscomsoft Social Galleries and share to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr and Email. Support multi-language, Support English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish language. Version 2. 0...

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PictureCropperApril 20, 2016
This program is made to crop pictures for mobile wallpapers, Web, or anything easily. It includes zoom out, jpg quality and arrow keys navigation for quick action. Features: You can also set crop width height for custom images. You can set output jpg quality. You can crop multiple pictures quickly with arrow keys to display next/previous picture and zoom out/un zoom Quick info tooltips. Shows what every button/item does. Resize Lock to maintain same zoom out level...

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SILKYPIX Developer Studio
SILKYPIX Developer StudioApril 20, 2016
SILKYPIX Developer Studio generates a high-resolution picture from the RAW data of a digital camera. It has support for most of the digital camera manufacturers. This program has noise reduction and lens aberration controllers provide high quality images.

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