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MacENC v8.75
File size: 9.82Mb
License: Free to try
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To Configure MacENC to use Keyspan Serial Port, please follow these steps:
- - - - -
Step 1:
- - - - -
If MacENC is currently open, quit MacENC.
Install the Keyspan software for your adapter and then connect your Keyspan adapter to your Mac's serial port.
- - - - -
Step 2:
- - - - -
Open the Keyspan Serial Assistant application (located in your APPLICATIONS folder). The 'Assistant' will show your Keyspan adapter and the serial ports created by the adapter.
If your adapter and its ports (you may have more than one even when using a single port adapter) appear in the 'Assistant', proceed to the next step.
If the adapter does not appear, contact Keyspan tech support letting know that your adapter does not appear in the Keyspan Serial Assistant.
- - - - -
Step 3:
- - - - -
Launch/open MacENC.
In the menu bar, select the GPS menu and then select the CONNECT command. This will open a new window called GPS.
In the new window, click the SETTINGS button. This will show settings for GPS. Locate the PORT field and select your Keyspan serial port from the port field. This will typically be KeySerial1.
Set the other fields (TYPE, RATE (baud), etc) according to MacENC instructions.
Once you have set your other settings, the MacENC will open a connection to the Keyspan adapter. If your adapter has a status light, the light will stop blinking slowly (indicating that the port is IDLE) and will turn on and stay solid (not blink) or blink rapidly (indicating that port has been opened by MacENC).
Set Up Is Now Complete.
- - - - - - - -
Support Notes
- - - - - - - -
Keyspan has writing this configuration guide. This information is focused on configuring the program to use your Keyspan serial port(s). There may be additional steps needed to configure other aspects of the program that are not Keyspan related. Please contact the maker of your program for additional support.
MacENC version 4.10 (4.10) was used for this guide. This information may also apply to previous and future versions of MacENC.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
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OSOperating Systems:
Mac OS X 10. 8, Mac OS X 10. 9, Mac OS X 10. 7, Mac OS X 10. 6

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