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Gejos Trandumper v8.01
educational, html program, organizations, functions, braindumps, questions, difference, application, incentive, Gejos Trandumper, universities, beginningGejos Enterprise / Gejos TrandumperAdded:
File size: 0.1787Mb
License: Freeware
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TranDumper is a freeware html program to help you read the braindumps that you find. This program converts braindumps (and other .txt's) into offline tests. In the beginning, Gejos TranDumper V5 was created when I needed TranDumper program. I got the TranDumper V2.01. I also found TranDumper V3.01 and V4. But these versions still didn't satisfy me. So I decided to create TranDumper program called Gejos TranDumper V5_2.01 (_2.01 is dedicated to the version I re-programmed). Right now, the version through V8.01_2.01 and this is the first release [February 10th, 2009]. Gejos TranDumper method is created as close as the Authorized Testing Center as possible. You may change your answer, even you have moved past that question, as many times as you need, until you decide the test is finished. Meaning, even if you are at the end of the questions, you are still can change the answer of any questions as needed. This makes the Review process much more useful. This is the real difference between Gejos TranDumper and the others. Other TranDumper versions do not allow you to change the answer once you have selected it, meaning you must be sure before you click it. Be sure you have Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater installed. TranDumper CANNOT run on Internet Explorer 3.x or 4.x. JavaScript and VBScript need to be enabled. Because it must open/write local files, the security setting in your browser must be set to medium or below, and CANNOT run over the network, or on read-only media - ie. CDROM, protected/read-only folder, etc. Internet Explorer may ask to confirm that you trust the ActiveX control, or to confirm you want to allow ActiveX to interact with 'other parts of the page'. You should confirm by clicking 'Yes' to proceed. PopUp Blocker must be disabled, or set 'allow popup blocker' for this application. Gejos TranDumper is provided as FREEWARE, but only for private and non-commercial use. Gejos TranDumper is free for educational use (schools and universities only), governments, non-profit organizations, and for other non-commercial &non-profit use. If you love this application, any donation will be an incentive for me to add new functions and features. Commercial use, please register.
Gejos Trandumper
OSOperating Systems:
 • Windows Server 2008
 • Windows Vista
 • Windows XP
 • Windows 2003
 • Windows 2000
 • Windows ME
 • Windows NT
 • Windows 98
warningMinimum system requirements:
Internet Explorer
educational, html program, organizations, functions, braindumps, questions, difference, application, incentive, Gejos Trandumper, universities, beginning

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