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Jumping BallsMay 28, 2016
VIA Tech VT8361/VT8601 Graphics Controller

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Word Search II
Word Search IIMay 28, 2016
Are you interested in building strength, toning your muscles, and building endurance? Are you an athlete that wants to set yourself apart from the rest and shatter your limitations? Don't feel like spending money on gym equipment, or worse yet, get stuck in a contract at a gym that you can't escape? Well you just found the right app. Created by an 11 year Black Belt in Mixed Martial Arts, whom consulted physical trainers, eXtreme FIT or XFiT is a workout system that strengthens and tones the muscles in your chest, ...

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German Truck Simulator
German Truck SimulatorMay 28, 2016
Wakanda (64-Bit) is a visual designer for your datastore and front end, as well as code editor. You can design your datastore classes, create your business logic, draw up your GUI, and secure your application. With Wakanda, even the most complex data structures are manageable. Click, drag, and draw relations between classes. Enrich your UI with the power of HTML5 and CSS3. Build widgets specially for your functions and data elements on the server. The stack includes a high performance object datastore, a rich...

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The Rainbow Machine
The Rainbow MachineMay 28, 2016
PADLess is a utility program that helps software authors make manual submissions to shareware link sites that do not support PAD files. Instead of typing in the same data over and over again for each site, you can build a PADLess data file with the fields most commonly asked for. Then just drag the gray button next to the desired data field onto the applicable field in your Web browser for a quick copy and paste operation. Version 1. 2 has added drag and drop feature, filter option to PAD import, help file, ...

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Bubble Shooter DeluxeMay 28, 2016
- Get Bubbles Shooter with more powers, more items, unlimited levels, more colours and much more specials!- This is a simple but yet addictive game with retina optimised and eye catching graphics making the game most enjoyable and you will play it for hours without stopping. - Throw bubble and make combination of 3 or more bubbles to blast them. Which clears bubbles from board and takes you to the next level. Features - No need to tap on button. Just tap on the game board where you want to shoot the ball-...

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Aquabble QuestMay 28, 2016
In this dazzling twist on a classic bubble-popper, you must help little Timmy Turtle get out of yet another pickle. The forgetful Timmy is caught in a river full of mysterious Aquabbles that block the way home to his family - and it's up to you to clear his path. Take on the river full-steam ahead in Quest Mode, or relax with soothing tropical music in Casual Mode. Featuring over 150 levels of addictive gameplay, an engaging storyline, and exciting power-ups, Aquabble Quest is sure to provide you with hours...

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TABMay 28, 2016
Graviturn is an addictive game with very few rules and an unlimited amount of levels to play through. It is based on the game with the same name available on the Android platform, developed by Florian Heft. Florian, thank you for assisting me with the iOS version. This version contains ads. Fixed a problem with the toggle bricks.

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Matching HeartsMay 28, 2016
This game is a special gift for you on St. Valentine's Day with sincere wishes of love and respect. This game is absolutely free and the registration doesn't take much effort. This game will let you feel yourself a real master of hearts. But be attentive and not let them beat you. The board is filled with hearts of different color. The more hearts explore, the more points you get. Your goal is to clear the board with no heart left. Have fun!

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The Player
The PlayerMay 28, 2016
Change your music as you change the look &feel. /// Listen to your music on your iPhone or iPod Touch with The Player, the alternative audio player with skins support! /// Play your songs, artists, albums and playlists on an uncluttered platform. Thanks to multitasking, your music is never interrupted, unless you press "stop". The Player uses the music commands of your iPhone's system. This easily allows you to hop from the Player to the iPod. Whatever app you're using, simply double-tap on the Home...

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QuArKMay 28, 2016
That masterpiece adventure revives with iPhone. Detective J. B. Harold's 'Manhattan requiem' is a mystery adventure game. The following are released in various platforms, 200, 000 totals will be achieved by present, and a lot of everybody has been touched. This time.. original.. tap.. operation.. complete.. for. Of course, this application program that was a universal application program corresponded to the HD display with iPad and iPhone4. Beautiful graphic is must see. In addition, because a bilingual function was...

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Cross DJ
Cross DJMay 28, 2016
Mix, scratch, sample, record: rock great parties with top-DJ features. Real DJing on iPad: turn your iPad into a complete DJ system. Mix your iTunes tracks in perfect sync, scratch, add effects, loops and more. Automix your songs for non-stop music. Record your set and share it on SoundCloud. Music lovers, mix at your next party and impress your friends. Pro DJs, Cross DJ uses the same engine as Pioneers rekordbox. Its like having 2 CDJs in your pocket. Building on Mixvibes 10 years of expertise, the app is easy to...

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UK Truck Simulator
UK Truck SimulatorMay 28, 2016
XWall is a firewall that protects your Exchange server from viruses, spam mail and dangerous attachments. Feature are it can scan inbound and outbound messages using a third-party virus scanner, add a disclaimer to outgoing messages, reassemble messages to prevent hidden attachments, remove HTML and TNEF formatting from a message, and detect looping messages.

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Solitaire StudioMay 28, 2016
Completed collection of amusing and addictive patience will give you some hours of great pleasure and real entertainment. Nearly all Solitaire types have been united in a single pack providing you with a tough brain-storming. Activate your logics and you will even be able to design a patience of your own later. Few dozens of patience are designed to make you relax and enjoy your time thinking over the game.

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4 Chord SongsMay 17, 2016
Select four chords, choose a music style, hit play and the program will play a full accompaniment with drums, bass, guitar and piano instruments. Practice, compose, improvise with 4 Chord Songs jam-along software. Choose a preset chord progression or use your own chords, enjoy over 50 music styles. Experiment with three-chord songs, two-chord songs, slash chords, chord inversions, different time signatures (shuffle, waltz), tempos and song keys.

Softball/Baseball Team CalculatorMay 15, 2016
FlyView is an innovative SharePoint tool as it creates a SharePoint Navigation Menu and Breadcrumb at runtime. It brings your SharePoint site content in the form of a menu and reveals the site structure, document libraries, object metadata, folders and files to the users. Everything on your site can be explored in just a few seconds which saves heaps of time. Its a lighting fast tree styled run-time global menu that automatically comes up when users log in to their SharePoint sites. In short provides you with...

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TV AlertMay 15, 2016
V53 Update Information- New Map : God's Hand- New Attraction : The Future- A more stable flight experience

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Nowgoal Livescore Odds for AndroidMay 15, 2016
The new version of Text to Software includes support for Blackberry Open Data Space. Users of the SageTea Desktop can now seamlessly download files from Blackberry Open Data Space when they use the Attachment Smart Part. Blackberry data can be easily integrated with apps using Text to Software.

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DratSkyMay 15, 2016
Version 1. 0. 7 adds Silverlight configuration option.

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Live Billiards 2May 15, 2016
Saving to PDF and PNG file supported. Improved existing and added new image processing functions. Added many properties, methods and events, which simplify work with scanner. Improved the image acquisition algorithm of ActiveX library.

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KeysticksMay 14, 2016
Version 22. 4. 2. 2 adds new interface languages.

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