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MVP Hearts
MVP HeartsJune 13, 2000
Six virtual opponents are eager to challenge you to the hottest game of Hearts ever. MVP Hearts plays the best game and offers the most features of any computer Hearts game available. You can even challenge your friends to a multiplayer Hearts "death match" over the internet, LAN, modem or direct connection. By MVP Software.

File size: 1.5MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Haunted 3D Rollercoaster Rush FreeJune 12, 2000
Take a rollercoaster ride with haunted castles in this iPhone game.

File size: 5.8MbLicense: FreewareDetails
WhirlwordsJune 11, 2000
Challenging word chain puzzle includes 100+ levels, editor, online help.

File size: 0.5586MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Ultimate Solitaire CollectionJune 10, 2000
The Ultimate Solitaire Collection is a bundle of nine different solitaire card games for Windows. The games include Klondike, Canfield, Golf, Poker, Beleaguered Castle, Four Seasons, Pyramid, King's Audience and Monte Carlo Solitaire. There are a lot of excellent solitaire games besides just the Klondike game which comes with Windows. Some games are easier, some harder, some based more on skill than luck, some are more relaxing, and others just look nicer on the screen. You will probably never want to play the...

 License: CommercialDetails
SubSpaceJune 10, 2000
Rack up kills in this Internet-only, multiplayer outer space game.

File size: 6.47MbLicense: FreewareDetails
MVP Cribbage
MVP CribbageJune 09, 2000
Six virtual opponents are eager to challenge you to the hottest game of Cribbage ever. MVP Cribbage plays the strongest game and offers the most features of any computer Cribbage game available. You can even challenge your friends to a Cribbage "death match" over the net, LAN, modem, or direct connection.

File size: 0.0015MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Simple Pleasures
Simple PleasuresJune 09, 2000
Eight original solitaire card games for DOS

File size: 0.2236MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Rage of Mages IIJune 08, 2000
sequel to the innovative, Russian developed RPG/strategy game (shipping 7/21/99)

File size: 41.1MbLicense: CommercialDetails
CubicMan LiteJune 07, 2000
CubicMan Deluxe is a fun and addictive puzzle game. The aim of the game is to roll a cube to stand upright on the destination point. It sounds simple but the 80 unique puzzles will give you hours and hours of challenge and good fun! When you want to take a break from the constant challenges, there is also a Free Play mode which enables you to play any completed level at any time with ease. Come on and roll the cube! Let's count the moves and complete the entire game in less steps than everyone else! One thing to...

File size: 0.002MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Internet Board Games For 2June 07, 2000
Eight great board games in one. Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Goban, Pipes, Race Chase, Flag Ship and Fox &Hounds. Play with a friend on the same machine, on any network, using a modem or over the Internet.

File size: 0.8203MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Lotto PicJune 06, 2000
Lotto Pic is a simple quick pick program that I created to pick lotto numbers for the Florida lotto games. This program is 100% free for your enjoyment and who knows it may just make you a millionaire. Just remember me when you hit it big. Use it to pick numbers for Lotto, Fantasy5 and Play 4. Enjoy!

File size: 0.8955MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Space CardsJune 06, 2000
If you've ever played Golf Solitaire -- one of the easiest card games there is -- you'llhave no problem learning Space Cards, which blends the Golf and Pyramid flavors of Solitaire. Your mission is to eliminate all the cards on the table, which are grouped in three pyramids. You click on any of the exposed cards to get rid of them, as long as they're one rank higher or lower than the card on the table. (Suite doesn't matter. ) If you can't find a match, you'll have to pick from the pile. You play against the clock, ...

File size: 3.29MbLicense: CommercialDetails
KoohgJune 05, 2000
play a game that generates new board games

File size: 0.9131MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Wild Ball KenoJune 04, 2000
Just like the casino version with a twist

File size: 0.3164MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Montys MazesJune 03, 2000
This multilevel animated maze game is complete with snakes and cannons.

File size: 0.6836MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Wild Wizard SlotsJune 03, 2000
Great 3 wheel, 5 payline slot machine game

File size: 0.4932MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Space Empires III
Space Empires IIIJune 02, 2000
Rule multiple worlds in this space strategy game.

File size: 2.7MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Winter for iPhoneJune 02, 2000
Get simulation of falling snow on your iPhone.

File size: 2.3MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Microsoft Baseball 2001
Microsoft Baseball 2001June 02, 2000
Microsoft Baseball 2001 is the first PC-based baseball game that combines the features of the award-winning Baseball Mogul simulation technology with Microsoft's tradition for eye-popping graphics and gameplay. Players can manage from the front office to the field as the game allows them to trade, sign and manage players while also supervising finances for their teams over multiple seasons.

File size: 30.31MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Heroes of Might &Magic IIIJune 01, 2000
turn-based, strategy war game set in the fantasy world of the Might and Magic RPGs

File size: 93.7MbLicense: CommercialDetails

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