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FeResPost for Linux v4.1.3
Renaud Sizaire / FeResPost for LinuxAdded:
License: Freeware
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A library that allows the rapid development of small programs for the post-processing of Nastran or Samcef finite element results. The library is distributed as a COM component as well as a ruby extension. FeResPost was designed to be a ruby extension that allows rapid development of small programs and can be used to automate the post-processing of structural analysis finite element results. Since september 2008, FeResPost is also distributed as a COM component on WindowsXP. It provides an access to 5 classes and 2 modules allowing the manipulation of FE entities and results. The 5 classes are: TE The DataBase class that is used to store a FE model and other entities (Groups, Results,...). This class is a generic class that can not be instanciated. To classes inherit the DataBase class: TE The NastranDb class that is used for the manipulation of Nastran models and Results. TE The SamcefDb class that is used for the manipulation of Samcef models and Results. TE The Result class that allows the manipulation of Results, thier transformation,... TE The ResKeyList class, very useful to manipulate Result entities. TE The Group class that allows the definition of Groups, thier manipulation, the extraction of Results on small parts of the structure. TE The CoordSys class for the manipulation of coordinate systems (still to be done) The Post module gives access to several additional functions. Four classes used to perform Classical Laminate Analysis calculations are also provided: TE The ClaDb class that stores composite entities, TE The ClaMat class used to mainpulate materials, TE The ClaLam class to store laminates and perform CLA calculations. TE The ClaLoad class used to manipulate loadings applied to Laminates. TE The CLA classes are interfaced with the rest of FeResPost and allow to post-process very efficiently composite finite element Results. Furthermore, FeResPost also allows the simultaneous manipulation of multiple models by defining several SamcefDb and NastranDb objects, and idifferent Samcef and Nastran models can be manipulated at the same time. The main purpose of the program is to download and manipulate Result entities in order to produce margins of safety. Possible operations that can be performed on Result objects are, for example: TE Modification of the reference coordinate system, TE Calculation of total force and moment corresponding to a distribution of loads, TE Derivation of criteria like Von Mises for a stress tensor, the norm of a vector,... TE Operations combining several results (sum, difference, product, merging of results...), TE Derivation of new Results (for example, laminated Results)Release notes: New ReleaseTE Addition of several error messages, and more tests for error detection.TE Correction of a few minor bugs.TE Addition of methods ``getElementNodes'' and ``getElementCornerNodes'' to the generic ``DataBase'' class.TE The new ruby extensions and COM component are now statically linked to the FeResPost object. The...
FeResPost for Linux

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