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Feeder v2.5.3
application, download, extensions, features, previews, podcasting, services, creating, specifications, enclosure, featured, publishing, interface, templatesReinvented Software / FeederAdded:
File size: 5.8Mb
License: Shareware
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Feeder is a fully featured application for creating, editing and publishing RSS and iTunes podcast feeds. Here are just some of its many features:
 • Create, download and import RSS 2.0 and iTunes podcast feeds
 • Full support for the iTunes RSS podcasting extensions
 • Drag and drop enclosure files to create new items
 • Automatically tag audio and video files with artwork, artist, etc in all popular podcast formats including MP3s, M4As, M4Vs (iPod video) and QuickTime movies
 • Quick and easy feed editing with auto-complete, templates, HTML tags and previews
 • Customizable interface easily adapts to the task at hand
 • Validates feeds to the RSS and iTunes specifications
 • Upload artwork and enclosure files when publishing
 • Publish with FTP, SFTP, .Mac or to folders on disk
 • Ping online services after publishing to notify them of changes
OSOperating Systems:
 • Mac OS X 10. 5 Intel
 • Mac OS X 10. 5 PPC
application, download, extensions, features, previews, podcasting, services, creating, specifications, enclosure, featured, publishing, interface, templates

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