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Bible-DiscoveryApril 20, 2016
Bible-Discovery software was designed for those who are not satisfied with the skimming of the Bible and they need more. Who would like to understand the Bible verses and their original messages. Several tools and methods are showed them here for studying the Book simpler, easier though more effectively. The Bible-Discovery program is freeware. And you can purchase an enlarged version that is suitable for studying the Bible. The genuine treasures in the Bible are unavailable on the...

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Supertime 2000 Class Timetable SoftwareApril 20, 2016
Supertime 2000 is a software product to schedule class timetables in schools and colleges. Visual, easy to use interface and ability to resolve allocation clashes automatically makes this product unique. What is more, it also makes day to day proxy (substitution) management for absentee teachers.

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Applied VisionApril 20, 2016
Applied Vision 4 Software is the latest in a line of innovative software applications designed to work seamlessly with Ken-A-Vision digital USB products, enabling students to capture and manipulate videos and images from their experiments, and providing educators with tools and features for demonstrating live video, captured images, and recorded movies for the classroom. Applied Vision's image server host capabilities can stream live images to tablets, smartphones, and laptops using the EduCam client application....

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TIPP10April 20, 2016
ACA Capture Pro is an award-winning screen capture software. It captures screen from desktop programs and even those hard-to-grab DirectX, Direct3D mode games, and it have many enhanced features: capture all flash files from web page, create videos of your computer screen, capture any icons whatever from a file, a directory, or whole hard disk on your computer.

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MarkinApril 20, 2016
LingoWare transalates Applications, WEB-Sites, Email, Documents, and almost any message or window from any application. This program allows users to enjoy the interface of any application in their native language. This version is designed specifically for the Dutch language. Version 5. 15 includes unspecified updates.

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WiznotesApril 20, 2016
If you are in college or high school and you want to type your course notes or summary notes on a computer, Wiznotes is the ideal note taking software that will help you to pass your exams. Wiznotes goes far beyond storing your typed course notes in a digital format. Wiznotes has many innovative features that actually help you to learn and remember whatever you are studying. Wiznotes has a variety of fast review features that will help you reap the benefits of having your course notes inside Wiznotes.

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VCE Testing SystemApril 20, 2016
Advanced Email Verifier verifies every e-mail address from a given mailing list and allows you to determine up to 90 % of dead e-mail addresses. AEV supports import from Windows Address Book (. WAB), as well as through ODBC SQL, to allow you to get e-mail addresses from external sources. AEV is designed for system administrators, webmasters, programmers as well as for those users who have their own mailing lists and need to keep them up-to-date.

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1-2-3 Word Search MakerApril 20, 2016
1-2-3 Word Search Maker is as easy to use as 1-2-3. Used by thousands worldwide. It checks spelling and formats the puzzle on a page or worksheet. It makes four kinds of word search puzzles to give you more thought-provoking puzzles. It also gives you four ways to simplify the puzzles for small children. You can discourage cheating by printing a different variation of the same puzzle for each student. If you are a teacher you get a discount, plus we let you install it on both your computer at school and at home....

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CrossTec SchoolVue
CrossTec SchoolVueApril 12, 2016
CrossTec SchoolVue classroom management software gives instructors control of classroom technology at all times. This feature rich software provides teachers with the ability to instruct, monitor and interact with students individually, as a pre-defined group or as an overall classroom, along with other tools to manage the classroom more effectively. SchoolVue classroom management philosophy enables instructors to understand exactly what every student is working on, keep students' attention, and increase student...

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Учебная программа ПДД
Учебная программа ПДДMarch 30, 2016
Tickets for the SDA Belarus and Russia for self-study

File size: 17.04MbLicense: FreewareDetails
ProfExam Suite
ProfExam SuiteMarch 24, 2016
Easy solution for creating and holding examinations

File size: 5.71MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Best ReaderMarch 16, 2016
Music Machine 15 has two options for performance. The first option (satiean) is to play Satie's piece Vexations as it was written, repeating the chord pattern 840 times. The second option (cagean) is based on Satie's Vexations but is also based on Cage's Cheap Imitation. This option will use the same rhythm as Satie's original and will also use the same chords (but not necessarily in the same order). If the cagean option is chosen the machine will run indefinitely until stopped by the user. Please note the music...

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School Calendar for Workgroup
School Calendar for WorkgroupMarch 14, 2016
A school calendar for assignment organization, project due dates and scheduling

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Fretuoso - Bass Edition
Fretuoso - Bass EditionMarch 10, 2016
An educational game to help musicians learn the notes on the fretboard.

File size: 54.0MbLicense: CommercialDetails
AlgodooMarch 07, 2016
Algodoo for Education is an easy to use application that can help you learn physics. Browse, load and create lessons from within Algodoo or examine your scenes with graphs and visualization of forces, velocities and momentum. This fully interactive software allows children and students to benefit from the most effective method of learning - that of "learning by doing". Algodoo for Education is therefore perfectly designed for science classes or exploring physics at home with quick and easy...

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ExamWays IBMSPSSMBPDA Practice Testing Engine
ExamWays IBMSPSSMBPDA Practice Testing EngineMarch 07, 2016
Download free IBMSPSSMBPDA practice testing engine. Try free IBMSPSSMBPDA demo.

File size: 5.25MbLicense: SharewareDetails
E22-201 Practice Testing Engine
E22-201 Practice Testing EngineMarch 07, 2016
Download free E22-201 practice testing engine. Try free E22-201 demo.

File size: 1.43MbLicense: SharewareDetails
insidetests 1D0-435 Practice Testing Engine
insidetests 1D0-435 Practice Testing EngineMarch 07, 2016
Download free 1D0-435 practice testing engine. Try free 1D0-435 demo.

File size: 0.68MbLicense: SharewareDetails
CertWays 00M-639 Practice Testing Engine
CertWays 00M-639 Practice Testing EngineMarch 07, 2016
Download free 00M-639 practice testing engine. Try free 00M-639 demo.

File size: 0.73MbLicense: SharewareDetails
E20-880 Practice Testing Engine
E20-880 Practice Testing EngineMarch 07, 2016
Download free E20-880 practice testing engine. Try free E20-880 demo.

File size: 1MbLicense: SharewareDetails

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