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EasyNN-plusJanuary 01, 2015
Create, train, validate, query neural networks, import plain text or images.

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ESBUnitConv Pro
ESBUnitConv ProDecember 31, 2014
ESBUnitConv Pro is an Enhanced user-friendly Windows Utility to easily convert between 758 units in 36 different measurement categories. Includes Units for Temperature, Distance, Mass, Area, Volume, Pressure, Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Energy, Power, Fuel Consumption, Flow, Torque, Angles, Time, Illumination, Luminous Intensity, Luminance, Luminous Flux, Density, Angular Velocity, Angular Acceleration, Computer Storage, Data Rates, Dynamic Viscosity, Kinematic Viscosity, Electric Charge, Electric Current, ...

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MonaLisaDecember 31, 2014
WebStorm is a HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editor is at your fingertips. Navigate through files easily. Use relevant autocompletion for everything in your code. Get notified about code problems on the fly. Based on its deep knowledge of HTML/XHTML and XML code, WebStorm is capable of completing styles, file references, and tag names. WebStorm detects and suggests auto-fixes for such problems as invalid CSS selector format, invalid CSS properties, and unused CSS class definitions. Version 6. 0. 2 has fixed issue...

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MCTH - McCabe Thiele Platos teoricos
MCTH - McCabe Thiele Platos teoricosDecember 23, 2014
MCTH Calculo del Numero de Platos Teoricos por McCabe-Thiele torres destilacion

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MCTH - McCabe Thiele Plates Calculator
MCTH - McCabe Thiele Plates CalculatorDecember 23, 2014
MCTH Number of Theoretical Plates by McCabe-Thiele method for distillation tower

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PTTD - Numero platos columna destilacion
PTTD - Numero platos columna destilacionDecember 23, 2014
PTTD - Numero de platos de columna destilacion por el metodo de McCabe Thiele

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DTDF - Design of distillation columns
DTDF - Design of distillation columnsDecember 23, 2014
DTTF Number of Theoretical Plates by McCabe-Thiele method for distillation tower

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PTTD - Design of distillation columns
PTTD - Design of distillation columnsDecember 23, 2014
PTTD Number of Theoretical Plates by McCabe-Thiele method for distillation tower

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DTDF - Columna destilacion McCabe Thiele
DTDF - Columna destilacion McCabe ThieleDecember 23, 2014
DTDF - Diseño de columnas de destilacion por el metodo de McCabe Thiele

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CQZ2 Worksheet Generator for Chemistry
CQZ2 Worksheet Generator for ChemistryDecember 20, 2014
CQZ2 MagicWorksheet Generator for Chemistry for Windows

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TTE Browser
TTE BrowserDecember 13, 2014
Medical software for Transthoracic echocardiography (adult)

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DiaTrackDecember 10, 2014
Benchmark object tracking software for 2D and 3D applications, such as biological imaging, rheology, or single molecule imaging. Reliably follow and characterize hundreds of objects simultaneously with a precision that reaches 0. 01 pixels (depending on data). DiaTrack provides a compelling set of tools to extract quantitative information from image sequences.

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CodonCode Aligner
CodonCode AlignerDecember 09, 2014
JBatch It is an automated batch JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP imaging editor which allows you to resize, rename, add captions, and add droo shadow effects. It is a must-have tool for webmasters and digital photographers alike. Version 6. 06 fixes a critical bug which causes processed images not to be saved when a full Save In path is provided.

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NetFlowsDecember 08, 2014
NetFlows uses method of attack, developed by Prof. Hardy Cross, to obtain flow rates in pipe networks. User selects a NetFlow, setups the inlet, outlets and pipes' specs values and solves the case to get the flow rate of pipes in network. The length, diameter and C1 values of pipes are variable. Also the Qin and Qout of NetFlows can be assigned to any values. As an assumption, inlet flow (Qin) should be equal to sum of outlet flows (Qout) in the net. In each loop, rotation direction of pipe numbers, ...

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Pre-Pumping.netDecember 01, 2014
This software utility results Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) plot as a function of flow rate for given pumps and piping system. The graph can be used to estimate the maximum flow rate of pump without appearing the cavitation bubbles. Cavitation causes noise, vibration, reduced efficiency, and damage to the impeller blades of machine. The local pressure inside the pump must stay above the vapor pressure to avoid cavitation. NPSH is defined as the difference between the pump's inlet static pressure head and...

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Test Generator
Test GeneratorDecember 01, 2014
Test Generator This software leverages technology to generate test papers and is very easy to use. The questions repository is available for CBSE X, XII and State level X, XII, SEEE, AIEEE, PMT, and AIPMT. You can generate unit tests, terminal tests, and final tests. You can add your own questions to the question bank. The software allows generating a question paper based on various parameters like types of questions (Long Description, Short Description, Objective type etc. ). The question paper will be generated...

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LogicCircuitNovember 30, 2014
LogicCircuit is free, open source educational software for designing and simulating digital logic circuits. Intuitive graphical user interface, allows you to create unrestricted circuit hierarchy with multi bit buses, debug circuits behavior with oscilloscope, and navigate running circuits hierarchy. In Version 2. 12. 9. 20, tool bars on text note dialog are more flexible.

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OpenRocketNovember 02, 2014
OpenRocket is full-fledged, cross-platform model rocket design and simulation software. Features include six-degree-of-freedom flight simulation, automatic design optimization, real-time simulated altitude, velocity, and acceleration display, staging and clustering support, and cross-platform (Java-based). It includes real-time view of CG and CP position. Information from a continuous simulation performed in the background and zoomable schematic view of rocket from the side or rear, with rotation around the center...

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ChemToolBoxOctober 29, 2014
PowerOut is a simple, easily used network interface for your Power Management Options, letting you control with ease and from the comfort of your desk the power settings on your networked PCs. PowerOut lets you set Power profiles to deploy to individual or groups of PCs so you can decide what power settings you want. You can choose to put a PC on standby or hibernate within a certain time span or at a given time of day. Alternatively you can opt to switch the PC off completely. PowerOut can bypass device drivers...

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STL TrackerOctober 23, 2014
Tracker provides the next generation of real-time satellite tracking software for Windows, allowing the user to quickly and easily track any number of satellites in a variety of graphical and textual formats. Whether you need a robust and powerful tracking program for your satellite mission, or are just interested in what is in orbit around us, Tracker is the program for you. Among other features Tracker provides: * powerful and intuitive interface * flexible and extensive...

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