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Matlab CAPE-OPEN Unit OperationAugust 09, 2016
Unit operation for which calculations are performed by Matlab

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SpectriderJuly 09, 2016
Spectrider is the first 3D high resolution real-time spectrometer for educational and scientific purposes where analysis of analog signals is required. Spectrider supports three dimensional or colored spectrum visualization, FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) from 64 to 4096 points, dynamic signal range from 10 dB till 90 dB, sampling rates from 11025 Hz to 44100 Hz, different weighting functions, pause mode, colored or monochrome spectrum view.

LogPlotMSJuly 07, 2016
LogPlotMS is a Windows program for plotting drill hole/sample maps and drill logs. A wide variety of options allow the drill logs to be customized to your requirements. Designed for presenting and interpreting geological field data. LogPlotMS consists of 3 integrated modules built into one application.

Pic2MagJuly 04, 2016
Version 8. 50 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

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MandelXMay 22, 2016
Mandelx is a very fast fractal generator that uses highly optimized assembly routines for calculations (multithreaded). Integrated palette editor, palette animation, Record to AVI, and direct rendering to virtually unlimited picture sizes supported.

MODOMay 20, 2016
MODTRAN 4 radiative transfer for remote sensing research.

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R for Mac OS XMay 12, 2016
View the GNU S statistical computing and graphics.

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AstroGrav for Mac
AstroGrav for MacApril 25, 2016
A high precision solar system simulator/calculator with interactive 3D viewing.

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CHEMIX SchoolApril 25, 2016
CHEMIX School - Chemistry Software for Students and Chemists

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LS Optimizer Software
LS Optimizer SoftwareApril 22, 2016
LS Optimizer software is used to determine parameters of differential equations

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GetRealtimeApril 20, 2016
GetRealtime for the retrieval, computation, viewing, and managing real-time streamflow, weather, and water quality data along with web screens providing radar loops, commodity prices, Web cams, and such all wrapped into one auto updating enchilada. GetGraphs displays multiple pages of graphs and web screens with automated updating and paging (some may just want to setup automated views of multiple web screens with their morning coffee without the need for the hydrologic data). GetRealtime automates downloading...

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Pub2BibApril 20, 2016
TDP x-Ray Lite is a visual tool for effective disk space management. It is designed to work even with large storage capacity with millions of files. Supports any storage device accessible from Windows workstation - hard drive, network volumes (Novell, NT), disk arrays, virtual disks, CDs/DVDs, Flashdisks, ZIP, Jazz, Memory cards, and floppy disks. Version 2. 1 is now freeware. Version 2. 1 is now freeware.

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Optical LensesApril 20, 2016
SDL Component Suite for Delphi 2005 features 100000 lines of native Pascal source code, ideal for education and small software projects, unique combination of scientific algorithms with technical graphing capabilities, about 80 application examples can be used as a starting point for your own programs, and comprehensive help file with 4000 pages and 250 figures.

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RFID Basic TrainingApril 20, 2016
This computer based training covers RFID (automatic identification technology) basics. Includes a self -tests all free, no registration require. Great for employee training distribute freely to all of your employees and give copies to your friends.

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Periodic Table of The ElementsApril 20, 2016
Free interactive periodic table program for MS-DOS. You can add new elements to the Mendeleev Table. Just edit file mendel. txt in Notepad Editor. For movement trough the table use cursor control keys.

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SimThyrApril 20, 2016
SimThyr is a continuous simulator for pituitary-thyroid homeostasis. Pre-compiled Software is available for Mac OS X, Mac OS Classic and Windows. SimThyr was developed with Lazarus / Free Pascal (Mac OS X and Windows) or THINK Pascal (Mac OS Classic), respectively. Source code is provided for all supported platforms and may also be used in order to compile SimThyr for additional platforms. Version 3. 2. 4 is a bug fixing release.

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Molecular Workbench
Molecular WorkbenchApril 20, 2016
Molecular Workbench (MW) is a piece of free, open source modeling software specifically designed for use in education. Powered by a set of real time particle simulation engines that compute and visualize the motion of particles interacting through force fields, in both 2D and 3D, it is a simulation platform for learning science. Many abstract concepts in physics, chemistry, and biology can be dynamically visualized, and virtual experiments can be designed limited only by your imagination. MW provides an...

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FlowExchangeApril 19, 2016
Exchange material stream informaion between CAPE-OPEN compliant Flowsheets

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EQTablaApril 12, 2016
EQTabla is a program related to the periodic table of the chemical elements. It provides basic and advanced information (a total of 19 different fields) quickly and easily. However, it is not a mere periodic table with a thermometer, but also it can filter and sort elements, draw graphs, and print or copy to the clipboard. It provides various Internet resources, as well as support for other languages. Up-to-date with the most recent elements, it becomes extremely useful for students and teachers alike.

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Simple SolverApril 05, 2016
Minimize Boolean equations, automatic design, and simulation of digital logic circuits.

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