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FabliauxAugust 10, 2001
Fabliau is a short metrical tale made popular in medieval France by the jongleurs, or professional storytellers. Fabliaux were characterized by vivid detail and realistic observation and were usually comic, coarse, and often cynical, especially in their treatment of women. Explore the medieval French society with this e-book. A virtual parchment, includes 13 illustrated fabliaux with medieval music to set the atmosphere. You will also find a glossary to look up the meaning of Old French words or, whenever there is...

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Boy Who Knew
Boy Who KnewAugust 10, 2001
Read about a child who possesses extra-sensory perception.

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Sea Wolff Dive Log for Windows
Sea Wolff Dive Log for WindowsAugust 09, 2001
Keep your diving experiences safe and organized.

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Kids' ArithmeticAugust 07, 2001
Kids' exercise in mental arithmetic and speed (addition and subtraction of whole numbers). A simple and quick to start application intended to help out to establish a routine for short exercises in mental arithmetic. Exercise sheets (with variations of the basic arithmetic procedures) are generated by the user with possibility to adapt to skill level. The individual exercises are also graded depending on difficulty. Answers are checked automatically giving the child a possibility to try again or come back later....

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Test Maestro II
Test Maestro IIAugust 02, 2001
An advanced Windows based Test Bank and Test Generator for teachers.

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BrainSystems WordlearnJuly 31, 2001
Wordlearn will help you learn a foreign language. You can create true-or-false or fill-in-the-blank flash card tests. With the Verb editor, you can add verbs and their conjugated forms to the word list. You can change words in a list, and delete words or add new ones. It has a variety of test options that let you choose the sequence in which the words are asked (main word, translation, alternating, or random), choose how many times a word has to be correct before it won't be asked again, associate WAV sound files...

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Personal Best Speller for AdultsJuly 31, 2001
Eliminate bad habits and become a confident speller with this user-friendly, self-paced software designed by teachers.

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SolarPanelJuly 23, 2001
collection of utility classes for PowerPlant

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LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Italian for Windows
LingvoSoft FlashCards English <-> Italian for WindowsJuly 20, 2001
LingvoSoft FlashCards is a collection of four language-learning games.

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2002 Lucky CalculatorJuly 11, 2001
Calculate complex expressions with this powerful calculator.

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CDML Master Class
CDML Master ClassJuly 05, 2001
The book that started it all. In a series of fun illustrated lessons, you'll learn how to effectively deploy FileMaker's Web Companion to create robust, powerful web sites. And you can do it all yourself, in a surprisingly short time. Contents: Introduction Web Applications Hardware and Software Network Configuration What Computers Go Where? Preparing Your Database Instant Web Publishing Customizing Instant Web Publishing Protecting Fields Adding Security Custom Web Publishing FileMaker Connection Assistant...

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UnitsJuly 01, 2001
Units converts sizes, areas, masses and temperatures into different units. More than 90 units implemented.

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Router SimulatorJune 24, 2001
Learn network programming working with a router simulator.

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Vocabulary ProgramJune 24, 2001
This program is desigen so you can train yourself on words. You first type in the words in the languages you want to train and then you can train them. The program support IMPORT and EXPORT functions so you can send files over the internet net to your friends. The program already contains 90 000 words, which you can train on in four different languages. Swedish, Enhlish, German and Danish. The program also includes support for addons, which you can download. One of the addons are, ALREADT INCLUDED, a diciotnary...

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MacRonchiJune 19, 2001
Open source Cocoa app for amateur telescope makers

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Scholar's Aid LiteJune 18, 2001
Free yourself from the grunt work involved in writing a paper.

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BenjaminiJune 16, 2001
For children who can handle the mouse but can't read.

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Thesaurus MagicJune 13, 2001
1911 Roget's Thesaurus in a configurable, fast, intuitive, and powerful centralized application to assist your writing and editing efforts. Use one central thesaurus with on-the-fly replacement of Nouns, Verbs, Adverbs or Adjectives from 30, 000 words and 10, 000 context words . Fully documented, resides in the System Tray, a simple Hotkey looks up and replaces any word from any application, email program, text/HTML editor, database.

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Old MacDonald for iPhoneJune 13, 2001
Delight kids while encouraging cognitive, language, and motor development on iPhone.

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Personal Best Spelling for ChildrenJune 11, 2001
This program presents a new approach for children who are learning spelling and trying to correct persistent errors. It contains three programs in one. You can learn new words and specialized vocabularies. In addition, you can learn how to spell words you often misspell or have to look up first. It is suitable for students in kindergarten through grade 12 and for distance education, learning support tutors, and language learning. The program supports user-generated word lists as well as downloadable word lists...

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