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CSHTMLDiff ControlSeptember 16, 2016
The CSHTMLDiff Control compares and displays differences in local and online text, XML, and HTML documents. The comparison analysis can be viewed visually in the controls pane or exported to HTML for viewing in any Java-enabled Web browser. This control is easily integrated in both server-sided application as well as client based utilities and all features are accessed through a simple programmable API. Output and appearance can be controlled during both design- and runtime. The CSHTMLDiff Control Developer's Kit...

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DB2 Data WizardSeptember 16, 2016
DB2 Data Wizard is a Windows GUI utility for managing DB2 data. It provides you with a number of easy-to-use wizards for performing data manipulation easily and quickly. DB2 Data Wizard allows you to generate ASP. NET and PHP scripts for the selected tables and queries, convert any ADO-compatible database to the DB2 database, export data from tables and queries to most popular formats, and import data into the tables.

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FastReport.MonoSeptember 16, 2016
FastReport Mono is a multiplatform reporting solution. It can be used with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, any operating system that supports the Xamarin Mono. With FastReport. Mono, you can create application-independent. net and Mono reports. In other words, FastReport. Mono can be used as a standalone reporting tool. You can connect to any database, use any table from it or create a query, add dialogue form(s) to your report to ask some parameters before running a report, manage interaction between dialogue form's...

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FlexHEXSeptember 16, 2016
FlexHEX is an advanced hex editor for inspecting and editing binary files, logical disks, and physical drives. With FlexHEX you can inspect, modify, insert, search, or replace binary, ASCII, or UNICODE data. The numerous features make hex editing easy and straightforward: undo list browser, quick data viewer, file maps, modification tracker, typed data fields, string and GUID search, checksum computations, and file comparator. Version 2. 6 includes unspecified updates.

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Osage Inside Access 2003September 16, 2016
Nico's Viewer allows to view graphical images in a variety of formats and browse through the pages of a multi-page TIFF file. We can also copy the image to the clipboard, for use in other programs or carry out basic manipulations such as flip, mirror or rotate. graphical images in a variety of formats and browse through the pages of a multi-page TIFF file with Nico's Viewer. You can also copy the image to the clipboard, for use in other programs or carry out basic manipulations such as flip, mirror or rotate.

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Zeus for Windows
Zeus for WindowsSeptember 16, 2016
If you are looking for a powerful IDE for the Windows environment then your search is over. Features include Brief, WordStar, Epsilon keyboard emulation, intellisensing, code folding, auto-completion, class browsing, MDI interface, project workspace file management, integrated support for CVS, integrated class browser, code completion, seamless ftp text editing, configurable syntax highlighting, integrated builder and compiler support, inline error correction, unlimited undo/redo, fully scriptable using Python, ...

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EazySQLSeptember 16, 2016
Generates ready to use select, insert, update, and delete SQL Sstatements and SQL stored procedures from table structures of MS SQL Server 2000. Supports optimistic concurrency control for update, foreign-keys. Connects local as well as remote server.

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dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQLSeptember 16, 2016
Peanut Butter PC is used by parents, grandparents, schools, and daycare centers. Peanut Butter PC lowers the barriers to learning by creating a straight-forward, kid-friendly interface for your PC. Kids 3+ enjoy the benefits of a PC while your files are kept safe. Blocks: DVD/CD-ROM autoplay; Ctrl-Alt-Del; Alt-Tab (Program Switcher); Alt-F4 (Closes Programs); Ctrl-Esc (Opens Start Menu); The Windows key; The Context Menu key; The Windows Task Manager; Keyboard multimedia buttons; Pop-ups on specified Web sites.

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Red Koda CommunitySeptember 16, 2016
Red Koda is an easy to use UML tool. It supports 13 UML2 diagrams. With short-cut keys and auto resize, you can finish your diagrams faster and faster. Other features like snaps to guidelines. Copy to clipboard, export graphics format BMP, JPEG, GIF and print with actual size, fit to page and fit to page keep aspect ratio. Support diagrams includes: class diagrams, component diagrams, composition structure diagrams, deployment diagrams, object diagrams, package diagrams, activity diagrams, use case diagrams, state...

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novaPDF SDKSeptember 15, 2016
novaPDF SDK is a PDF software development kit that software developers can use to add the ability to create PDF files in their own applications. novaPDF SDK includes a COM interface for customizing novaPDF options. Any option that can be configured in the novaPDF Printing Preferences dialog, can be also configured with the COM interface, including profiles management. A silent installer for novaPDF that can be distributed with your software. You can include this silent installer in your installation program and...

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PilotEdit LiteSeptember 15, 2016
New release brings a lot of enhancements (almost 200) including many new big features. The highlights of this version are new ribbon interface (but you can still use classic menu, if you want), macros, container layouts, advanced renaming, enhanced tagged value, improved formatted text, better use case editor, easy accessible documentation, connector preview and navigation sidebar.

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ORM DesignerSeptember 15, 2016
ORM Designer is a visual database designing tool with full support of ORM frameworks. ORM Designer was created to replace kilobytes of text definitions with easy-to-use graphical interface. ORM Designer supports import and export from any ORM framework defined in a markup language document (XML, YAML) and also framework specific options like object behaviors, inheritance, I18N (internationalization) or versioning. ORM Designer has all its internal definitions stored in human readable XML format. Which means you...

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PilotEditSeptember 15, 2016
Version 9. 2 provides the ability to disable file update detection.

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dotConnect for MySQLSeptember 15, 2016
dotConnect for MySQL is an enhanced data provider built over ADO. NET architecture and a development framework with a number of innovative technologies. With state of the art ORM solutions such as Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL, it introduces new approaches for designing applications and boosts productivity of database application development. Key Features:  • Flexible Connectivity dotConnect for MySQL can operate in Direct mode without MySQL client library and in Client mode with usage...

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myDBRSeptember 15, 2016
myDBR web reporting supports full range of features for creating and maintaining a complete web-based reporting environment. Even most complex reports can be authored with ease. myDBR automates most of the work needed on traditional reporting systems (layout creation, styles, parameter processing) allowing report authors fully concentrate on to the business logic. myDBR builds upon report networks, where you can easily link reports together, producing full report browsing result for the end user. Report network...

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Tool InstallerSeptember 15, 2016
Permissions Manager is a Windows shell extension for extended control over files and folders permissions. It adds "Security"/"Easy Security" tab to the "Properties" page of any object shell interacts with. This tool allows creating predefined sets of access control entries (presets) and applying these presets to file system objects. Also, Permissions Manager can work on Windows XP Home systems where file/folder security dialog is missing. With Permissions Manager...

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TrackMySoftwareSeptember 15, 2016
Licensing system for shareware and apps. A simple, flexible solution for developers to create trial versions of applications and handle all registration and licensing needs.  • Run on your own server, and control your own data • Use with any programming language and OS • Strong public-key encryption • Easy to use • Trial version and register • Unique cross-device licensing system • Site...

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Ultimate ZIP ComponentAugust 29, 2016
The ZIP component offers a comprehensive set of classes for compressing and decompressing archive files, providing the developer with everything that he needs to incorporate zip and unzip functionality in an application as listed below:  • WinZip, PKZIP, and UNIX gZip compatible  • Classic Pkzip encryption or AES encryption  • 128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit AES encryption standard  • Supports for the Zip64 zip file format

Ultimate SFTP ComponentAugust 22, 2016
Ultimate SFTP is a 100%-managed. NET class library that adds powerful SSH Secure File Transfer (SFTP) capabilities to your. NET applications. It is fast, reliable, and feature-rich. It helps you upload, download, create, delete, and check files and directories with a few lines of code. If you need SFTP component for. NET Compact Framework, visit SFTP Component for. NET Compact Framework. Why choose Ultimate SFTP  • Helps you quickly and easily incorporate Secure File Copy...

DB AppMakerAugust 06, 2016
Generate mobile app from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Access and SQL Server

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