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D-Link AirPlus G+ DWL-G520+ Wireless PCI AdapterD-Link AirPlus G+ DWL-G520+ Wireless PCI Adapter
Net driver
Free Desktop Fish ScreensaverFree Desktop Fish Screensaver
Free Desktop Fish Screensaver
Sunlight Map Desktop ClockSunlight Map Desktop Clock
Sunlight Map Clock
Mr SoundmanMr Soundman
Ear training for sound engineers
Accton EN1208 PCI Ethernet AdapterAccton EN1208 PCI Ethernet Adapter
Net driver
TCP OptimizerTCP Optimizer
Speed up and tune your Internet connection
3D Natural Beauty3D Natural Beauty
3D Natural Beauty - animated screensaver.
Logitech Gaming SoftwareLogitech Gaming Software
Customize your Logitech game controller behavior for a particular game.
Christmas SnowChristmas Snow
Christmas scenes with falling snow and music.
SEARCHnBID Pro for AustraliaSEARCHnBID Pro for Australia
Search and bid on items in eBay.
Banner Rotator XML V6Banner Rotator XML V6
This is xml driven banner rotator.
Aurora 3D Text & Logo MakerAurora 3D Text & Logo Maker
Easy 3D Text and Logo Maker, 3D Design.
ilivid Download Managerilivid Download Manager
Watch online video from RapidShare, MegaUpload &Hotfile.
OBD-2 Diagnostic Software für ELM327
Artisans Landscape Design Symbols ColorArtisans Landscape Design Symbols Color
Set of 229 color landscape design symbols.
Classic SolitaireClassic Solitaire
Most popular solitiare game
RTSP/RTMP/HTTP DirectShow Source FilterRTSP/RTMP/HTTP DirectShow Source Filter
RTSP/RTMP DirectShow Source Filter SDK
Panasonic KX-TDA USB Main Unit driverPanasonic KX-TDA USB Main Unit driver
USB driver
10-Strike Network Monitor10-Strike Network Monitor
Monitor network devices, servers, switches... affiliate site affiliate site script
Build Shopzilla Publisher make money site.
Double Pipe Heat Exchanger DesignDouble Pipe Heat Exchanger Design
Step by step thermal design calculations
e2eSoft VCame2eSoft VCam
Fantastic virtual camera with cool effects! Spanish-English Spanish-English dictionary
app provides access to the dictionaries on WordReference. com
A remake of blockman / blockdude
Skrillex ScreensaverSkrillex Screensaver
LightLogger KeyLoggerLightLogger KeyLogger
Computer monitoring for Windows made easy.
Web Content ExtractorWeb Content Extractor
The best software tool for web scraping
Play an educational board game where players have to do mathematical...
US Yellow Page Search - DexKnows.comUS Yellow Page Search -
Search &find local businesses in the Dex Yellow Pages Directory Listings Phone...
Wireless LAN PCI 802.11 b/g adapter WN5301AWireless LAN PCI 802.11 b/g adapter WN5301A
Net driver
Adaptec AHA-151X/AHA-152X or AIC-6260/AIC-6360 SCSI Host Adapter (non-pnp)Adaptec AHA-151X/AHA-152X or AIC-6260/AIC-6360 SCSI Host Adapter (non-pnp)
SCSIAdapter driver
Intel Play QX3 MicroscopeIntel Play QX3 Microscope
Image driver
Animated Happy Thanksgiving ScreensaverAnimated Happy Thanksgiving Screensaver
Animated Happy Thanksgiving Screensaver
MK802 is a system based on Android 4. 0
Office 2007 Ribbon to Classic Toolbar and Menu of Microsoft Office 2003Office 2007 Ribbon to Classic Toolbar and Menu of Microsoft Office 2003
Show Classic Toolbars Again in MS Office 2007
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Snippet Manager
Snippet ManagerSeptember 27, 2014
pdfcrypt is a very flexible and powerful program. pdfcrypt allows you to encrypt a PDF (40 bits and 128 bits), set permissions, add user and owner password. For example you can encrypt a pdf without to allow to print it. The button to print the file will be disabled in Acrobat Reader application. For example you can encrypt a pdf allowing the user to read it only if he know the correct password It's simple to use it like a batch application to set permissions to every PDF in you archive It's simple to use it like...

 License: FreeDetails
BlueJSeptember 27, 2014
Interactive Java development environment with UML.

File size: 4.8MbLicense: BetaDetails
Easy App Generator
Easy App GeneratorSeptember 25, 2014
This software will allow you to publish unlimited apps to itunes & Google play.

File size: 0.60MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Mergemill Pro
Mergemill ProSeptember 25, 2014
When reading data from an HTML file or web page, Mergemill Pro provides you the options of extracting all link texts, all link URLs, the body HTML, or the plain body text from the document. You may then apply the fetch filter to capture just the strings of text you need. It is important to mention that Mergemill Pro's fetch filter allows you to apply regular expression matching to extract data. If this is not enough, you may use Mergemill Pro's easy-to-learn scripting tags in your templates to filter your data a...

File size: 16.16MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
CoolTermSeptember 25, 2014
NEW FEATURES:<br>- New Connection options window with multiple pages. <br>- The connection options now display port information for the selected port. <br>- It is now possible to change baudrate, byte format settings, and flow control settings while the port is open. <br>- Added the option to specify additional baud rates via a "baudrates. ini" file. E. g. any baud rates that are known to be supported by the hardware that are not listed in the popup menu in the connection settings...

File size: 2.89MbLicense: FreeDetails
SQL Tracer And AnalyzerSeptember 24, 2014
website description

File size: 26.3818359375MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
BracketsSeptember 22, 2014
AdSweep is a small addon that aims to hide advertising from the web pages you visit. In technical terms, AdSweep is a user javascript that defines CSS rules based on the web site you are visiting to hide elements of the page that show advertisements.

 License: FreeDetails
ColorsSeptember 22, 2014
Color picker that helps you easily select a desired color using various pallets. It is also able to pick a color from the currently displayed screen content and supports a number of different color models, i. e. RGB, HSV, HLS, CMYK. General update with minor cosmetic changes. Added color field for CSS format as "R, G, B".

 License: Free to tryDetails
DashSeptember 21, 2014
Dash is an API Documentation Browser and Code Snippet Manager. Dash searches offline documentation of 150+ APIs and stores snippets of code. You can also generate your own documentation sets.

File size: 14.13MbLicense: FreeDetails
CoolTermSeptember 21, 2014
Manage your hardware connected to serial ports.

File size: 1.9MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Interface ArchitectSeptember 19, 2014
The creation of interface specifications is vital for large distributed systems, for both their strategic design and future maintenance. Traditional methods for capturing these have included the use of Word documents and spreadsheets, which have proved difficult to standardise, version, and share accurate and complete information among team members. Interface Architect addresses these issues by providing an easy-to-use interface with tooling, a database back-end for shared storage and version, and also provide the...

File size: 11.15MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
ERD Concepts
ERD ConceptsSeptember 19, 2014
Database Workbench offers the consistent user interfaces including the same tools for all supported database systems as well as supporting migration tools to map one database structure to another system without the need to know specific syntax. This saves time and money and increases productivity amongst developers. With database engine specific functionality, powerful tools and a consistent, clear and intuitive user interface, Database Workbench will increase your productivity from the moment you start using it....

 License: Free to tryDetails
OpenCart - OCdesigner HTML5September 19, 2014
PrintCommerce provides online web-to-print solutions and product configurator software for Ecommerce platforms. You can also create online artwork print design.

 License: PurchaseDetails
MADCATSeptember 19, 2014
MADCAT stands for Multipurpose Application for Data Collection And Treatment. It is a fast and light framework which can be configured to manage any kind of data the way you want. This application provides the common functions any data management program should have: graphical interface to display, create, edit your data, print reports; a sophisticated multi-threaded task manager to run treatments on your data; a highly detailed logbook management to record application's messages; a report generator to print your...

 License: FreeDetails
dPulpoSeptember 19, 2014
Checks POP3 Accounts against unwanted emails. It connects to your server, sends login and password information and displays a list of all messages in your account without downloading them. Then you can choose which messages you wish to remove. Includes filters to quickly identify unwanted emails. If you receive unwanted mails, spam or huge file attachments, you can remove them in seconds. Supports multiple accounts. Fast, compact and easy to use.

 License: FreeDetails
Altova UModel
Altova UModelSeptember 17, 2014
Altova UModel is the cost-effective UML tool for successful software design.

File size: 55.1MbLicense: DemoDetails
GoozzeeSeptember 17, 2014
Transform precious memories into unforgettable slideshows! Bring your memories to life! Whether photos from your vacation, pictures of friends and family or snapshots of your favorite hobby, you can transform all your photos and video clips into incredible slideshows with text, music and spectacular effects the easy way. Anyone can make their own slideshow using MAGIX Photostory easy. A clear, easy to use interface combined with unique wizards for automatic optimization, effect design and dubbing make it...

 License: FreeDetails
Altova UModel Professional Edition
Altova UModel Professional EditionSeptember 17, 2014
Altova UModel is the cost-effective UML tool for successful software design.

File size: 55MbLicense: DemoDetails
Altova UModel Enterprise Edition
Altova UModel Enterprise EditionSeptember 17, 2014
Create and interpret software designs, design application models, and generate code.

File size: 30.4MbLicense: SharewareDetails
LiyaSeptember 12, 2014
Liya is still very much a work in progress. Right now, it's a reasonably good tool for designing database systems that we've set up quickly using our SQL database installers. Also, using the same libraries that we've used to build Liya, but re-compiled to run on Arm processors, we're able to get these data quickly onto our iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. There's more we can build on top of this.

File size: 1.93MbLicense: FreeDetails

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