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Advanced USB Port Monitor
Advanced USB Port MonitorJune 05, 2015
USB Bus and USB Device protocol analyzer and debugger, with USB traffic sniffer

File size: 4.35MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Free OCR to Word
Free OCR to WordJune 05, 2015
It creates editable and searchable MS Word or Text files from any images.

File size: 6.09MbLicense: FreewareDetails
AgileJ StructureViews
AgileJ StructureViewsJune 05, 2015
Create class diagrams directly from the Eclipse Java Model.

File size: 1.74MbLicense: SharewareDetails
MindFusion.Spreadsheet for WinForms
MindFusion.Spreadsheet for WinFormsJune 04, 2015
A spreadsheet component for . NET Windows Forms.

File size: 11.43MbLicense: CommercialDetails
ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK
ByteScout PDF Renderer SDKJune 04, 2015
PDF Renderer SDK - new product to convert PDF to PNG, BMP, TIFF, EMF metafile

File size: 31.73MbLicense: DemoDetails
Bytescout PDF To HTML SDK
Bytescout PDF To HTML SDKJune 04, 2015
PDF To HTML SDK for . NET & ActiveX converts PDF2HTML without additional software

File size: 36.54MbLicense: DemoDetails
VisioForge Media Player SDK.Net
VisioForge Media Player SDK.NetJune 03, 2015
VisioForge Media Player SDK. Net allows programmers to easily integrate video, audio and DVD playback into their software applications. It also allows you to draw overlay bitmap and text over the video with effects. It supports video formats AVI, MPEG-1/2, WMV, 3GP and audio formats WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC. Features include audio files playback, video processing and effects, HD video support, frame grabber, OSD (On-Screen Display), multiple output screens, and subtitles.

 License: Free to tryDetails
Dew Lab Studio for.NET
Dew Lab Studio for.NETJune 03, 2015
Music Quiz is the coolest game of its kind! Challenge yourself to guess the names of famous singers and see how many you can recognize!PURE, ADDICTIVE FUN!Amazing icons with multiple levels of difficulty are waiting for you! Can you handle the challenge of guessing them all?SHARE THE FUN WITH FRIENDS!Trouble recognizing the icon? You can always share it on Facebook and ask your friends for help. Or just dare them to see who can guess more icons!Content rating: Everyone

 License: Free to tryDetails
Advanced Database Query
Advanced Database QueryJune 03, 2015
Advanced Database Query is a relational database client utility that allows execution of SQL (Structured Query Language) statements on Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases. Result sets returned by select statements are automatically persisted as CSV (Comma Separated Values) spreadsheets to a directory of your choice. The application automatically persists most recently used output directory path and allows assignment of custom names to output CSV spreadsheets.

 License: Free to tryDetails
DTM File Factory
DTM File FactoryJune 02, 2015
Template-based test file generator with sources support: db, text, xml, Excel.

File size: 1.61MbLicense: DemoDetails
GdPicture.NETJune 02, 2015
100% Royalty Free Imaging SDK For WinForms, WPF And Web Development.

File size: 123.10MbLicense: SharewareDetails
PilotEditJune 01, 2015
PilotEdit is a powerful file editor capable of opening files larger than 400GB.

File size: 9.54MbLicense: SharewareDetails
PilotEdit Lite
PilotEdit LiteJune 01, 2015
An amazing file editor capable of editing large files

File size: 9.54MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Columns .NET assembly for DataGridView
Columns .NET assembly for DataGridViewJune 01, 2015
. NET DataGridView Columns assembly for . NET 2. 0, 3. 0, 3. 5, 4. 0

File size: 3.43MbLicense: SharewareDetails
DataGridView Xcode
DataGridView XcodeJune 01, 2015
DataGridView component for Xcode presents data in a tabular grid

File size: 3.11MbLicense: SharewareDetails
.NET Obfuscator
.NET ObfuscatorJune 01, 2015
Skater . NET Obfuscator is an obfuscation tool for . NET code protection

File size: 1.70MbLicense: SharewareDetails
XML Converter CMD
XML Converter CMDJune 01, 2015
XML Converter with command-line interface is a converter(CSV, Excel, JSON to XML)

File size: 1.38MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Freeware XML Editor
Freeware XML EditorJune 01, 2015
XMLFox is a validating XML editor, available as a desktop application

File size: 0.9MbLicense: FreewareDetails
PDF Converter RustemSoft
PDF Converter RustemSoftJune 01, 2015
PDF Converter is PDF conversion software designed to transform data to PDF

File size: 1.11MbLicense: SharewareDetails
XML Converter Professional
XML Converter ProfessionalJune 01, 2015
XML Converter is data conversion software(Excel to XML, Access, JSON, csv to XML)

File size: 3.79MbLicense: SharewareDetails

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