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InterBase Data Access Components
InterBase Data Access ComponentsApril 14, 2015
Delphi, C++Builder and Lazarus library for connection to InterBase and Firebird.

File size: 25.17MbLicense: SharewareDetails
PostgreSQL Data Access Components
PostgreSQL Data Access ComponentsApril 14, 2015
PgDAC provides direct access to PostgreSQL from Delphi, C++Builder, Lazarus

File size: 24.92MbLicense: SharewareDetails
SQL Server Data Access Components
SQL Server Data Access ComponentsApril 14, 2015
SDAC provides native connectivity to SQL Server from Delphi, C++Builder, Lazarus

File size: 25.74MbLicense: SharewareDetails
MySQL Data Access Components
MySQL Data Access ComponentsApril 14, 2015
components for direct connectivity to MySQL

File size: 0.0127MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Spices.Net Obfuscator
Spices.Net ObfuscatorApril 14, 2015
. Net Obfuscator - efficient . Net code protection, optimization, tamper defense.

File size: 6.11MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Spices.Net Suite
Spices.Net SuiteApril 14, 2015
Set of tools to protect, obfuscate, tamper defense, recover, convert, optimize

File size: 7.23MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Spices.Net Decompiler
Spices.Net DecompilerApril 14, 2015
. NET Decompiler - decompile, recover, convert binaries to C#, VB. Net, J#, Delphi

File size: 6.11MbLicense: SharewareDetails
BarCodeWiz Barcode Control for Windows Forms
BarCodeWiz Barcode Control for Windows FormsApril 13, 2015
Ask Oromo is an app containing more than 300 proverbs/Mammaaksa/, vocabularies and dialogues for both fluent or starter Afaan Oromoo speakers. This app help children to learn this language easily by exercising quizzes and pictures. Download it now and enjoy it. The Ask Oromo mobile app is free and easy to use. Features: Teaches Mammaaksa Oromoo Translates English to afan oromo Teaches Greetings, Numbers, Colors &Emotions Teaches Clothing, Food, Dialogue, Weather, Body Parts and...

 License: Free to tryDetails
SuperGeek Free Document OCR
SuperGeek Free Document OCRApril 13, 2015
Free OCR to extract text from images & scanned documents.

File size: 6.10MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Resource .NET v4
Resource .NET v4April 12, 2015
A utility to easily refresh embedded graphic resources in a . NET assembly.

File size: 0.15MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Resource .NET v2
Resource .NET v2April 12, 2015
A utility to easily refresh embedded graphic resources in a . NET assembly.

File size: 0.15MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Convert .NET v3
Convert .NET v3April 12, 2015
A multi-purpose conversion and developer tool

File size: 2.09MbLicense: FreewareDetails
TAdvMenusApril 10, 2015
Give your MainMenu or PopupMenu the look you want

File size: 1.54MbLicense: CommercialDetails
CHM Editor
CHM EditorApril 09, 2015
Edit and translate CHM files in WYSIWYG mode.

File size: 2MbLicense: SharewareDetails
License Activation and Validation Proxy
License Activation and Validation ProxyApril 09, 2015
License Activation and Validation Proxy Server for online license connectivity.

File size: 27.91MbLicense: FreewareDetails
TInspectorBarApril 09, 2015
Outlook bar & property inspector component in one

File size: 12.11MbLicense: CommercialDetails
License4J License Manager
License4J License ManagerApril 09, 2015
License4J is designed to be easy to use and integrate in your Java application.

File size: 31.50MbLicense: SharewareDetails
TIFF ActiveX SDK Development ToolkitApril 08, 2015
Try this ActiveX software development kit.

File size: 31.4MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Fax Cover Page Generator SDKApril 08, 2015
Enable fax cover page generation in your C, C++, Visual Basic, or Delphi developments.

File size: 4.91MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Image ActiveX SDKApril 08, 2015
Manipulate screen bitmaps without getting involved with the tedious details.

File size: 42.66MbLicense: SharewareDetails

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