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VISCOM Audio Capture ActiveX SDK
VISCOM Audio Capture ActiveX SDKAugust 15, 2015
Audio Record, Capture from Microphone, Speaker.

File size: 5.83MbLicense: SharewareDetails
VISCOM VideoCap Live ActiveX OCX SDK
VISCOM VideoCap Live ActiveX OCX SDKAugust 15, 2015
For developer add live streaming video feature

File size: 8.42MbLicense: SharewareDetails
VISCOM Video Edit ActiveX Control
VISCOM Video Edit ActiveX ControlAugust 15, 2015
For Professional Windows Developers who need to provide editing video/audio file

File size: 0.05MbLicense: SharewareDetails
VISCOM DVD Burner ActiveX SDKAugust 15, 2015
recording backup disc of important information.

File size: 0.62MbLicense: SharewareDetails
VISCOM Picture Viewer ActiveX
VISCOM Picture Viewer ActiveXAugust 15, 2015
picture viewer sdk activex, tiff c#, VB, VC++, Delphi, PowerBuilder, VFP, . Net

File size: 13.01MbLicense: SharewareDetails
VISCOM DVD Author ActiveX OCX SDKAugust 15, 2015
Convert DVD mpeg file to DVD Image(. ifo, VOB).

File size: 4.90MbLicense: SharewareDetails
VISCOM Audio CD Burner ActiveX Ocx SDK
VISCOM Audio CD Burner ActiveX Ocx SDKAugust 15, 2015
Records multi-track audio discs. Extact mpeg1, mpeg2, avi, vob, wmv, asf , mov audio stream and burn to audio cd. Detects the recorder information, such as manufacturer and product identifier. Supports IDE, USB, IEEE1384 DVD and CD recorders.

File size: 0.93MbLicense: SharewareDetails
VISCOM Barcode Reader SDK ActiveX
VISCOM Barcode Reader SDK ActiveXAugust 15, 2015
Powerful barcode reader sdk activex ocx, support convert pdf to text, OCR to searchable pdf, output PDF/A and read Kodak / Wang Annotation tags of TIFF file , PDF. Read, write EXIF , TIFF tags. Split, Merge Swap TIFF.

File size: 18.01MbLicense: SharewareDetails
VISCOM Movie Thumbnail  ActiveX SDK
VISCOM Movie Thumbnail ActiveX SDKAugust 15, 2015
fast movie thumbnail PDF, GIF, ICO, JPEG, J2K, JP2, JPC, J2C, PCX, PNG, PSD, TIF

File size: 2.47MbLicense: SharewareDetails
VISCOM Video Capture ActiveX SDK
VISCOM Video Capture ActiveX SDKAugust 15, 2015
web cam, video mixing for two video devices

File size: 8.00MbLicense: SharewareDetails
VISCOM Video Timeline SDK ActiveX
VISCOM Video Timeline SDK ActiveXAugust 15, 2015
With Video Timeline ActiveX Control lets your application immediately support video timeline features within your business application. User friendly video timeline control. (including Drag & drop, scrolling, panning, zooming)

File size: 20.05MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Agent SVN
Agent SVNAugust 14, 2015
Seamlessly integrate Subversion with Visual Studio or any MS-SCCI compliant IDE.

File size: 8.95MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Test Management Software Zeta Test Management
Test Management Software Zeta Test ManagementAugust 14, 2015
Test Management Software environment, test plan, test cases for Windows and Web.

File size: 58.5MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Registry Cleaner ActiveX
Registry Cleaner ActiveXAugust 14, 2015
This ActiveX allows to clean unused entries from system Registry.

File size: 0.74MbLicense: SharewareDetails
System Suite SDK
System Suite SDKAugust 14, 2015
Create applications which let user keep up Windows clean, stable and fast!

File size: 2.20MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Shortcut Manager ActiveX
Shortcut Manager ActiveXAugust 14, 2015
This ActiveX allows to display and handle shortcuts in Start Menu, Send to, etc.

File size: 0.73MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Dynamsoft Barcode Reader for Mac
Dynamsoft Barcode Reader for MacAugust 13, 2015
Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is available on both Windows and Mac

File size: 7.43MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Dynamsoft Barcode Reader for Windows
Dynamsoft Barcode Reader for WindowsAugust 13, 2015
Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is available on both Windows and Mac

File size: 37.08MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Serial Key Generator
Serial Key GeneratorAugust 12, 2015
Serial Key Generator is specially designed to help you protect your applications

File size: 21.54MbLicense: DemoDetails
Fax Cover Page Generator SDKAugust 12, 2015
Enable fax cover page generation in your C, C++, Visual Basic, or Delphi developments.

File size: 4.91MbLicense: SharewareDetails

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