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libtldJuly 15, 2015
This library extracts the top level domain name from any URI.

File size: 0.59MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Advanced SQL To RTF Table ConverterJuly 14, 2015
Advanced SQL To RTF Table Converter is a relational database client utility that allows execution of SQL (Structured Query Language) statements on Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases. Resultsets returned by select queries are automatically persisted as RTF (Rich Text Format) files to a directory of your choice. RTF files can be further modified with Microsoft Word and other word processing software. Advanced SQL To RTF Table Converter provides user interface to define RTF table column headers, RTF document...

 License: Free to tryDetails
Altova UModel Enterprise Edition
Altova UModel Enterprise EditionJuly 14, 2015
Altova UModel is the cost-effective UML tool for successful software design.

File size: 56.5MbLicense: DemoDetails
Altova UModel Professional Edition
Altova UModel Professional EditionJuly 14, 2015
Altova UModel is the cost-effective UML tool for successful software design.

File size: 56.4MbLicense: DemoDetails
Altova DiffDog Enterprise Edition
Altova DiffDog Enterprise EditionJuly 14, 2015
Perform differencing and merging for XML, databases, EDI, flat files, Excel 2007, and Web services.

File size: 14.7MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Altova SchemaAgent
Altova SchemaAgentJuly 14, 2015
Altova SchemaAgent is a graphical XML Schema management tool.

File size: 24.3MbLicense: DemoDetails
Thinfinity VirtualUI
Thinfinity VirtualUIJuly 14, 2015
Instant GUI Remoting and Web Integration for Windows Apps

File size: 24.01MbLicense: SharewareDetails
objectiFJuly 14, 2015
UML-Tool for model-driven software development in C#, VB . NET, C++, Java

File size: 106.43MbLicense: DemoDetails
CNC Syntax Editor
CNC Syntax EditorJuly 13, 2015
CNC programs editor with specific tools, features and syntax highlighting

File size: 5.28MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Unlock Access MDE Design
Unlock Access MDE DesignJuly 13, 2015
Unlock and edit forms/reports in MS Access MDE applications.

File size: 0.8037MbLicense: SharewareDetails
GSA Auto SoftSubmit
GSA Auto SoftSubmitJuly 13, 2015
Autom. submit your software to thousands of archives and directories.

File size: 23.90MbLicense: SharewareDetails
GdPicture.NETJuly 13, 2015
100% Royalty Free Imaging SDK For WinForms, WPF And Web Development.

File size: 132.38MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Alternate Password DB
Alternate Password DBJuly 12, 2015
Encrypt and store your passwords and PINs.

File size: 0.7416MbLicense: FreewareDetails
ZylBurnerJuly 12, 2015
ZylBurner is a CD / DVD burner Delphi / C++Builder component. It needs Nero Burning ROM to be installed. This component is very easy to use, it's ideal for developers for quick CD / DVD writing purposes from Delphi or C++Builder.

File size: 2.03MbLicense: DemoDetails
MSI Factory
MSI FactoryJuly 10, 2015
MSI Factory is the first visual setup builder to fully leverage Microsoft's next generation Windows Installer XML (WiX) compiler technology for creating 100% pure MSI format installer packages in a faster and more intuitive way. What makes MSI Factory different is our unique file-centered design view. Software developers aren't forced to deal with the complexity of MSI database tables, sequences and components (unless you want to - MSI Factory is as flexible as you need it to be). MSI Factory includes all the...

 License: Free to tryDetails
ZipArchive LibraryJuly 10, 2015
A library for C++ programmers. This library adds zip compression and decompression functionality to your software. I let you create and modify ZIP files in the compatible way with WinZip, PKZIP and other popular zip archivers. The library supports all possible operations on a zip archive: creating, extracting, adding, renaming, deleting files from the archive, modifications of an existing archive. There is also the support for the Zip64 format (large files and archives), WinZip AES and standard encryption and...

 License: Free to tryDetails
VEdit Pro (64-bit)July 09, 2015
Text editor, program editor, hex editor, EBCDIC editor, binary editor. VEDIT edits text, data, binary files up to 100 gigabytes in ASCII, Hex, EBCDIC. Database & mainframe editing, program and CD-ROM development. Fast, compact and configurable. For Windows.

File size: 5.75MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
FlowChartX control
FlowChartX controlJuly 09, 2015
ActiveX control to manage workflow, flowchart, network, organizational diagrams.

File size: 6.84MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Hex Editor Neo StandardJuly 08, 2015
With Hex Editor Neo standard, edit and analyze your hexadecimal data and binary files. Make patches with just two mouse clicks and manipulate your EXE, DLL, DAT, AVI, MP3, and JPG files with unlimited undo/redo. Taste the visual operation history with branching. Changes history can be saved, loaded and modified later. Features include unlimited Undo or Redo, visual history save and load, patch creation, clipboard operations, bytes, words, double words, quad words, floats, and doubles edit mode. Extended...

 License: Free to tryDetails
PhpStormJuly 08, 2015
PhpStorm is a PHP Editor focused on developer productivity that deeply understands your code, provides smart code completion, quick navigation and on-the-fly error checking. It is always ready to help you shape your code, run unit-tests or provide visual debugging. PhpStorm provides rich and intelligent code editor for PHP with syntax highlighting, extended code formatting configuration, on-the-fly error checking, and smart code completion.

 License: Free to tryDetails

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