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Batch Excel to HTML ConverterMarch 12, 2017
Excel to HTM, XLS/XLSX to HTM Batch Converter publish Excel XLS to HTM format.

File size: 0.6MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Graphics4VO DLLJanuary 16, 2017
Graphics library for CAVO with output to display, printer, file and memory.

File size: 5.12MbLicense: SharewareDetails
FastGREP Search and Replace toolJanuary 09, 2017
FastGREP is a search and replace tool for Windows. You could use regex or wildcards to find text in multi-files. And you could replace them too.

File size: 0.5MbLicense: FreewareDetails
CDInfoDecember 24, 2016
See all ISO descriptors from all attached cd-rom drives.

File size: 0.25MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Mgosoft PDF To IMAGE SDKDecember 10, 2016
Convert pdf to TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PCX, GIF, WMF, EMF, TGA etc. Extract Text

File size: 2.52MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Mgosoft PDF To JPEG SDKDecember 10, 2016
Convert PDF files to JPG/JPEG, JPEG2000, Extract Text

File size: 2.51MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Mgosoft PDF To TIFF SDKDecember 10, 2016
Convert PDF files to TIF/TIFF, TGA, Extract Text

File size: 2.51MbLicense: SharewareDetails
HelpGearDecember 07, 2016
CHM, Web Help, and PDF creation is easy with an excellent help authoring tool

File size: 27.57MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Komodo EditNovember 01, 2016
Quoting and Estimating software packages have become vital prerequisites for reducing time, costs, and errors at different levels of the production chain. Modern solutions now allow organizations in manufacturing - and not only - to achieve the best prices and quotes possible. In today's highly competitive market, state-of-the-art Quoting/ Estimating Software modules deliver maximum affordability, functionality, flexibility, and ease of use to a broad scope of users. QuoteIT Cost Estimating Software...

 License: FreeDetails
PlusDockNovember 01, 2016
PlusDock - featuring floating forms, autohide panels and redockable windows. Full Office2003 theme support, integrated WYSIWYG desginer support for VS. NET, fast rendering, accurate panel transitions and full documentation.

 License: CommercialDetails
WCF ArchitectOctober 31, 2016
WCF Architect is new way of creating WCF Services. Instead of spending hours hand-typing tedious WCF code and running batch scripts to handle your builds; WCF Architect allows you to enter in the basic information about your service and click a button. The build process handles everything after that, it will generate the necessary code, compile it into an assembly, generate the client proxies, builds the client proxies, and output it all to the folders you specify. Just one click. WCF Architects Dependency...

 License: Free to tryDetails
Actual Installer FreeOctober 16, 2016
Freeware installer for Windows software applications

File size: 13.40MbLicense: FreewareDetails
ApexSQL VersionOctober 05, 2016
ApexSQL Doc creates database documentation in a variety of formats. Document SQL Servers, databases, objects and SSIS packages in a single document. Render even the most complicated database into user friendly documentation with inline object descriptions, custom properties and graphical relationships. Generate database and SSIS documentation in CHM, HTML and Word formats. Automate and schedule the documenting process Include relationship diagrams in your database documentation. Leverage extended properties and...

 License: Free to tryDetails
Skater TOTALOctober 05, 2016
Skater TOTAL is a protection tool for . NET code transforming to native PC code

File size: 3.85MbLicense: SharewareDetails
.NET Obfuscator Standard EditionOctober 05, 2016
Skater . NET Obfuscator is an obfuscation tool for . NET code protection

File size: 2.88MbLicense: SharewareDetails
DataGridView XcodeOctober 05, 2016
DataGridView component for Xcode presents data in a tabular grid

File size: 3.11MbLicense: SharewareDetails
JSON to XML ConverterOctober 05, 2016
XML Converter is data conversion tool(Excel to XML, docx, JSON, csv to XML)

File size: 3.12MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Freeware XML EditorOctober 05, 2016
XMLFox is a validating XML editor, available as a desktop application

File size: 0.9MbLicense: FreewareDetails
ConTEXTOctober 04, 2016
ConTEXT is small, fast and powerful text editor for software developers. Unlimited open files, unlimited editing file size and line length, syntax highlighting for C/C++, Delphi/Pascal, 80x86 assembler, Java, Java Script, Visual Basic, Perl/CGI, HTML, SQL, Python, PHP, Tcl/Tk, user defineable syntax highlighter, project workspaces, compiler integration, and multilanguage support.

 License: FreeDetails
SourceMaidSeptember 16, 2016
The CCK Wizard can be used to create an extension that customizes Firefox. To access it, after installation, select Tools-CCK Wizard. It allows the following customizations like to add identifier to the user agent string, change the default home page and startup override home page, Change the title bar text, change the animated logo, change the Web page and tooltip used for the animated logo, add a help menu item that links to a Web page, and provide sites for which popups and XPInstalls are allowed by...

 License: Free to tryDetails

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