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TAdvGlowButtonOctober 27, 2015
Office 2007 style, Windows Vista style button. Complex gradients support. Soft button state transition painting. PNG with alpha transparency + bitmap + ImageList button glyph support for normal, hot & disabled states...

File size: 1.76MbLicense: CommercialDetails
TAdvSmoothPanelOctober 27, 2015
Office style panel with sophisticated opacity, fill, shadow

File size: 6.06MbLicense: CommercialDetails
novaPDF SDKOctober 15, 2015
Easily integrate PDF creation support in your application using novaPDF SDK.

File size: 135.7MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Wireless Communication Library VCL Edition
Wireless Communication Library VCL EditionOctober 07, 2015
Add Bluetooth, IrDA, WiFi and Wiimote support into your VCL apps

File size: 14.74MbLicense: SharewareDetails
ZylSerialPortSeptember 30, 2015
Thread based asynchronous serial port component

File size: 9.02MbLicense: SharewareDetails
ZylBurnerSeptember 29, 2015
ZylBurner is a CD / DVD burner Delphi / C++Builder component. It needs Nero Burning ROM to be installed. This component is very easy to use, it's ideal for developers for quick CD / DVD writing purposes from Delphi or C++Builder.

File size: 2.21MbLicense: DemoDetails
ZylVSSSeptember 29, 2015
Delphi / C++Builder component that makes the work with Visual SourceSafe easier

File size: 10.63MbLicense: SharewareDetails
ZylNMEAGeneratorSeptember 29, 2015
ZylNMEAGenerator is a Delphi component that transforms position data in NMEA format. You can generate complex NMEA sentences from simple data inputs. The sentences are recognized by any NMEA compatible mapping software.

File size: 6.12MbLicense: DemoDetails
ZylCPUUsageSeptember 28, 2015
Delphi component that diplays the usage level of the processor in a chart

File size: 3.64MbLicense: DemoDetails
ZylBatterySeptember 28, 2015
visual Delphi component that diplays the charging level of the battery

File size: 2.79MbLicense: DemoDetails
ZylAppCommunicatorSeptember 27, 2015
Delphi/C++Builder component which allows you to communicate between applications

File size: 2.49MbLicense: SharewareDetails
TRichView for Delphi
TRichView for DelphiSeptember 17, 2015
Components for editing documents with images, tables and hypertext links

File size: 32.30MbLicense: SharewareDetails
PostgresDACSeptember 16, 2015
PostgreSQL BDE replacement for Borland Delphi/C++Builder.

File size: 3.39MbLicense: SharewareDetails
DynamicSkinFormSeptember 15, 2015
Create cool application with skins support!

File size: 8.89MbLicense: SharewareDetails
ZylTimerSeptember 12, 2015
ZylTimer is a high resolution, long-term Delphi / C++Builder timer component which provides a higher precision than the standard Delphi / C++ Builder TTimer component.

File size: 2.41MbLicense: DemoDetails
ZylIdleTimerSeptember 12, 2015
ZylIdleTimer is a Delphi / C++Builder component which lets you to take actions after a specified system-wide or application idle time or to check the time interval of user inactivity.

File size: 4.12MbLicense: DemoDetails
ZylGSMSeptember 11, 2015
Delphi & C++Builder component that communicates with a GSM modem

File size: 9.99MbLicense: SharewareDetails
ZylGPSReceiverSeptember 11, 2015
Delphi/CBuilder component that communicates with a serial GPS receiver.

File size: 13.37MbLicense: DemoDetails
LinLocalize Admin
LinLocalize AdminAugust 06, 2015
This program for translating the resources of Delphi executables

File size: 1.88MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Code Line Counter Pro - Delphi Version
Code Line Counter Pro - Delphi VersionJuly 07, 2015
an easy-to-use application for counting source code, blanks and comments lines.

File size: 3.89MbLicense: SharewareDetails

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