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Spire.SpreadsheetMarch 31, 2016
Mainly focus on how to display spreadsheet. It enables developers to view excel.

File size: 5.80MbLicense: SharewareDetails
SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Lib Visual Basic
SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Lib Visual BasicMarch 31, 2016
SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Library. Send and receive email from a Visual Basic app.

File size: 1.77MbLicense: SharewareDetails
ZylGpsReceiver.NETMarch 27, 2016
event driven . NET component that communicates with a GPS receiver.

File size: 6.40MbLicense: SharewareDetails
CMATH for Visual C++
CMATH for Visual C++March 25, 2016
CMATH: Complex math library (cartesian and polar) for MS Visual C++

File size: 0.95MbLicense: SharewareDetails
CMATH for Delphi 2006/2007
CMATH for Delphi 2006/2007March 25, 2016
CMATH: Complex math library (cartesian and polar) for Delphi 2006/2007

File size: 0.43MbLicense: SharewareDetails
.Net Grid
.Net GridMarch 25, 2016
. Net Grid. hierarchy, grouping, serialization, 50000 upd/sec, low CPU consumption

File size: 25.47MbLicense: SharewareDetails
CMATH for C++ Builder
CMATH for C++ BuilderMarch 25, 2016
CMATH: Complex math library (cartesian and polar) for Embarcadero / Borland C++

File size: 0.49MbLicense: SharewareDetails
LightningChart Ultimate
LightningChart UltimateMarch 24, 2016
The fastest data visualization SDK / chart / graph library for WPF and WinForms

File size: 0.00MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Nordover.StateMachineRTMarch 22, 2016
A . NET implementation of the W3C SCXML draft

File size: 0.12MbLicense: DemoDetails
dotConnect Universal
dotConnect UniversalMarch 16, 2016
dotConnect Universal offers universal access to data of different databases for the Microsoft. NET Framework. It supports most of major database servers, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, InterBase, and Firebird. Other servers can be accessed through their ADO. NET, OLE DB and ODBC providers. Version 3. 40. 451 fixes the bug with mapping UniDbType to valid SQLite database type.

 License: Free to tryDetails
PDF Stamp developer license
PDF Stamp developer licenseMarch 15, 2016
PDF Stamp is a perfect tool that lets you add watermark to pdf

File size: 9.32MbLicense: SharewareDetails
EaseTag Tiered Storage Filter Driver SDK
EaseTag Tiered Storage Filter Driver SDKMarch 09, 2016
File System Tiered Storage Filter Driver SDK.

File size: 3.90MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Aspose.Email for.NET
Aspose.Email for.NETMarch 07, 2016
Overview Aspose. Email for. NET is a collection of components for working with email from within ASP. NET web applications, web services or Windows applications. It makes it easy to work with Outlook PST, EML, MSG and MHT files. Aspose. Email makes it easy to work with HTML or plain text emails and their attachments. It allows developers to work against SMTP, POP, FTP and Microsoft Exchange servers. It supports mail merge and iCalendar features, customized header and body, retrieving content, header information and...

 License: PurchaseDetails
SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for COBOLMarch 01, 2016
MarshallSoft SMTP/POP3 email component COBOL library (SEE4CB) uses a simple API to send and receive mail, including HTML, MIME Base64 and quoted-printable encoded attachments, from within an application. Knowledge of Winsock and TCP/IP is not needed. Features of SEE4CB include: Send email with inline HTML, GIF, TIF, JPG, BMP and Rich Text attachments. Supports ISO-8859 (European character sets) and UTF-8 character coding. Get the number of messages on an email server. Forward email. Get the header lines...

PDFtextCmdFebruary 28, 2016
PDFtextCmd - A commandline-exe - royalty free! Extracting text from pdf and more

File size: 7.60MbLicense: SharewareDetails
XPS To PDF Developer License
XPS To PDF Developer LicenseFebruary 25, 2016
XPS To PDF Converter can convert XPS files to PDF files

File size: 2.32MbLicense: SharewareDetails
PCL To PDF Developer License
PCL To PDF Developer LicenseFebruary 25, 2016
PCL To PDF Converter can convert PCL and PXL print files to PDF files

File size: 7.09MbLicense: SharewareDetails
.NET SFTP Library
.NET SFTP LibraryFebruary 24, 2016
Securely transfer files over SSH with the . NET SFTP Library

File size: 10.06MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Shopping Cart Web Part
Shopping Cart Web PartFebruary 23, 2016
ArtfulBits Shopping Cart is intended to provide ecommerce functionality

File size: 3.17MbLicense: SharewareDetails
PDF to Image developer license
PDF to Image developer licenseFebruary 20, 2016
PDF To IMAGE can convert PDF documents to image formats.

File size: 2.04MbLicense: SharewareDetails

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