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Miraplacid Publisher SDKSeptember 16, 2016
Brought to you by the creators of Guerrilla Bob!* Xperia PLAY optimized *Fertilize the forest with the unicorn, cover the sky with black holes, flood the world with candy, but just get the muffins back! Muffin Knight is an action-packed platformer with stunning visuals and a myriad of fairytale characters, each with their own unique abilities, which gain strength as you advance. This is the story of a little boy, on his journey to return the old fairys magical muffins. A strange curse was set on him: with each...

 License: FreeDetails
Serail Port Monitor ActiveXSeptember 16, 2016
Serial Port Monitor ActiveX is a powerful, advanced and absolutely unique component that can be easily implemented into developers' applications to monitor any serial port in a system. The product can be used for debugging applications that work with serial port, serial port monitoring applications development, development of system utilities to intercept communication data from COM ports for further analysis. This ActiveX Control offers a wide range of events, properties and methods to control the monitoring...

 License: PurchaseDetails
WebCab Portfolio for DelphiSeptember 15, 2016
PenProtect is the most comprehensive and secure solution to protect the files within your Flash Drive, Flash Memory or Pen Drive. Files are encrypted and protected using your Password and a special technique (AES algorithm 256 bit key). PenProtect requires no installation. It is a single file located in the home folder of your Flash Drive. It has the ability to encrypt or decrypt only required files.

 License: Free to tryDetails
PDFnUP COM ComponentSeptember 15, 2016
PDFnUP software automates the process of 2up'ing or 4up'ing a pdf document, so for example with a/b 2up page 1 is on the left and page 2 is on the right, with split 2up (4 page document) page 1 is on the left and page 3 is on the right, then page 2 is on the next page left and page 4 is on the right. It has an optional 'down' parameter for 2up'ing downwards on a page rather than across the page (left, right). The output page size can also be controlled and the 2nd page position can be offset with margin controls....

 License: Free to tryDetails
GeoDLLJuly 12, 2016
GeoDLL - Geodetic Software Developer Kit for coordinate transformations and more

File size: 4.30MbLicense: SharewareDetails
GdPicture.NETJuly 11, 2016
100% Royalty Free Imaging SDK For WinForms, WPF And Web Development.

File size: 134.72MbLicense: SharewareDetails
WpfDiagramJuly 08, 2016
A WPF control for drawing workflow, flowchart, network, organizational diagrams.

File size: 22.48MbLicense: CommercialDetails
SimpleLPRJuly 07, 2016
License Plate Recognition library. Very simple interface. Can process images from a file or from a buffer in memory. Shipped as a . NET assembly for easy integration into C++, C# or scripting languages.

File size: 27.82MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Dynamic Web TWAIN
Dynamic Web TWAINJuly 05, 2016
TWAIN scanning HTML5 SDK, optimized for Web applications on Windows and Mac

File size: 55.83MbLicense: SharewareDetails
AlphaControls 2016
AlphaControls 2016July 04, 2016
A skinned VCL's for professional UI design dev. in the Borland Delphi and CB6.

File size: 7.08MbLicense: SharewareDetails
AlphaControls Lite Edition
AlphaControls Lite EditionJuly 04, 2016
Lite (freeware) Edition of the AlphaControls package

File size: 2.65MbLicense: FreewareDetails
VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK
VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDKJuly 04, 2016
Professional barcode reader and writer component for . NET, WPF and Silverlight.

File size: 23.50MbLicense: DemoDetails
OCR.Net Barcode Components
OCR.Net Barcode ComponentsJuly 03, 2016
OCRTools OCR. Net Barcode Recognition Components for Visual Studio. Net

File size: 1.05MbLicense: DemoDetails
OCR.Net Components
OCR.Net ComponentsJuly 03, 2016
OCR Text Recognition Components for Visual Studio. Net. Convert Images to Text.

File size: 8.28MbLicense: DemoDetails
Rebex Total Pack
Rebex Total PackJuly 01, 2016
All Rebex Internet protocols components pack for . NET/. NET CF/Xamarin

File size: 50MbLicense: DemoDetails
Smart OCR SDKJuly 01, 2016
An SDK to implement OCR technology into a variety of applications.

File size: 40.37MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Rebex ZIP
Rebex ZIPJuly 01, 2016
ZIP components for . NET Framework (C#, VB. NET)

File size: 9MbLicense: DemoDetails
Rebex FTP/SSLJuly 01, 2016
FTP over TLS/SSL (or FTPS) component for . NET Framework.

File size: 12MbLicense: DemoDetails
Rebex SSH Pack
Rebex SSH PackJuly 01, 2016
SFTP, SSH, File Server, Terminal emulation for . NET Framework (C#, VB. NET)

File size: 23MbLicense: DemoDetails
Rebex File Transfer Pack
Rebex File Transfer PackJuly 01, 2016
SFTP, FTP, FTP/SSL and File Server for . NET Framework (C#, VB. NET)

File size: 19MbLicense: DemoDetails

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