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Crystal FLOW for C++
Crystal FLOW for C++May 12, 2010
C/C++ Code - Flowcharts, RichTrees, Auto formatting, Documenation - Base

File size: 14.19MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Crystal REVS for C++
Crystal REVS for C++May 12, 2010
Review & Visualization tools, Autoformat, HTML Docs, Context-Sensitive Edit

File size: 14.81MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Convert String for C++
Convert String for C++April 24, 2010
You should add quote at the start and end of a string line, and replace quote with slash. Now Convert String for C++ will do the job for you to get the exact C++ string which you can just copy and paste into your C++ program directly.

File size: 0.12MbLicense: FreewareDetails
SSIS Component Explorer 2005
SSIS Component Explorer 2005April 21, 2010
Auto generates backend code for all the components in SSIS.

File size: 0.62MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Windows Explorer Shell Context Menu Pro
Windows Explorer Shell Context Menu ProMarch 06, 2010
Add items to Windows Explorer Shell Context Menu (C#, VB. NET, . NET Component)

File size: 2.70MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Turbo-Locator x86
Turbo-Locator x86February 19, 2010
Code relocator for x86 and Borland C++ / Turbo Pascal

File size: 1.14MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Lingobit Extractor
Lingobit ExtractorFebruary 01, 2010
Extracts hard-coded strings from source files to resources

File size: 7.91MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Google Code Issue Tracker API for .Net
Google Code Issue Tracker API for .NetJanuary 30, 2010
. Net API for Google Code Issue Tracker Service. Open source and written in C#.

File size: 1.36MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Liquid XML Data Binder
Liquid XML Data BinderDecember 31, 2009
Creates a Library for C++, C#, Java, Silverlight, VB. Net, VB6 based on an XML Schema

File size: 27.88MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Samsung GT-S5603 Wallpaper Creator
Samsung GT-S5603 Wallpaper CreatorDecember 14, 2009
This small tool creates wallpaper of Samsung Star 3G (GT-S5603) mobile phone.

File size: 0.87MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Universal Report
Universal ReportNovember 27, 2009
A generic and powerful code analysis and documentation tool

File size: 21.3MbLicense: CommercialDetails
J4L-BarCode for C++November 19, 2009
J4L-Barcode for C++ is a set of C++ classes that create 1D and 2D barcodes

File size: 1.34MbLicense: CommercialDetails
2-Minute PDF Designer
2-Minute PDF DesignerOctober 21, 2009
2-Minute PDF Designer creates pdf document from template created by its designer

File size: 1.66MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Antechinus C# Editor
Antechinus C# EditorAugust 30, 2009
Easy to use, lightning-fast C# editor with visual form design.

File size: 3.99MbLicense: SharewareDetails
HsTCPIPv4 - Embedded TCP IP Protocol Stack
HsTCPIPv4 - Embedded TCP IP Protocol StackAugust 28, 2009
HsTCPIPv4 - Embedded TCP IP Protocol Stack

File size: 0.94MbLicense: DemoDetails
Time Series API
Time Series APIJuly 16, 2009
Professional time series modelling and simulation library for C++

File size: 5.86MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Code 128 C++ class
Code 128 C++ classMay 29, 2009
Code 128 C++ class to draw Code 128 barcode

File size: 0.46MbLicense: SharewareDetails
RTextPrinter for .NETMay 20, 2009
. NET assembly used to print reports in text mode

File size: 0.42MbLicense: SharewareDetails
UML StateWizard Pro
UML StateWizard ProMay 20, 2009
A MFC ClassWizard like round-trip UML dynamic model tool runs in popular IDEs.

File size: 3MbLicense: FreewareDetails
PCPANEL WPF Components
PCPANEL WPF ComponentsMay 02, 2009
The PCPANEL WPF Components are a rich set of visual controls, based on the Microsoft . NET framework.

File size: 9MbLicense: CommercialDetails

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