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Statemachine Generator
Statemachine GeneratorOctober 01, 2012
C-code generation from statecharts designed with Enterprise Architect, Magic Draw and Cadifra UML. Especially developed for embedded developers. Code is human readable and runs on small microprocessors. Code does not require a special runtime env.

File size: 2.480MbLicense: SharewareDetails
AutoFlowchartSeptember 28, 2012
auto generate N-S chart and flowchart from code and export to WORD, Visio, SVG

File size: 1.37MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web
Stimulsoft Reports Designer.WebSeptember 19, 2012
Stimulsoft Reports Designer. Web - is the first report designer that allows you to edit reports completely in Web. There is no need to install . Net Framework, ActiveX components or other special plug-ins on your client's machine.

File size: 29.13MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Dolit HttpFtp download SDK
Dolit HttpFtp download SDKAugust 03, 2012
Call this SDK, the developer can develop a Http/Ftp download software easily.

File size: 0.65MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Samay .NET Scheduler Enterprise
Samay .NET Scheduler EnterpriseJuly 01, 2012
Stand-alone system for all your . NET scheduler needs. Replaces Windows Services

File size: 13.54MbLicense: SharewareDetails
C Code Library
C Code LibraryJune 25, 2012
Multi-language source code library and clipboard extender for Windows

File size: 12.12MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Huagati DBML/EDMX Tools
Huagati DBML/EDMX ToolsJune 08, 2012
Add-in for Linq-to-SQL and Entity Framework in Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012

File size: 4.75MbLicense: CommercialDetails
RC Localize
RC LocalizeJune 07, 2012
Translate Visual Studio RC resources files, localize your application easily

File size: 20.37MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Speak Logic Information Analysis for Visual Studio V2012
Speak Logic Information Analysis for Visual Studio V2012February 22, 2012
Enable Users to analyze codes in Visual Studio result without error

File size: 31.5MbLicense: FreewareDetails
C++ Builder Examples Collection
C++ Builder Examples CollectionFebruary 06, 2012
Collection of C++ Builder examples that will make your coding easier and faster.

File size: 33.58MbLicense: DemoDetails
Delphi2CppJanuary 30, 2012
Source code translation from Delphi (Object-Pascal) to C++

File size: 6.18MbLicense: DemoDetails
PELockJanuary 26, 2012
PELock - exe-protector and advanced license key system

File size: 0.80MbLicense: DemoDetails
G# geometry libraries for .NET
G# geometry libraries for .NETJanuary 18, 2012
Top-performing and robust geometry libraries for . NET

File size: 0.82MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Code to FlowChart for Win7
Code to FlowChart for Win7December 21, 2011
Automatically create full software flow chart or NS chart, to let code visual.

File size: 1.48MbLicense: SharewareDetails
PvLog DeObfuscator Itanium
PvLog DeObfuscator ItaniumNovember 29, 2011
PvLog Deobfuscator makes more readable obfuscated code.

File size: 0.53MbLicense: FreewareDetails
C# Parser and CodeDOM
C# Parser and CodeDOMNovember 13, 2011
A complete C# parser (6. 0), CodeDOM, formatter, analyzer, metrics library.

File size: 27.51MbLicense: SharewareDetails
VNC Server SDK
VNC Server SDKNovember 01, 2011
ABTO VNC server SDK enables integration of VNC support into your applications.

File size: 3.93MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Nostalgia .Net
Nostalgia .NetOctober 14, 2011
Easy access Win32 API from your . Net application

File size: 1.02MbLicense: SharewareDetails
HiveMindOctober 01, 2011
HiveMind is an optimization component, able to find optimal solutions for multi variable optimization tasks, without requiring comprehensive knowledge of optimization. Simple and quick connectivity allow HiveMind to become a compact solution, deploya

File size: 10MbLicense: DemoDetails
LogSharpAugust 28, 2011
Unique Log Viewer with real time, filtering, multiple pages and session support.

File size: 3.73MbLicense: FreewareDetails

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