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Rainbow Tree
Rainbow TreeDecember 07, 2011
Rainbow Tree is a application that displays on your screen a tree with lights.

File size: 0.34MbLicense: FreewareDetails
nfsChristmasHomeDecember 01, 2011
nfsChristmasHome 3D christmas screensaver by http://www. newfreescreensavers. com

File size: 69.60MbLicense: FreewareDetails
nfsSnowGlobe02December 01, 2011
nfsSnowGlobe02 christmas screensaver by http://www. newfreescreensavers. com

File size: 19.65MbLicense: FreewareDetails
nfsSunAndSnowDecember 01, 2011
nfsSunAndSnow seasonal screensaver by http://www. newfreescreensavers. com

File size: 59.04MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Christmas Deluxe Screensaver
Christmas Deluxe ScreensaverNovember 21, 2011
The Christmas deluxe screensaver offers a fabulous slideshow of the Christmas scenes. You will be able to feel the festive atmosphere when the screensaver plays on your desktop. The cheerful Christmas scenes will brighten up your day.

File size: 6.59MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Winter Clock Screensaver
Winter Clock ScreensaverNovember 18, 2011
Christmas countdown clock screensaver, time count up to Christmas and New Year.

File size: 0.46MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Free Halloween House Screensaver
Free Halloween House ScreensaverOctober 20, 2011
The Halloween house screensaver will enliven your desktop in this Halloween season. The screensaver features all kinds of spooky creatures. The graphic and sound effects are of high quality.

File size: 4.94MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Haunted House Horrors Screensaver
Haunted House Horrors ScreensaverOctober 18, 2011
Watch floating ghosts, bats and other surprises appear around a haunted house!

File size: 2.18MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Frosty Goes Skiing Screensaver
Frosty Goes Skiing ScreensaverOctober 18, 2011
A christmas themed screen saver that lets you throw snowballs at Frosty.

File size: 1.38MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Halloween Screen Saver
Halloween Screen SaverOctober 14, 2011
An unobtrusive screen saver that displays a jack-o-lantern on the screen.

File size: 1.60MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Free Winter Screensaver
Free Winter ScreensaverOctober 04, 2011
100% free screensaver with beatiful images of winter landscapes.

File size: 15MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Eat Pork
Eat PorkSeptember 24, 2011
This Thanksgiving screen saver has a turkey moving across your screen, holding a

File size: 0.38MbLicense: SharewareDetails
AHA! Christmas Trivia Screen Saver
AHA! Christmas Trivia Screen SaverSeptember 14, 2011
Christmas trivia screen saver includes discount on AHA! Christmas games.

File size: 1.86MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Trick or Treat
Trick or TreatSeptember 06, 2011
This Halloween screen saver has a pumpkin holding a bag of candy that moves arou

File size: 0.41MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Halloween Haunting Screensaver
Halloween Haunting ScreensaverAugust 30, 2011
Halloween Haunting Screen Saver - Watch 3D skulls fly around your screen!

File size: 1.77MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Snow Desktop Screensaver
Snow Desktop ScreensaverAugust 23, 2011
On the desktop, screensaver draws abstract pictures of the snowflakes.

File size: 0.47MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Landscaping Las Vegas
Landscaping Las VegasAugust 06, 2011
Landscaping Las Vegas style is a great choice for your home.

File size: 2.36MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Amid the Winter Snow
Amid the Winter SnowAugust 02, 2011
This is the hottest christmas screensaver ever with the coolest effects. !!!!!!!!

File size: 32.04MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Womens Halloween Costumes
Womens Halloween CostumesAugust 02, 2011
Womens Halloween costumes have gotten really fun to look at.

File size: 0.85MbLicense: FreewareDetails
The Witch
The WitchJuly 11, 2011
This Halloween Screen Saver shows the old wicked witch riding her trusted broom

File size: 0.55MbLicense: SharewareDetails

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