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Timberland Cartoon Screensaver
Timberland Cartoon ScreensaverApril 23, 2016
A creative and inspiring environment to work and relax in.

File size: 3.30MbLicense: SharewareDetails
MatrixWorld 3D Screensaver
MatrixWorld 3D ScreensaverApril 22, 2016
Amimated 3D Screensaver inspired by The Matrix movie

File size: 1.65MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Japanese Anime HD Screensaver
Japanese Anime HD ScreensaverApril 22, 2016
Watch greatest japanese anime on your desktop

File size: 6.29MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Forest Lake 3D Screensaver
Forest Lake 3D ScreensaverApril 21, 2016
Decorate your screen with the animated views of beautiful quiet lake among the green forest. Install Forest Lake 3D Screensaver and dive into the dreamy reality of spring nature.

File size: 3.92MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Magic Affirmations
Magic AffirmationsApril 20, 2016
QuickEStore is a very popular Cold Fusion shopping cart with many advanced features. Easily set up and manage an online store with shopping cart functionality. Built-in UPS rates, plus three other shipping options, store templates, product images and thumbnails, sales and inventory reporting, and product attributes. Optionally integrate with the most popular payment gateways for real-time credit card transaction. Version 8. 6 has improved UPS shipping integration and coupon codes.

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Mountain Rainier Snow
Mountain Rainier SnowApril 20, 2016
AisoSoft Free Video Converter is completely freeware to convert video and audio files between any format, convert video to audio, convert video to the other video formats and convert audio to audio and provides you optimized output profiles for iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, Kindle Fire, Samsung, HTC and more. And you can adjust codec, bit rate, frame rate, video size, audio channel, sample rate, audio volume for an output format. Powerful video converter and audio converter Convert general video Convert...

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3D Halloween Holiday ScreensaverApril 20, 2016
Tonight, tonight is Halloween, ghosts, witches, and evil spirits are having a wild celebration in an old abandoned mansion guarded by vampire bats and creepy Jack O' Lanterns. The weather itself seems to revel in the haunted night. Plunge into the true atmosphere of the spooky holiday of Halloween with this highly realistic free 3D screensaver.

 License: FreeDetails
Big Cats Screensaver
Big Cats ScreensaverApril 20, 2016
This screensaver shows beautiful images and reproduces voices of wild cats. See family 'felines': lion, tiger, panther, lynx, leopard, cougar, cheeta, bobcat. Beasts at a rest and at an action... A life of greater and wild cats on your screen! Sound background have 5 wilds sounds. This screen saver contains 50 amazing images. All pictures in resolution 1024*768 pix. and High Color (24-bit). Saver is set to automatically fit them to your own screen size. The evaluation version of...

 License: Free to tryDetails
Acme Photo ScreenSaver Maker
Acme Photo ScreenSaver MakerApril 20, 2016
roTab is a firefox addon which makes switching tabs simpler and quicker. It provides two ways to do that one by hovering the tab container with your cursor and then scrolling your mouse wheel and the other by holding modifier keys and scrolling the mouse wheel.

 License: Free to tryDetails
QuicKeys for WindowsApril 20, 2016
QuicKeys - a macro program that allows you to create shortcuts to automate computer tasks. It takes the daily tasks that would normally take multiple steps and turns them into simple one-step shortcuts.

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PrivateDeskApril 20, 2016
PrivateDesk not only let you have multiple virtual desktop. PrivateDesk also let you assign password and HotKey to enter your virtual Private desktop. So if you are in PrivateDesk 1 and you assigned a password to it and you go to Main Desktop or any other Virtual Desktop to avoid other people around you can see what you are doing. if you want to go back to PrivateDesk 1 you must enter the correct password to see and continue working in what you were doing in PrivateDesk 1. this way you can keep your privacy.

 License: Free to tryDetails
Moo0 MultiDesktopApril 20, 2016
Moo0 MultiDesktop lets you enjoy a multiple desktop environment in the simplest way. Haven't you ever wished for a larger desktop space? Or, haven't you ever wanted to hide something quickly by switching to another desktop? This tool may be one of the easiest and simplest way out there.

 License: FreeDetails
Solar Eclipse Windows 7 ThemeApril 20, 2016
dbConstructor was developed with the main focus on speeding and easing the database schema creation and maintenance process, while maintaining the complete documentation and change management required in today's fast development environment. Maintaining multiple or even a single database platform project can be a very complex task, which has been greatly simplified by dbConstructor's tightly integrated but still friendly user interface.

 License: FreeDetails
AVI-MPG-WMV Screensaver
AVI-MPG-WMV ScreensaverApril 20, 2016
View your own MPEG, AVI, MOV or WMV videos as a screensaver. You can play your videos randomly or in sequence, and you can adjust the size of the videos playing or stretch your videos full-screen if you wish. Video sound is also included.

 License: Free to tryDetails
FileMarker.NET FreeApril 20, 2016
ScanBee turns your iPhone into a portable scanner. It allows you to scan any document into a high quality pdf file. + Email Sharing +Send the pdf file via email. + Open In +Open the pdf file in any app that can open pdf documents on your iPhone. + High Quality +Apply image enhancing filters to your scan. + Batch Scanning +Quickly scan many documents to a single pdf file. Easily reorder and add new pages. + Edge Detection +Automatically detect the edges of your document. If you have any question or suggestion about...

 License: FreeDetails
Pin More
Pin MoreApril 20, 2016
Pin custom tiles for Steam and Origin games, documents, document folders and websites to your Start screen! Create static tiles with any image you want as logo or use up to 5 images to create a live tile that cycles between them. You can also create live tiles for your Steam games that display your achievements or for your favorite websites displaying their latest news. Choose the background color you want to use by either picking one of the default colors, using our color picker, entering...

 License: Free to tryDetails
CRT ScreensaverApril 20, 2016
WinSPWW2 is a hex-based tactical war game set in the WWII era from 1930-1946. This patch includes four revised scenarios and reworked code.

 License: Free to tryDetails
StartMenu9 Free
StartMenu9 FreeApril 20, 2016
Doesn't bug you with ads. Doesn't keep logs. Is fast. Ten different identities: German, France, US, Swiss, British, Egypt, Spain, Japan, Romania, Singapore. Automatic recognition of blocked content. Easy to use. Fast and friendly support. Made in Germany. German protection of privacy. The first 500 MB traffic can be tested for free. Then, the one year licence comes for just $ 69. 95 / 59, 95 EUR. Champions League, American Football, Golf, NHL, NFL, TV-Shows, Global News, Online Radio, Music Streaming &more.

 License: FreeDetails
DOSBoxApril 20, 2016
This is for those that frequently use a command shell (DOS window). Easily open a DOS window to a specific folder destination using drag-and-drop.

 License: FreeDetails
Sticky Previews
Sticky PreviewsApril 20, 2016
Sticky Previews is a lightweight productivity tool. It keeps previews above all other applications like a sticky-note thus allowing you to monitor any background window in real time no matter which application you are working with. Its behavior is very similar to picture-in-picture TV technology, but for desktop applications. With Sticky Previews you can watch videos from YouTube in the Background, monitor Stock Quotes In Real-Time, collate Data from Office applications and magnifying any part Of the screen.

 License: Free to tryDetails

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