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Photo Screensaver MakerNovember 02, 2016
AppRocket is a very natural way of accessing all types of files and information on your computer and the Internet. Just type a few letters of what you are looking for and AppRocket finds it. Version 1. 2. 1 has quicker startup time and supports windows shares.

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Star Faces ScreensaverNovember 02, 2016
What happen if we mix the eyes of Britney Spears, the nose of Shakira, the mouth of Michelle Pfeiffer? If you want to see this you can download Star Faces Screensaver and try to recognize your favourite singers, models and actresses.

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Super Screensaver BuilderNovember 02, 2016
Super Screensaver Builder allows you to create and distribute professional screensavers for Windows, giving you the ability to create attractive screensavers in no time at all. Super Screensaver Builder supports 150 transition effects. You can preview your screensaver as you build it. Additional customization features include the options to add music, choose background colors, display in full-screen, and set slide transition step and time. You do not require royalties or any kinds of rights on the screensavers you...

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Clock Screen SaverNovember 01, 2016
AX-ZIP Archiver is the utility for creation and management of ZIP archives. It can also extract files from CAB, RAR, JAR, ACE, and 7Z archives. The utility is integrated into Windows Shell. Original, double tree program interface allows to manipulate simultaneously several archives and to minimize the number of operations while working with archives. Work with items of archives is similar to work with files and folders in Windows Explorer. Besides, AX-ZIP Archiver is simple and convenient file manager.

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PC Desktop CleanerNovember 01, 2016
McSee Movie Converter is a powerful yet easy to use video converter. With McSee Movie Converter, you can convert almost all formats videos from one format to another. Formats supported include (but not limited to) AVI, DivX, WMV, MKV, 3GP, 3G2, QuickTime MOV/QT, RMVB/RM/RAM, MPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4, MKV, ASF, ASX, FLV, H. 264, H. 263, AVC, VOB, DAT, DV, MQV, VCD, DVD and so on. You can convert a video as simple as just three clicks (select input file, choose a format, click convert). Also McSee Movie Converter support...

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WidgetDockModNovember 01, 2016
WidgetDockMod widget is a very good utility for managing your widgets.

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Active WallPaperOctober 31, 2016
Active WallPaper will put cleverly your pictures in desktop background, without stretching your images, with the powerful images algorithms, your pictures will be always displayed in better way. The built-in calendar will recall you your appointments, birthdays or specials events that you have to remember with adjustable alarms which can be recycled. Have some fun with the internal clock sounds which ring the hours, half-hours and fifteen.

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jFolderOctober 31, 2016
Want to make your folders and drives stand out for easier identification? Customize their icons then. This program allows Windows 2000 and Windows XP users to customise the appearance of icons for drives (Win2K only) and folders. You can choose the icon and tool tip of any folder, giving the same effect (if desired) of system folders like the recycle bin or "My Documents". Normal icon files can be used, as well as the icons within some Executable files. jFolder is written in Assembly Language for maximum...

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Alert CalendarOctober 31, 2016
Business Card and Label Maker Pro is a powerful label program that helps you designing and printing professional address labels, mailing labels, shipping labels, form letters, business cards, tickets, inventory tags, postcards, signs, envelopes, and virtually any other type of label or card from files and databases. This Label Maker software is integrated with a powerful mailing databases, barcode generator, and mail merge capabilities, You can select from many pre-defined label templates, or specify your own...

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SWF To Screensaver Scout
SWF To Screensaver ScoutSeptember 17, 2016
Ximagic GrayDither is a Photoshop plug-in to reduce color/grayscale images to n-level gray using dithering. As a particular case could produce B/W bitmap images (2-level grayscale). It provides automatic conversion RGB color to grayscale using Y in YCbCr color space, 4 threshold dithering methods, and direct binary search (DBS) dithering. It support of 8/16 bits images, support of Photoshop actions/batch, support use as Smart filter, and versions for 32 and 64 bit plug-in hosts.

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American Banner FREE
American Banner FREESeptember 16, 2016
This patriotic screensaver shows various images of american state flag. The screensaver includes 15 big pictures with music background. All images in resolution 1024*768 pix and High Color (24-bit). Saver is set to automatically fit them to your own screen size. You can to use any image as wallpaper via one click.

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Great Pond 3DSeptember 16, 2016
- Manually enter new settings and save them for later use;  • Switch between stored static IP addresses and DHCP with the click of the mouse;  • Quickly view your current IP settings;  • Toggle between settings for different interfaces (i. e. LAN and wireless);  • Makes cRIO and other LabVIEW RT target IP configuration a snap;  • Official support for Windows 7;  • Notification window integration...

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NFSLoveJackpotSeptember 16, 2016
RED searches and deletes empty directories recursively below a given start folder and shows the result in a well arranged tree. Further you can create some custom rules for keeping and deleting folders. Empty files in directories can also be ignored. Just try RED to see the other features - no registry keys or system files will be touched.

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Incredible Mars 3D ScreensaverSeptember 16, 2016
Terraforming, relief exaggeration, manual and automatic flyby control, close-ups and more... The screensaver displays the planet Mars in 3D. It uses MOLA Mission Experiment Gridded Data Records. You can run the screensaver in two flyby modes: manual control and automatic that can be selected on the screensaver settings dialog box. To get help on the manual flyby control mode, please, press F1 while running the screensaver in that mode.

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NFS Balls03September 16, 2016
Remove 10 years in 10 minutes. Beauty Box is the next generation in skin retouching software. This plug-in for After Effects and Final Cut Pro will automatically identify and smooth skin tones while preserving important facial features. Beauty Box automatically retouches your subject to remove wrinkles, blemishes, scars and other skin problems. By incorporating state-of-the-art face detection and smoothing algorithms, Beauty Box gives your actor or model a makeover in post-production. Whether it is used for a...

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NFS DigitalClock03September 16, 2016
On black background there are big white numbers, which can be seen from any place in the room. In addition the screensaver features the present date and year. The screensavers are initially designed to prevent damage to CRTs and plasma computer monitors by blanking the screen or filling it with moving images or patterns when the computer is not in use.

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NFS Clock04September 16, 2016
Metro Action RPG, GhostX GhostX is a unique type of RPG that is revolutionary, fast-paced and stylish compared to the traditional MMORPGs. The Nanobots in GhostX combine many separate elements of a traditional RPG into an innovative system. They combine the functions of pet, skill, job, weapon, item, and growth to allow for many new kinds of interaction. The Nanobots direct the style of combat, propel the storyline, and help you in problem solving. You can hold multiple Nanobots in your inventory for many...

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NFS Clock06September 16, 2016
XICalc is an integer calculator program with the following features: Multiple precision integers with millions of digits; Uses Fast Hartley Transform to speed-up long multiplies; Separate input and output notation, base 2 to base 36; Greatest Common Divisor function; Modulo arithmetic options; Boolean functions; Random number generator; Prime factor algorithm using the Elliptic Curve Method; All of the source is included. Version 3. 2. 21. 14580 includes unspecified updates.

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NFS ClockNightButterflySeptember 16, 2016
This is an extension for Google Chrome. It helps to Monitor and alert you when PC-Addicts is streaming live. You can alter the time interval and the stream that's being checked. This extension is only compatible with ustream. tv.

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Haunted Graveyard 3DSeptember 16, 2016
The application constitutes a collection of video footage of the most exciting moments that happened during sport competitions (ball games, race, rally etc. ) as well as demonstration of complicated stunts and extreme kinds of sport (aquaboarding, parachute jumping, bungee jumping and the others). Application developers are not responsible for trustworthiness of information and video footage provided to users. Note: - Requires internet connection! - Wi-Fi connection is strongly recommended

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