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Orzeszek Timer
Orzeszek TimerOctober 20, 2013
In this game you need to put the tiles together to construct a stained glass. There's only one rule: when two tiles touch each other, the colors of the touching sides of the tiles must be the same. There are a total of 3 stages, with increased number of tiles for each new level. Use the mouse to drag and put the tiles. Version 1. 5. 1 has added 4 language versions.

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TimekeeperOctober 20, 2013
TouchMax changes the Creation Time or Modified Time of files and folders. This is useful for digital photographs and videos. Maybe you forgot to set the date/time of your camera before you went on vacation. Since most image software reads the timestamp the camera stores in the image's EXIF area, that means it will think your beach pictures were taken in January or that Daylight Saving Time wasn't in effect. Use TouchMax along with JHead to correct these settings. TouchMax will set the image files' creation time...

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Time Manager
Time ManagerOctober 20, 2013
CDash is an open source, web-based software testing server. CDash aggregates, analyzes, and displays the results of software testing processes submitted from clients located around the world. Developers depend on CDash to convey the state of a software system, and to continually improve its quality. CDash is a part of a larger software process that integrates Kitware's CMake, CTest, and CPack tools, as well as other external packages used to design, manage and maintain large-scale software systems.

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TimeMyProjectOctober 19, 2013
TimeMyProject has many great features. You can time up to six projects at once with our easy-to-use interface. You can create multiple timers and start them all at the same time. You can also name all of your timers, create a master password so that nobody can delete the timers, and the program is always auto saving your timers so that if anything happens to your computer, they will start back once you open the program again. Added Feature That Tells You What Time A Timer Finished. Added Settings...

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uTimeOctober 19, 2013
uTime is an easy-to-use and user friendly alarm clock. It's a clock, reminder, sticker, stopwatch and timer. You can create multiple alerts which can alert you at a specific moment or run periodically, and remind you before a specified event or keep on reminding you after it. The reminder can show message, play music, open a link or document/software, or shut down/restart your PC at a specified moment as you need. The interface of uTime has been designed to be user-friendly and can be easily operated by anyone, ...

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AS-Analog ClockOctober 18, 2013
With TheBrain, organize ideas, projects, contacts, files, and Web pages associatively to capture your thinking and perspective. Use your Brain for business projects or as an "everything in your life manger" so you can get the big picture on all your information and drill down to the right file or detail within seconds. See key relationships and ideas at glance. Map out your thinking and complex business processes. Visualize folder structures, business relationships, contacts and ideas. Navigate...

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World ClockOctober 18, 2013
Easy2Sync for Outlook makes sure your Microsoft Outlook Profiles are in sync. Contacts, e-mails, tasks, everything can be synchronized. It doesn't matter if you use PST files or profiles. An automatic synchronization is also possible when starting or ending windows or time-based. Even NT services are supported. Version 5. 04 has improved Outlook 2013 compatibility and handling of bridge files.

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OnlyStopWatch (64-bit)October 16, 2013
Download OnlyStopWatch 3. 46 Windows Freeware

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Free Stopwatch TimerOctober 14, 2013
(C) To X. WellGames Speed baller Reloaded is an arcade game that you control a fast ball around traps jump pads and massive crushing balls (Go a head and make your jokes) Please help us make the game better by giving out ideas! We will be very happy to hear what we can do with the game. This game will always be free, because we don't believe its worth anything. More levels soon, (WITH MASSIVE CRUSHING BALLS!!) with extras. Sorry for the game play as this is being fixed and updated. If you want to get the updated...

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Zulu Time ConverterOctober 12, 2013
Zulu Time Converter is a tiny time converter for Zulu time, it can convert Zulu time to other time zone value, such as UTC time, GMT time, PST time and more. This software is a useful utility for all Zulu time users, easy to use very much.

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Relay Timer R2X
Relay Timer R2XSeptember 23, 2013
Programmable timer software to control 2-channel relay boards.

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1 Minute TimerSeptember 19, 2013
This timer looks digital and the colour of this is blue. It is set for 1 minute and can be installed on your PC or laptop. When the timer reaches the end it will tell you so. You will hear a voice telling you time is up. There is also a link to my site where you can download many more timers. If you would like me to create special timer just for you let me know. I will create it for what ever time you want.

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NotifyMeSeptember 06, 2013
Advanced reminders and desktop background changer. Set moods with music and pics

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Taskbar Timer
Taskbar TimerAugust 29, 2013
Taskbar Timer is a handy countdown alarm that nicely sits in you system tray

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Analogue Vista Clock
Analogue Vista ClockAugust 22, 2013
Analogue Vista Clock is an outstanding quality alarm clock for your desktop.

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Simply Alarming
Simply AlarmingAugust 19, 2013
Simple alarm that alerts you at a specific time of day or when a timer expires.

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AbosenAugust 04, 2013
TickerType is a game that helps you practice your typing skills. Each game has five turns and each turn is 30, 60 or 90 seconds long, selectable by the user. Words are chosen at random from a built-in dictionary; the player can choose short (2 - 4 letters), medium (4 - 6 letters) or long (6 - 8 letters). With the start of each game or turn, the words start marching across the window in tickertape fashion; the player can choose slow, medium or fast speeds. The goal is to type as many of the words as possible before...

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Free Countdown TimerAugust 02, 2013
A very simple tool designed to remove all known viruses that affect AOL Instant Messenger. Written in C++ with no external files, dlls, or installation required. For best results, run in Safe Mode. Version 1. 6. 66. 15 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes. Version 1. 6. 66. 15 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

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Facebook Pro
Facebook ProJuly 24, 2013
Facebook Pro is an app whose only function is letting you use your favorite

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Downcount TimerJuly 23, 2013
Shana Encoder is audio or video encoding program based on FFmpeg. It provides you with an intuitive video encoder that you can use to convert your multimedia files to common formats. ShanaEncoder supports multiple input and output formats, such as FLV, AVI, 3GP, ASF, MKV, MOV, OGG, SWF and many more. It allows you to choose the output size, change the used codec, modify the audio bit rate and assign subtitles to the input file.

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