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MailWasher FreeApril 20, 2014
MailWasher is a program to help you get rid of spam and viruses in your e-mail. MailWasher allows you to preview all aspects of your e-mail on the server before you download it to your computer, thus protecting you from spam, viruses, phishing attacks, and other nuisances. You can then delete unwanted e-mail before it gets to you. Other features help identify and protect you against viruses and worms. Included are comprehensive antispam tools and many other features.

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MumbleApril 20, 2014
Since there wasn't a working Mumble app on the market, I decided to compile one from the code found at "http://mumble. sourceforge. net/" and upload it. (Had to make some change to the code to make it work doh)All credit to these guys: pcgod, Rantanen, xZise, verterok, resba, argyleref, masalm, Ryan-Myers. (anyone missing?)Supports: Keystores and Accesstokens! =)Working on certificates, but no guarantees.. *I did this mostly cause I wanted Mumble with accesstokens, and thought maybe other ppl might want it...

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Free Internet Speed BoosterApril 19, 2014
Kids Read More with FarFaria! FarFaria offers over 600 picture books and new stories every week, so it's easy for parents and tons of fun for kids. Install to start reading today!FarFaria's library has hundreds of fun and educational books for kids ages 2-9. FarFaria will help your child develop a love for reading and encourage your family to read together more often. ___What the Experts Think___+ TWO-TIME FAMILY CHOICE AWARD WINNER!+ Brain Expander Parenting Magazine+ Netflix for Children's Books! USA...

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Virtual Personality+
Virtual Personality+April 19, 2014
A professional telephone - internet voice changer voice changer utility. High quality natural voice. Works with your PC speakers as well as over a telephone line or with internet applications like yahoo chat. Works with the PC speakers as well as over a telephone line with a special telephone adapter. Doesn't need any modem for telephony. Supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/Xp. You speak into the PC microphone and the new voice is heard on your computer speakers or on the telephone at the other end of the line....

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AntiSpamWareApril 19, 2014
For people and businesses with their own Web sites, but also for all other users as well, viewing incoming emails can be an arduous and time consuming business, as the interesting contacts are often buried in a flood of automatically generated spam. AntiSpamWare is a filter able to eliminate junk mails automatically and can now clear unwanted mails not just from POP3 mailboxes but also from AOL mailboxes. AntiSpamWare is able to recognize and delete unwanted mail; in addition, however, it also offers a range...

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Glide - Video TextingApril 19, 2014
The app everyones talking about is now on Android! Featured in the New York Times + Wall Street Journal Send + receive private video messages 1-on-1 or in huge groups... insanely fast, unlimited + 100% free!FASTER THAN MESSAGING - Send instant video messages with just a tap. No uploading or downloading!EASIER THAN VIDEO CHAT - No need to make sure friends are available or wait until they answer to start talking. COOLER THAN TEXTING - Would you rather text about going to the beach or show yourself at the beach?...

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SMS Marketing SoftwareApril 18, 2014
SMS marketing is the most effective, reliable and cost effective way of marketing. Fast and excellent way of marketing by using latest technology is not only the demand of time but also helps to increase sales. Because SMS is extremely personal, therefore the response ratio is much higher than other marketing methodologies. SMS Marketing allows you to send SMS messages from your computer. Send text messages to thousands, hundred thousands or even millions of mobile phones instantly.

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M-Lat SMS MarketingApril 18, 2014
This complete mobile marketing application allows you to send Customized, Scheduled and Bulk SMS campaigns in any language, from your PC to anywhere in the world, easier, quicker and cheaper than your mobile phone or any other system. There are no monthly rates or hidden charges. Ideal for small and medium enterprises. No cell phone is required to send messages. Here are some key features of "M-Lat SMS Marketing": - Multi-language application - World coverage comprising over 700 operators in over...

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Camfrog Video Chat for MacApril 18, 2014
Build your own Multisim like circuit design and simulation application. Diagrams are a natural and intuitive way of expressing relationships in your application data. E-XD++ Components make it easy to add expressive, interactive Circuit Design and Circuit Simulation Visualization to your application. UCanCode's E-XD++ Diagram Component is the most comprehensive set of tools, components and libraries for creating graphical editing, visualization, supervision and monitoring tools for the VC++ / . NET platform. Both...

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MMSMK MMS SoftwareApril 18, 2014
MMSMK MMS software can connect GPRS mobile phone to a computer to help us get rid of the restrictions on thumbs to create MMS with a computer at any place to send holiday blessings to or share some humorous ideas with your friends by a unique way of communication. The individualized production of holiday MMS enables people to edit short messages quickly in a computer. Its strong contact management function is applicable for every GPRS mobile phone. Version 1. 0. 2. 4 has adjust the speed of MMS.

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MonkeySMSApril 17, 2014
OrangeCD Catalog is the comprehensive music database program for cataloging music in any format: CD, DVD, MP3, iTunes, OGG, FLAC, WMA and other lossless files, and even old LPs and tapes. It can manage classical music collections as well as pop music. To add a new CD to the database, you just need to insert it in your computer or scan barcode from jewel case, and OrangeCD will download all information from FreeDB and Amazon databases, including cover artwork and album reviews. You can organize music bookmarks, ...

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GVNotifierApril 17, 2014
With Shutdown Automaton Portable utility you can schedule a shutdown, restart, log-off or sleep of your computer running windows. It supports scheduling based on specific time point (once, daily or weekly), time countdown, and period of PC inactivity.

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W7 Caller ID
W7 Caller IDApril 16, 2014
W7 Caller ID, phone application that allows you to log phone calls and display them on computers in your home network, Windows 7 Media Center and XBMC. Now with Bluetooth support of smartphones! W7 Caller ID is a handy and reliable application designed to enable users to log calls inside the network or Windows 7 Media Center. W7 Caller ID displays the identity of the caller before the call is answered. It supports multiple modems and is able to block unwanted numbers. The contacts can be imported from Outlook and...

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Razer Comms
Razer CommsApril 15, 2014
Razer Comms is a free all-in-one communications solution for gamers, offering crystal clear VoIP and versatile instant messaging with group chat capabilities. Built with advanced in-game overlay functionality and cross-game chat support, Razer Comms allows you to get in touch with your friends without compromising your gameplay. This is how gamers were meant to communicate. Talk: crystal clear voice chat; We built Razer Comms from the ground up purely for gaming. Complex audio algorithms and the ultra-fast...

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SSuite Sqeaker PhoneApril 14, 2014
The ER-211 SmartPhone Recovery Pro for iPhone Windows is a professional data recovery product for home, office and professional use, which enables a user to recover data from an iPhone handset quickly and efficiently. This software allows you to view and backup data from your iPhone handset, including contacts, call history, SMS text messages, photos and videos, using any Windows PC. With the SmartPhone Recovery Pro for iPhone (Windows), you can also recover deleted contact records, messages, call history, ...

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Spam Bully for Outlook ExpressApril 10, 2014
Spam Bully - Email spam filter for Outlook Express and other email clients

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Plan for Nokia 9210 for SymbianApril 10, 2014
Project Planning Software - Twiddlebit Software - PDA and Windows software, free and shareware - Plan (Microsoft Project compatible planner for Windows, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Handheld PC, Symbian, UIQ, ... )

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WyeSoft SMSApril 10, 2014
WyeSoft SMS is a PC-to-SMS application designed to send text messages from your computer to a mobile phone (or cellphone) in SMS format. It is easy to use and all you need to get started is a WSID, which can be created in just a minute or so. There is also a web-based version available from the WyeSoft website for those who do not want to download the application version.

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PhotoSpy for SymbianApril 10, 2014
Diginaut Ltd. is company specialized in development shareware and freeware software products, IT solutions and outsourcing using latest software development tools.

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Go!SMSApril 10, 2014
Go!SMS - serwer SMS, wysyłka seryjna sms z komputera. Sprawdź naszą ofertę!

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