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Binary Boy
Binary BoyJuly 28, 2009
A newsreader with NZB and RAR support. Custom settings for each newsgroup

File size: 2.10MbLicense: SharewareDetails
RWT - PremierJuly 27, 2009
RapidWeaverThemes is proud to re-introduce a mainstay and perennial favorite from our theme library. Premier is now RW 3. 6+ compatible and RW 4. 0 ready. Premier also comes with a number of enhancements and improvements. Here is a partial list of improvements or added features of the Premier theme:  • 3 more widths to choose from  • 15 RWmultitool Header Options  • Use the color chooser to change the header color

 License: CommercialDetails
YeahReaderJuly 06, 2009
Free program for reading news feeds in RSS, RDF and Atom formats, and podcasts.

File size: 2.18MbLicense: FreewareDetails
40 Great Wordpress Themes with Private Label RightsJuly 04, 2009
Acquire templates for Wordpress Blog software.

File size: 9.5MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Women's Bras
Women's BrasJune 23, 2009
Visit http://www. classywomensbras. com and save big on discounted name brands

File size: 1.14MbLicense: FreewareDetails
FeedStationJune 16, 2009
Download and synchronize multimedia content with your iPod.

File size: 1.1MbLicense: FreewareDetails
myWeblogJune 13, 2009
myWeblog is an easy-to-use weblog editor focusing on the most important functions for blogger with easy to use features and a clean user interface. Why should you hinder yourself by using the slow and hard-to-use webinterface WordPress comes with, if you could do it with style and comfort of a real Mac application. myWeblog gives you the freedom to work on your articles offline - whenever and wherever you want. With myWeblog it's so easy to integrate pictures, without using a special application or thinking about...

File size: 8.6MbLicense: SharewareDetails
TweetAdderJune 09, 2009
TweetAdder will increase your twitter followers with people that match your preferences and interests. Searches include by location (anywhere in the world), by language spoken, by tweet keywords, by another profiles followers, or people being followed by another. Sends out automated follows of these exactly matches resulting in a very high return of new twitter followers who will then receive all of your twitter status updates (tweets).  • Unfollows people who do not follow you...

File size: 6.9MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Bloggchen.appJune 09, 2009
I'd love to sit in front of my very old 12" PowerBook with Tiger for surfing the web and of course for blogging. Thats why I was missing my beloved weblog editor with source code editing and syntax coloring. So I've just written a very small and simple application for blogging - even with Mac OS 10. 4. 11. Bloggchen. app supports any metaWeblog. API powered weblog engine and is of course not a killer application and missing a lot of features - but for writing (offline) an entry, publishing it with ease, uploading...

File size: 0.5469MbLicense: FreewareDetails
CBC Headlines Ticker
CBC Headlines TickerMay 26, 2009
Setup, manage, and display CBC feeds on your computer's desktop.

File size: 2.2MbLicense: FreewareDetails
ectoMay 13, 2009
ecto is a feature-rich desktop blogging client for MacOSX and Windows, supporting a wide range of weblog systems, such as Blogger, Blojsom, Drupal, MovableType, Nucleus, TypePad, WordPress, and more. ecto is the successor of the wildly popular Kung-Log. With ecto you can write and manage entries for your weblog(s). The advantage over using your weblog's control panel is that you can compose entries offline and use the extra features ecto offers, such as spellcheck, creating links, attachments, amazon support, ...

File size: 10.4MbLicense: SharewareDetails
NewsBlissMay 07, 2009
NewsBliss is a real-time windows based desktop media streamer built on media RSS. NewsBliss scrolls customized information and images across a user's desktop and displays summary information, images, and video in a drop-down window on mouse-over. NewsBliss provides great features and many associated benefits: scrolls feed thumbnails, multiple bands with unlimited number of feeds; import/export OPML plays Google and YouTube video directly in drop-down window. No need to go to respective Web site to view, feed...

File size: 2.7MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Binjet Downloading Engine
Binjet Downloading EngineMay 02, 2009
Find and download binary files posted to the Usenet.

File size: 0.8594MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Defensio for WordPressApril 23, 2009
Defensio is a spam filtering web service that you can use to protect your blog or web application from comment spam. Features: Spam quarantine sorted by spaminess. OpenID support when used in conjunction with the WP-OpenID plugin. Background color applied to spam comments to increase ease-of-identification. Spam comments collapsed (and restorable) to allow for easy and efficient navigation. Very obvious spam can be hidden from view. Performance statistics provided to show how Defensio is doing on your...

File size: 0.1523MbLicense: FreewareDetails
BitsCastApril 09, 2009
Bitscast is an RSS reader/database/aggregator and a podcast receiver/player. It handles all news feeds in RSS 0. 9, 1. 0, 2. 0, ATOM 0. 3 and 1. 0; provides advanced supports for multiple channels, subscription lists, and channel/list management; supports OPML import/export and RSS feed auto-detection. Bitscast also includes media (audio/video software image) auto-downloader and local cache management; podcast/video blog playback/cache, BitTorrent attachment downloader; and database query tool, supported by Microsoft...

File size: 3.2MbLicense: BetaDetails
Usenet Explorer
Usenet ExplorerApril 01, 2009
Usenet Explorer is a multi server, multi windows, multitasking newsreader for text and binaries. A powerful binary downloader, without compromising support for text. Supports virtual groups and grouping binary posts into collections. Full download automation capabilities. Fast and reliable. Includes comprehensive Usenet binary indexing service. Version 2. 4. 5 eliminated screen flicker when updating/scrolling header list in newsgroup and the disk fragmentation growth has been greatly reduced.

File size: 1.4MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Kuler DesktopMarch 25, 2009
Get an RSS feed of color themes from kuler.

File size: 0.6191MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Xingla Pro Blog Carnival Submitter
Xingla Pro Blog Carnival SubmitterMarch 21, 2009
Submit to large lists of blog carnivals in just seconds.

File size: 1.8MbLicense: SharewareDetails
NewsReader Gadget
NewsReader GadgetMarch 03, 2009
This gadget lets read your favorite RSS feeds subscribed with Internet Explorer

File size: 0.06MbLicense: SharewareDetails
BlogBridgeMarch 02, 2009
BlogBridge the Blog and feed aggregation solution specifically designed for people like you. We will help you organize and sort through vast amounts of information, and we will let you discover stuff that would otherwise be hard to find. Version 6. 6. 1 Fixes application hanging when showing some feeds.

File size: 5.4MbLicense: FreewareDetails

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