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SMS and Pager ToolkitSeptember 16, 2016
Toolkit to add SMS messaging (Send and Receive) to your applications, scripts, and Web pages. Send and Receive using a GSM phone (Nokia, Siemens, Motorola) or GSM modem (WaveCom Fastrack). Or use a Hayes modem and send through SMSC provider (TAP, XIO, UCP). Connect device to PC using a data cable, Bluetooth, or Infrared. TAPI and Unicode support. Support for SMPP and XML. Samples for ASP, ASP. NET, Visual Basic, VB. NET, Visual C++, and Visual C# included.

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EmailSpooferSeptember 16, 2016
EmailSpoofer if a brilliant new email spoofer and joke windup tool from www. emailspoofer. co. uk. Send family and friends joke e-mails and wind them up like never before. Send your family and friends emails from the Queen or President Obama. The possibilities are virtually limitless with EmailSpoofer. Why not e-mail your boss and tell them they are up for a promotion to director and see how they react. EmailSpoofer comes with a quickstart guide that will have you up and running in minutes. With step by step pictures...

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Ability Mail Server
Ability Mail ServerSeptember 15, 2016
Channel Inverter also offers the ability to output (or repress) specific color channels. Channel Inverter supports both 8 bits / channel and 16 bits / channel color modes for professional workflows.

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Database E-MailerSeptember 15, 2016
An intuitive worksheet based Charting Interface makes it easy to select fields for automatic data summarization and creation of Excel XY, Combination (2 Y-Axis) and XYZ Charts. Quickly create different Charts from the same set of original unsummarized data. Automatically Age Date Fields for use on the X Axis. Automatically Count non-numeric Y-Axis fields. Automatically Create Chart Titles. Sort Chart Data in realtime and Charts instantly change. Customize Charts and save Chart formatting for automatic re-use. Walk...

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M-Lat SMS MarketingSeptember 15, 2016
This complete mobile marketing application allows you to send Customized, Scheduled and Bulk SMS campaigns in any language, from your PC to anywhere in the world, easier, quicker and cheaper than your mobile phone or any other system. There are no monthly rates or hidden charges. Ideal for small and medium enterprises. No cell phone is required to send messages. Here are some key features of "M-Lat SMS Marketing": - Multi-language application  • World coverage comprising over 700...

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TeamTalkSeptember 15, 2016
TeamTalk allows you to talk with our friends and colleagues using the Internet or a local area network. TeamTalk 4 is a freeware conferencing system which allows multiple users to participate in audio and video conversations on the Internet. The TeamTalk 4 install file includes both client and server application. Special client application included with accessibility features for visually impaired.

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Mail BomberSeptember 15, 2016
Mail Bomber e-mail and mailing lists have become an important feature for many Web sites and individual PC users. Whether you are notifying customers of new products or simply sending an e-mail message to a group of friends, mailing lists offer a quick and easy way of communicating. It is a basic, yet surprisingly flexible utility that can send mass e-mails. It provides everything you need for managing mailing lists, writing e-mail messages and sending them over the Internet. In fact, you can maintain a number of...

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GPagesSeptember 15, 2016
ASuite is a simple application launcher to manage an unlimited number of files, folders and Web page for quick access. It is designed to work with removable storage (uses relative paths) media like USB sticks, hard drives, iPods.

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Turbo ConnectSeptember 15, 2016
This mod enhances the graphics and visual effects of the classic Quake game. Quake never looked better than with this mod. This mod does nothing to the mechanics of the classic game, but only updates the look. The graphics, textures, lighting and particle effects are all significantly enhanced with the FuhQuake mod.

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WhosOnSeptember 15, 2016
Real Time Visitor Tracking, Live Stats, Live Chat and Monitoring tool for your website. WhosOn displays live website visitor statistics showing current visitor and spider activity on your site, and provdes web traffic analytics reporting. In addition WhosOn acts as a live chat server allowing visitors to chat to operators in your organization as they browse. You can provide live help and live person interaction to increase sales and improve customer service. Integrates with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM...

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Remove Duplicate Journal EntriesSeptember 08, 2016
Free and easy moves, removes or deletes duplicate entries in Outlook journals.

File size: 0.31MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Export Contacts to vCard for OutlookSeptember 08, 2016
Free and easy to use tool to save Outlook contacts to vCard files (VCF).

File size: 0.30MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Import Auto-Complete List for OutlookSeptember 08, 2016
Free tool to import MS Outlook auto-complete list cache from XML/NK2/DAT files.

File size: 0.30MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Export Outlook Items to PST FileSeptember 08, 2016
Free and easy way to save Outlook/Exchange folders and mailboxes to PST files.

File size: 0.30MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Remove Duplicate Tasks for OutlookSeptember 08, 2016
Free and easy moves, removes or deletes duplicate tasks in Outlook folders.

File size: 0.31MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Remove Duplicate Calendar ItemsSeptember 08, 2016
Free and easy moves, removes or deletes duplicate appointments in Outlook.

File size: 0.31MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Remove Duplicate Notes for OutlookSeptember 08, 2016
Free and easy moves, removes or deletes duplicate notes in Outlook folders.

File size: 0.31MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Bopup Messenger for AndroidSeptember 06, 2016
Communicate with mobile and desktop users securely via self-hosted IM server

File size: 0.77MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Windows Live Mail to PSTSeptember 05, 2016
Convert EMl to PST file with Regain Windows Live Mail to PST Software

File size: 4.57MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Windows Live Mail to PSTSeptember 02, 2016
Export Windows Live Mail to PST file with Regain EML to PST Software

File size: 4.57MbLicense: SharewareDetails

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