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GroupDialer ProfessionalOctober 22, 2013
GroupDialer Professional is a highly efficient and low cost effective way to deliver telephone broadcast by automatically calling hundreds, thousands of telephone numbers. Its feature include silence detection, detect Color Ring Back Tone (CRBT), show waveform of sound on the control, import phone number list from text or excel file, using Microsoft TTS to Speaking. Export call history to Excel file, detect or gather DTMF digits, You may obtain responses from people by asking them to press keys to respond to choices and...

File size: 8.2MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
Dial Engine ProOctober 22, 2013
Dialer without GUI, multiple calling cards; dials from any document or browser page; automatic redialing; audio notification; caller ID; answers incoming calls; command line dialing; it will accept and queue the dialing requests coming from other applications; logs outgoing and incoming calls; compatible with Time &Chaos; speakerphone; it can also dial a phone number without a modem. Version 3. 9 can dial phone number from any document. Version 4. 1 added: VoIP option.

File size: 1.88MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
MousetelOctober 20, 2013
Mousetel PC2Phone Dialer is an ideal solution for making VoIP calls from PC. It is a light application which can be easily installed on a PC or laptop to make calls over IP networks. PC dialer is fully compatible with all standard SIP switches. Mousetel PC dialer works in blocked areas (UAE, Oman, Kuwait, KSA) and supports G729 and G711 codecs. It can pass through any presently available firewall in combination with Byte Saver. It can work smoothly in a low bandwidth scenario with Byte Saver.

File size: 2.51MbLicense: FreeDetails
SecureBridge Professional
SecureBridge ProfessionalOctober 14, 2013
SSH, SSL and SFTP Client and Server for Network Security

File size: 7.05MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Breast Augmentation Cost
Breast Augmentation CostOctober 12, 2013
Most of bikes come with standard fittings and accessories from the manufacturers

File size: 0.49MbLicense: FreewareDetails
JpegJet for MacJuly 04, 2013
JpegJet downloads pictures from Usenet newsgroups. It supports yEnc and can automatically delete spam and duplicate pictures that you already have in your collection.

File size: 4.4MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
RascalProJune 25, 2013
RascalPro is a broadband and dial-up connection manager that enhances your online experience with useful features not found in the standard Windows network tool. Rascal is fast, reliable and easy to use, making it a tool of choice for your DSL, Cable, VPN, ISDN and other dial-up connectivity needs. Rascal helps you stay connected to the Internet by simulating network activity to fool idling detectors and by automatically restoring the connection if it is lost. A command line interface is available to run Rascal...

 License: SharewareDetails
iKey for MacMay 28, 2013
Plum Amazing creates essential software for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Win. Software like CopyPaste, iClock, iWatermark, iKey, Natural Cures & Expenses.

File size: 4.74MbLicense: Free to tryDetails
Stay Live 2000
Stay Live 2000April 12, 2013
Keep your Internet dial-up connection alive.

File size: 0.17MbLicense: FreewareDetails
EZ Backup Firefox BasicMarch 08, 2013
EZ Backup Firefox Basic makes it easy to backup your Firefox bookmarks and settings to any local, network or removable drive. The application creates a self-restoring backup archive which includes a wizard interface that will guide you through restoring your data.

 License: SharewareDetails
MING Network Monitor Home
MING Network Monitor HomeFebruary 06, 2013
monitor everything your kids do on the Internet

File size: 3.77MbLicense: SharewareDetails
VPNService Agent
VPNService AgentDecember 07, 2012
The application for comfortable work with VPNService

File size: 18,4MBMbLicense: FreewareDetails
CC Proxy ServerNovember 06, 2012
CC Proxy Server is easy-to-use Internet connection sharing software. Supporting dial-up, ISDN, DSL, and DDN connections, it helps you build your own proxy server and share Internet access within a LAN efficiently and easily. CC Proxy Server can act as HTTP, FTP, SOCKS, mail, news, or telnet proxy servers. And it features powerful account management functions, including Internet access control, bandwidth control, Web filtering, and content filtering.

 License: Free to tryDetails
NetTermSeptember 01, 2012
NetTerm is a network terminal application that can act as a Telnet client on a locally attached Ethernet network, and as a dial-up networking client using Winsock protocols. The most popular file transfer protocols, Zmodem, and Kermit, are supported on both Ethernet and bulletin boards. NetTerm can be launched from within your favorite browser.

 License: Free to tryDetails
ClearTerminalJune 22, 2012
ClearTerminal is a completely free terminal application designed for the needs of M2M and Wireless device developers. It features support for X-Modem, command history, copy, paste, search, time stamps, hex output, customized color scheme, and large buffers for long term logging. Version 2. 0 has added are hot keys for rapid access to AT commands and SSL Socket support.

 License: FreewareDetails
ultimate am4z0n search
ultimate am4z0n searchJune 07, 2012
With 300 tld eg ". com" all you need to do now is type the domain name, select the tld and click go, web navigation couldn't be easier! you don't even need http!

File size: 1.33MbLicense: FreewareDetails
The am4zon browser
The am4zon browserJune 07, 2012
If you like shopping on amazon, you’ll love this simple yet effective web browser that removes all the clutter from a “normal” browsing experience. it is a safe, simple and effective web browser designed for the best shopping experience ever!

File size: 1.40MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Quick Click
Quick ClickJune 07, 2012
web navigation made easy type, select, click and go!

File size: 1.40MbLicense: FreewareDetails
BlueSPPApril 19, 2012
BlueSPP is a Bluetooth SPP communication tool.

File size: 0.08MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Sony Ericsson Messenger
Sony Ericsson MessengerMarch 21, 2012
Get the list of calls and phonebook and the received and stored SMSs from mobile

File size: 1.16MbLicense: DemoDetails

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