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Cavendish Screensaver for Mac v1.3
File size: 58.365234375Mb
License: Free
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The screensaver generates a 3D universe with randomly distributed bodies and then uses OpenGL to display the evolution of the system due to gravity. Solar systems with multiple stable planetary orbits often form, as do unstable ones with many gravity slingshots, binary stars, and other interesting features. Regardless of the result, Cavendish is guaranteed to produce a compelling and accurate visualization. The screensaver is fully customizable, with support for user modification of nineteen different parameters varying from the number of bodies to be simulated all the way to a switch for drawing velocity and acceleration vectors. The screensaver even supports loading and saving of different configuration files to allow favorite systems to be reused.
Cavendish Screensaver for Mac
OSOperating Systems:
Mac OS X 10. 5 Intel, Mac OS X 10. 6
warningMinimum system requirements:
For 10. 5 and earlier, see website for alternate download link.

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