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GreenBrowserApril 21, 2015
Time limited Free!browser with muti-tabs and adblock control. Tips:1) tap the bottom tab twice to close the tab. 2) tap the blank area of the web page to hide/show toolbars3) hold on link or image will popup menus performance enhancement.

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Year Planner
Year PlannerApril 20, 2015
This program prints a single sheet Year Planner for any year.

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Lovely Charts
Lovely ChartsApril 18, 2015
Create beautiful diagrams (flowcharts, sitemaps, org. charts, etc. ) in minutes. Using simple and natural gestures, you can literally draw diagrams as naturally as if you were sketching on paper. Check it in action here: http://vimeo. com/lovelycharts/ipadFEATURES- Draw shapes to add objects- Draw a "Z" to delete objects- Use one finger to select, move, resize- Use two fingers to connect existing symbols together, or create new symbols (eg, "next step")- Use 2 fingers to pan the canvas, and/or...

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iTimeTrackApril 18, 2015
Magyar, kezetes billentyzet hrom klnbz sznben. A jl megszokott magyar kiosztssal, az kezetes betk azonnali elrsvel gyorsabban s szebben rhat. A metrn, taxiban megrt szerelmes levelet, zleti tervet, locsol verset, meseknyvet knnyen msolhatja t brmilyen ms alkalmazsba: email, notes, web, ... Billenty funkcik:Cut: cmd+xCopy: cmd+cPaste: cmd+vSelect all: cmd+aDelete: shift+backspaceKijellshez, kurzor lpegetshez:- betnknt: left, right- szavanknt: option+left, option+rightKlnleges karakterek gyors elrse: alt+... Hasznlja...

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MultiCalendarApril 16, 2015
MetaWeblog. NET programming API for managing blogs. It enables applications to create new blog posts, edit existing posts, retrieve blog information, and upload media objects. Build C#, VB. NET, and ASP. NET applications with blogging capabilities.

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VueMinder Lite
VueMinder LiteApril 15, 2015
Free calendar to organize your schedule and provide reminders of upcoming events

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VueMinder Pro
VueMinder ProApril 15, 2015
A calendar to organize your schedule and provide reminders of events and tasks.

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VueMinder Ultimate
VueMinder UltimateApril 15, 2015
A calendar program that sends reminders to your desktop, email, and phone.

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Aml Pages Portuguese version
Aml Pages Portuguese versionApril 15, 2015
Aml Pages keeps all your notes, information, web pages, passwords, and etc

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EssentialPIM Pro Portable
EssentialPIM Pro PortableApril 14, 2015
The powerful, full-featured PIM for USB flash drives

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EssentialPIM Pro
EssentialPIM ProApril 14, 2015
Full-featured PIM offering Email, Synchronization, Portability, Network Support

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EssentialPIMApril 14, 2015
Free powerful personal information manager to keep all your info in one place

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EssentialPIM Portable
EssentialPIM PortableApril 14, 2015
Free powerful personal information manager for USB flash drives

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Tree Notes
Tree NotesApril 13, 2015
Notes organizer. Hierarchical notes manager that has a tree with icons.

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Swift To-Do List Lite
Swift To-Do List LiteApril 13, 2015
Free to do list software with reminder and tasklists organized by tree structure

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GammuApril 13, 2015
Gammu is command line utility and library to work with mobile many phones.

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MyFilesApril 13, 2015
1. Myfiles. 2. Myfiles. 3. Myfiles 6 Myfiles. 4. MS Office (word, ppt, excel), pdf, txt, mp4, mp3. 5. Myfiles, , , , , . 1. wi-fi /. 2. /. 3. MS Office (word, ppt, excel), pdf, txt. 4..  • 

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VueMinder Calendar LiteApril 10, 2015
System PulseMeter is a comprehensive network monitoring software designed for easy system and network monitoring: get a centralized insight into the monitored IT infrastructure using network map. Monitor network performance, various databases, running processes, applications and services, control incoming and outgoing traffic, stay informed if some crucial windows updates were not installed at some hosts, monitor usage of system memory, threads and CPU used and all this with just one network monitoring tool. Use...

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Shared Calendar
Shared CalendarApril 10, 2015
Versatile cross-browser, cross-platform DHTML scroller that can be configured to scroll vertically or horizontally. You can run multiple scrollers on the same page, with full dynamic control over each scroller. Full HTML syntax is supported, which means you can add images, format and align text quickly and easily. A builder tool is included to let you add, modify and update the scroller with minimum fuss.

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StudyMinder LiteApril 10, 2015
StudyMinder LITE free student planner for Windows helps students get organized and get better grades. StudyMinder LITE organizes assignment information and records study time. StudyMinder LITE shows the total time you need to prepare for school each day and whether all your assignments are completed. You can even share your assignment instructions with classmates.

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