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Alarm2000 PatchSeptember 07, 2001
Alarm program. This program requires the Winamp program. You just input the alarm time and click the start button to use the alarm.

File size: 0.0976MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 Patch: Macro VulnerabilitySeptember 07, 2001
The PowerPoint 2002 Update: October 4, 2001 addresses a vulnerability that could allow a macro to open without warning, which then could run malicious code on your computer.

File size: 1.1MbLicense: UpdateDetails
ConnectEase ODBC Driver for DataEaseSeptember 07, 2001
Develop DataEase applications with greater flexibility.

File size: 0.8901MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Tool Tracking SystemsSeptember 06, 2001
Keep track of your tools and search and print tool reports.

File size: 0.7873MbLicense: SharewareDetails
JIMSeptember 03, 2001
Job Information Manager for visually impaired users

File size: 1.8MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Scribble Pad
Scribble PadSeptember 03, 2001
Scribble pad is the ultimate utility for accessing often used text. Any of 1900+ items of text can be recalled to the Scribble Pad editor with only two mouse clicks - one on the group and one on the item. You never have to open a file. Items can be pasted into one another simply by dragging and any item can be sent directly to the Windows clipboard with a single mouse click. Scribble Pad is therefore equally ideal as a personal information management system, a document assembler, a text clippings library or a...

File size: 0.9346MbLicense: CommercialDetails
PocketCites for WindowsAugust 31, 2001
transfer EndNote citations to &from JFile for Palm OS

File size: 0.6348MbLicense: CommercialDetails
A-PDF Paper Manager Lite
A-PDF Paper Manager LiteAugust 30, 2001
Document imaging software to help you manage your paper documents

File size: 3.90MbLicense: SharewareDetails
CiB NetStation LiteAugust 29, 2001
Dedicated software unit that aims to provide a total cyber cafe software solution. We are a group of experienced software developers and consultants who have committed ourselves as to assist cyber cafe operators to computerize their operation with maximum utilization of computer technology. In order to encourage more cyber cafe operators to use our software, we strike for the principle of Quality Product with Comfortable Pricing.

File size: 19.6MbLicense: CommercialDetails
The Financial File ConverterAugust 29, 2001
Convert date formats between different Quicken/Money versions and QIF files to/from other formats.

File size: 0.6892MbLicense: SharewareDetails
IBM Content Manager CommonStore for Exchange ServerAugust 28, 2001
IBM Content Manager CommonStore for Exchange Server is an e-business solution which provides a robust archive management system, allowing users direct access to e-mail messages and attachments that have been archived from Microsoft� Exchange 2000 servers. CommonStore for Exchange Server provides long-term access to critical e-Mail business correspondence and documentation. Through the Microsoft Outlook 2000 client, users have access to a fully auditable document management system.

 License: CommercialDetails
EuromaticAugust 28, 2001
Translate money exchanges into your local currency.

File size: 0.1315MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Microsoft Excel 2000 SR-1 Update: Macro Modification SecurityAugust 28, 2001
The Excel 2000 SR-1 Update: Macro Modification Security addresses a vulnerability that could allow malicious code to run in a Microsoft Excel file without warning. In an Excel 2000 file, it is possible for the macros to be modified in such a way that a macro can run with no warning issued. This could cause damage to data or allow unauthorized retrieval of data from your system when you visit a Web site or open an e-mail message. After applying this update, a warning will appear before opening an Excel file...

File size: 1.1MbLicense: UpdateDetails
Snap 10 Evaluation EditionAugust 26, 2001
Collect information for all types of surveys.

File size: 79.6MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Ordinary Differential Equations
Ordinary Differential EquationsAugust 21, 2001
Solves boundary-value problems involving ordinary differential equations

File size: 2.33MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Be-AccountableAugust 17, 2001
Five years in the making and developed specifically for creatives, Be-Accountable 2. 0 is now available. The software helps graphic designers, marketing and communications companies, and advertising and PR agencies easily track each of their projects so they can "be accountable" for time and resources spent on client projects. Projects: Record and archive project details, keep accurate time logs and generate vendor quote requests. Companies: Each employee can personalize detailed...

File size: 0.9648MbLicense: CommercialDetails
Easy Time and BillingAugust 17, 2001
Track time and money spent on employees, clients, and vendors

File size: 13.5MbLicense: CommercialDetails
DKCALCAugust 17, 2001
Solve math equations using this sound enabled calculator, which offers both basic scientific and common financial functions.

File size: 1.38MbLicense: SharewareDetails
rjhExtensionsAugust 16, 2001
rjhExtensions is a simple utility that will add a number of useful functions to the context menu of Windows Explorer. The utility consists of the extensions and an organizer that allows you to control the placement of the extensions.  •  Path to clipboard: Copies the path of the selected folder or file to the clipboard.  •  DOS Prompt: Selecting DOS Prompt (Command Prompt in WinNT) opens a DOS window in the selected directory.  •  Shred File(s):...

File size: 0.6572MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Avtrac Pro 2000August 12, 2001
FileMaker Pro template - aircraft maintenance tracker

File size: 0.2813MbLicense: FreewareDetails

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