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blueMSX v2.8.2
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The blueMSX MSX emulator is approaching its third anniversary and in this short time it has established itself as the most advanced and feature rich MSX emulator. It supports most common machines and a wide variety of extension hardware. A feature rich debugger is also included in the emulator.
During the last two years, the MSX emulation has been extended and support for other systems have been added. blueMSX is now also an SVI emulator, and supports the ColecoVision and Sega SG-1000, SC-3000, SF-7000 consoles.
Here you can find in-depth details on blueMSX and download the latest version. If you want more information please visit the blueMSX forum for recent news and updates. We are always open to new ideas and suggestion so don't hesitate to post your comment! (Join the community too!)

Here's a quick introduction of what you can expect:
 • Support for SG-1000,SC-3000,SF-7000,ColecoVision,SVI318/328, MSX, MSX2, MSX2+, and turboR with machine customization.
 • Plugin structure currently adding features like Debugger & Trainer
 • Advanced debugger for assisting MSX developer.
 • Multi language support and specified keyboard layout.
 • File support for DSK/ROM/CAS and ZIP
 • MSX-MIDI,MSX-MUSIC,MSX-AUDIO, SCC+ and Moonsound with oversampling control and DAC.
 • Keyboard configurator & powerful theme structure.
 • The recent file lists and quick save for faster access. Savestates are rewritten for higher backward compatibilty.
 • Screen capture in various sizes and audio capture
 • Customizable Hotkey
blueMSX also comes with special features that makes your MSX experience more pleasant:
blueAUDIO, blueDECK, blueGUI, blueSPEED, blueTV and blueV-DRIVE.
Curious what these fuctions can do? Head on to the Features page and find out!!

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