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Beanflows - GTD for files v1.3.2
JATAR Wojciech Czarnowski / Beanflows - GTD for filesAdded:
License: Shareware
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Beanflows keeps your project files organized. You put in it text files, documents, images, Photoshop files, source code repositories, web page links and almost everything that is connected to the work you do - and Beanflows manages it for you. Yea* you can use the Finder for that, and probably you still do, but* have you ever wished that Finder would have some more organizing abilities* We did. So we created Beanflows and we've integrated Beanflows with Finder very, very tightly. When you work, you perform various tasks to obtain certain results and to do so you use, create, maintain or develop files and you certainly tend to perform these tasks to a great extent off-line. Beanflows works off-line. Though Beanflows manages files, is not a file manager. It is not document library manager either. It utilizes unique Bean and Flow metaphors to help you organize your digital work environment better. You might find that you like it, especially if you're familiar with acclaimed Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. Work Context and Focus In Beanflows you can see your files in the context of tasks you perform and the projects you develop. You focus better because you can see only the files you really need in order to complete a given task. By using Beanflows you also manage the flow of incoming files. Beans &Flows You can think about a bean in terms of a project. You may treat bean as simply one piece ofzstuff* that can produce a certain result and you have to work with at least one file to accomplish that. Flows give you means to categorize beans by subjects. Flow items are files corresponding to several beans in a flow. Bean Statuses Bean statuses represent the stages of the process of outcome achievement: sowing, growing, shaping, maturing, and harvesting. Files, Directories and Finder Beanflows gives you a unique perspective on your files and directory structure, however it doesn*t lock them. It makes no use of any database and your files reside on the hard drive in original formats. And Finder is just one click away. You*ve seen a glimpse of the Beanflows power on these screenshots below. This is actual, actionable model and app ready for use. Imagine all your project files organized that way. Then stop imagining and start doing - get yourself an app for that. GET FREE TRIAL You can test Beanflows for free for 14 days. Get trial from
Beanflows - GTD for files

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