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1CLICK DVDTOIPOD converts DVD movies and episodes to iPod compatible files.

File size: 12.15MbLicense: SharewareDetails
FeyConverterMay 12, 2015
FeyConverter is an app for audio tasks CD ripping, audio encoding and converting

File size: 3.50MbLicense: FreewareDetails
#1 Smart MP3 to WAV Converter
#1 Smart MP3 to WAV ConverterMay 12, 2015
MP3 to WAV Converter is one of the quickest and easiest to use audio tools of its kind. The program completes conversions in seconds, decoding MP3 files to burnable and editable WAV files.

File size: 0.34MbLicense: SharewareDetails
Hanso Converter
Hanso ConverterMay 12, 2015
Hanso Converter is a fast and reliable tool for CD ripping and audio encoding.

File size: 3.55MbLicense: FreewareDetails
LightMan Converter
LightMan ConverterMay 12, 2015
LightMan Converter is a tool anyone can use for CD ripping and audio converting.

File size: 3.55MbLicense: FreewareDetails
MegaMind Converter
MegaMind ConverterMay 12, 2015
MegaMind Converter is an audio app dedicated to ripping and converting music.

File size: 4.27MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Analog NexusMay 12, 2015
Analog Nexus is vintage style warp synthesis synthesizer with extended possibilites of modulation. It has 4 types of analog style sounding filters onboard and also has reverb and delay. Its good for creation of synthetic sounds - basses, leads and pads, etc. You can create phat and strange sounds with help of detune module.

LightMan TagEditor
LightMan TagEditorMay 12, 2015
LightMan TagEditor is a powerful software for adding metadata to music files.

File size: 2.50MbLicense: FreewareDetails
LightMan Writer
LightMan WriterMay 12, 2015
LightMan Writer is an all-encompassing recording tool for CDs & DVDs.

File size: 2.49MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Hanso Burner
Hanso BurnerMay 12, 2015
Hanso Burner is a multipurpose CD/DVD burning program with extensive features.

File size: 2.50MbLicense: FreewareDetails
MegaMind Player
MegaMind PlayerMay 12, 2015
MegaMind Player is an up-to-the-minute media player packed with features.

File size: 9.65MbLicense: FreewareDetails
LightMan Player
LightMan PlayerMay 12, 2015
LightMan Player is a modern media player with tones of cool features

File size: 0.87MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Hanso Tagger
Hanso TaggerMay 12, 2015
Hanso Tagger is a complex tag processing software for audio files.

File size: 2.59MbLicense: FreewareDetails
FeyPlayerMay 12, 2015
FeyPlayer is a hip media player that includes amazing features and many codecs.

File size: 0.86MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Hanso Player
Hanso PlayerMay 12, 2015
Hanso Player is a feature-rich audio program with a very stylish interface.

File size: 1.49MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Express Scribe Transcription Player
Express Scribe Transcription PlayerMay 12, 2015
Free audio transcription software for typists supporting foot pedal controls.

File size: 0.959MbLicense: SharewareDetails
LightMan Recorder
LightMan RecorderMay 12, 2015
LightMan Recorder is a top sound recorder and text-to-speech converter.

File size: 1.34MbLicense: FreewareDetails
Hanso Recorder
Hanso RecorderMay 12, 2015
Hanso Recorder is a modern tool for sound recording and text-to-speech reading.

File size: 3.41MbLicense: FreewareDetails
MegaMind Recorder
MegaMind RecorderMay 12, 2015
MegaMind Recorder is an app with recording and text-to-speech skills.

File size: 1.6MbLicense: FreewareDetails
FeyRecorderMay 12, 2015
FeyRecorder is an audio app for sound recording and text-to-speech conversion.

File size: 1.56MbLicense: FreewareDetails

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