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Adaptive Home Logic v2
Acentient Software / Adaptive Home LogicAdded:
License: Free to try
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AHL/3 can seamlessly coordinate many home automation and other peripherals to establish a computer controlled home automation system together with advanced features that can save time &money by automating everyday tasks, as well as improving security and energy usage by controlling lamps, appliances &HVAC automatically or remotely, making your home even more efficient, interactive, safe, welcoming &fun!

Key Features:
 • Easy to install, use and understand.
 • Advanced Event Logic
By combining multiple conditions using AND / OR / XOR / ELSE logic its now very easy and intuitive to create intelligent events that can react to more complex circumstances, negating the necessity to write scripts in all but the most complex of circumstances. In addition each event also has its own duration, repeat and (random) off-set timers.
 • Two-way Speech Capability
Featuring an automatic prioritized speech buffer, allowing more important messages to be spoken first. In addition each speech item can be spoken in a different voice or at a different pitch, speed or volume (personality, mood or emphasis) from sentence to sentence, where required. In addition to SAPI4 TTS voices and MS Speech Agents, the program now also supports some of the newer SAPI5 TTS voices as well. The program also has an Auto Mute feature permitting crucial safety / security messages to be spoken, whilst other non-vital messages are muted.
 • Screen Overlay Scene
When required the program can be operated via one or more simple or sophisticated screen overlay scenes using a mouse or touch screen, updated in real time, making it easier to be operated by others; or stay with our new improved GUI (HAL9000 style), where different information (or data streams) can be mapped to different display areas, or let it work in the background from the computer's system tray.
 • Event Messages
The event messages, which provide an easy method for an event to report a change to its status, are fully user-definable to suit individual requirements, or maybe sequentially or randomly obtained from a text file, to exhibiting a less mechanical and a more interactive behavior. Live system data can also be appended to a message to create different sensor logs. Each event message can be displayed to the screen, spoken (with adjustable priority), emailed (can be relayed as an SMS to a mobile telephone), recorded in the program's log file or relayed over the APRS amateur radio network. A wave file can also be played to alert you to the message.
 • Media Player
The program now has its own intrinsic media player, allowing an event to start or stop a music file, as required. There are also many new functions to open or close a particular CD tray, flash the screen or the keyboard LED's, etc.
 • X10 &UPB
The program has built-in two-way...
Adaptive Home Logic
OSOperating Systems:
Win 7/Vista/XP
warningMinimum system requirements:
Windows XP
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